New Ideas for the Fanfic

Sorry, this is not a new chapter.

There are no plans to resume writting any time soon just yet. I just wanted to share the new ideas I just got over the past few weeks. And maybe get some feedback from the readers.

Read on if you are interested:

New Skill

Both of the new skill I came up with involves the Profound Truth of Sound.

So as I was surfing the web casually, I found a few perculiar stuffs. Such as the Thermoacoustic Engine, which uses heat to create sound, and sound to create electricity.

But let’s lay off the complicated thing for now, the important part is that the high-pressure part of the sound waves is hotter and the low pressure part is cooler.

Which gives me an idea for a new skill, the ability to control temperature with sound wave.

And then I saw this really cool Sonic Tractor. It is a system made of 64 miniature loudspeakers able to create high-pitched and high-intensity sound waves, generating an acoustic hologram that can lift, move, rotate and hold small objects.

That gives me another idea for a new skill, it is a skill similar to Perona’s ability from One Piece. A skill to create hologram that can pass through object and drain the target’s energy.

If anyone have any new ideas for a new skill, please add it under the appropriate law in this document HERE! I have added a few more skill other than the aforementioned two in the docs, feel free to browse through it.

New Guild Benefits

And while I was thinking, I came up with various benefits for having higher ranks at the Guild. You can find all the benefits listed in this document HERE!

I especially like the “Party System” I came up with 🙂

Tell me what you think about it and if there’s more benefits I should add for higher ranks.

Tales of Zestiria

Have you played this game yet? It’s an awesome game you should try 😀

While I was playing, I learned a lot about the so called “Seraphim” and came up with new ideas and technique unique to the Spirit Weapons. The “Armatization” is a pretty cool concept!


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