WoI Teaser

Wharton finally made his move!

Just at this time, the duration of the Sealed God light screen was over. This was a flawless trap.

All of them was for this single blade attack!

An almost transparent jade-like knife seemed to have pierced through the space and time. It was only as big as a thumb, and as long as a finger. The nip in the air gave rise to a bone-chilling fear. The pricking murderous aura actually assaulted Xiao Chen’s entire body from every direction. The tiny yet resplendent blade was about to make contact with his chest, unless he was a god, it was already impossible to avoid it!

Death was only a few inch apart from Xiao Chen, although he felt unwilling, he already didn’t have the strength to reverse the situation. He was unable to change the end result at this moment, he could only wait for his impending death.


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