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Hello, I just wanted to let everyone knows that I might go on a hiatus for a while so I might not be writing or translating any novels for a bit. Recently I got very hooked by “Battle Through the Heavens” and started reading the raw. There’s a total of 1624 chapters and I only read up to Chapter 426 so it might take a while before I can fully focus on any project. If anyone is reading “Battle Through the Heavens” too and want some spoilers, I don’t mind discussing it 😛


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    Don’t do this please T^T

    Yao Lao is about to die @ Chapter 694!!!


    1. well thats a horrible cliffhanger hahaha. i just found this page and appreciate the spoilers you post :), now that manga caught up (132, cant find anymore raws) im itchin to find out whats next. i want to read the novel but its so far behind for now. maybe when gets to 500ch or so. at the rate it goes tho, might pass the manga since the manga will only be proceeding 1ch/wk minimum, while novel is done so just needs trans.

      but saying yao lao might die and then leave for a month… just torture :/. haha.


      1. well I hardly have time to read nowadays and I also have no idea what happens to Yao Lao after he got captured 😦

        At least we know for now he is still alive…

        He left his chilling flame with Xiao Yan and it was linked to his soul.
        The flame would act as the life line of Yao Lao I guess.

        If he died, the soul mark would disappear and the flame would be without an owner.


  2. Yes!!!!!! Bookmarked because ive been frustrated looking for spoilers xD

    I know the manga was based on the novel and had changed alot details but i’d like to know some if they tie up with thw novel

    Were you able to get to the part where xiao’s identity has been made clear?

    How did he come back to save xiao?

    Was the xiao clan’s destruction attributed to what xiao did after the battle with nalan?

    What was the sect’s relation with the lamia kidnapping?

    Was the lamia girl saved?


    1. Were you able to get to the part where xiao’s identity has been made clear?

      By Xiao, mean you Xian Yan’s father, Xiao Zhan?

      Well apparently… it wasn’t related to Yun Lan Sect. He just disappeared after being chased by the Yun Lan Sect’s elder.

      Xiao Yan suspect it might be the experts behind Xun Er’s back but it wasn’t them either.

      Apparently, their family heirloom have something to do with it and it was also the thing that Xun Er’s family sent her to Xiao’s clan to get.

      But now that it was in Xiao Yan’s hand, she gave up on the mission.

      Or you mean Xiao Yan’s previous life? hrm… I never heard anything about his reincarnation since the beginning of the chapter.

      How did he come back to save xiao?

      By that you mean how Yao Lao saved Xian Yan at the Yun Lan Sect? Well… nothing much, just when Xiao Yan was about to give up, Yao Lao suddenly spoke to him spiritually and took control over his body.

      Was the xiao clan’s destruction attributed to what xiao did after the battle with nalan?

      It is somewhat related as the Elder of the Yun Lan Sect was not happy with the result and went to mess with their clan. But ultimately, it was Jia Lie Bee and Augusto (whatever their name is, the 2 big clans at Wu Tan City)

      What was the sect’s relation with the lamia kidnapping?

      By Lamia girl you mean the girl with a pair of iris that have the power to control snake? No, I don’t think Yun Lan Sect have anything to do with the kidnapping. She was kidnapped by the Snake Heaven something Sect.

      Was the lamia girl saved?

      Not yet, they gave up on the idea of going to save her after finding out she was taken to the Snake Heaven Sect. Since she would probably get good treatment there and being treated like a goddess.


      1. Sorry the first question was supposed to be about the the mc’s master, who he really was

        The second was how the master came back

        But thank you for answering these 🙂


    1. welp… you already know everything xD

      Xiao Yan and his group rally the entire “New Student” body and beat the crap out of the “Old Student” but one of the “New Student”, which is also one of the strongest 3 betrayed them and ran away.

      He likes Xun Er and can’t stand the idea of following Xian Yan so he took the chance to run away when facing a strong team.


  3. Latest Update:

    After Xian Yan beat the strongest 3 and become the strongest 50 at Jia Nan academy.

    They got the rights to enter the Inner Court of the Jia Nan Academy which is the “real face” of Jia Nan Academy.

    In the Inner Court of the Jia Nan Academy, there is a tower where you can “absorb” the clone of the divine flame that Xiao Yan was looking for to quickly strengthen themselves.

    But in order to train in the tower, they need some kind of currency in the form of “Fire Energy”

    They use the “Fire Energy” to buy item and scrolls within the Inner Court. And most importantly, to train in the tower!

    When Xiao Yan and other 49 qualifiers enter the Inner Court, they were given 5 “Fire Energy” and was given a test.

    They were dropped in a forest and their goal is to make it to the Inner Court while escaping from the “Old Student”.

    The “Old Student” treated this event as a hunting game for more “Fire Energy” for themselves.

    Most of the “New Student” were beaten by them and had their “Fire Energy” robbed.

    Xiao Yan was grouped with the strongest 5 and Xun Er as a group of 5.

    They were curious as to why the “Old Student” were so interested in the “Fire Energy” so they ambushed one of the “Old Student” Group and got the information from them.

    Then they started their hunt for the “Old Student’s Fire Energy” 😀

    Guess what happens in the end? 😉


  4. nope even after the academy arc we will only learn she come from a great great family not comparable to the one we currently know


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