Hi, it’s raltzero, the guy who translates BNM nowadays~
I will be posting here as well as on my original site. Buuuut, I will post here first, then wait 1 day before posting on my site~ So you better read here~


8 thoughts on “Hi”

      1. Maybe say something more about yourself? What motivates you to translate Bu Ni Mi, your hobby, your favorite series or games, the subject you hate the most at High School, etc 😛


      2. I translate it for myself and happen to share it lmao.
        AP Physics and Pre-Calculus is probably my most hated subjects.
        The game I play the most is Elsword, but I can’t really call it my favorite.
        That’s about it~


      3. Maybe it is not my place to say, but I think it will be beneficial for you to learn how to compose a personal biography.

        You may need it for job interviews or to apply for college in the future. 😛

        P.S. I hate job interview >.<


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