Teaser Project

So the new idea I just got is about a new original story that might be linked to the current ongoing Fanfic in the future.

Celestial Diary


When rifts in space suddenly appeared on Mother Earth three years ago, weird monsters started emerging from the rift, causing devastating damages to the human society.

However, all hope is not lost, in the most crucial moment, the Child of God and the 7 Apostle have awakened their powers and successfully drive the monsters back.

Now, they are tasked with the mission to investigate what is beyond the rift…… But little did they know, the world government send them away only because they feared their power. Just what will they find on the other side of the rift…… Their story begins now!


But Yea… sorry for leading you on but that is a story in a very distant future, I’m not sure when I will start writing it 😛

And no, the other side of the rift is not Halkeginia.

More Elemental Laws

So as I was browsing the site casually, I found this theory regarding “White Hole“. It doesn’t actually exist or had yet to be discovered, however the scientist made a theory regarding it. If the Black Hole exist, so should the White Hole.

Unlike the Black Hole, nothing can enter the White Hole from the outside but matter and light can escape from it.

With that, a new insight struck me. The law of Light, the Profound Truth of Reflection and Refraction.

The power of Reflection can deflect any attack and the power of Refraction can redirect any attack.

If you fuse both of them together, you get the Magic Cancel ability. The same ability as Asuna’s from Mahou Sensei Negima. It can effectively cancel any magic spell or effect.

It works by disintegrating or shattering the elemental essence that makes up the magic.

If you have any great idea or insight regarding the elemental laws of Coiling Dragon, you can share your ideas in the link here.


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