Seeking Help for Silva’s Diary

Well, as you know… I didn’t read the Light Novel version of Zero no Tsukaima, and my fiction is based in the world of Halkeginia.

I was just reading the Wiki and found something interesting regarding Brimir:

I’m trying to lay out a plan to include Brimir in my story but I know too little about him. If anyone here has read the Light Novel version, can you please tell me more about this guy? Or perhaps from where can I read more regarding Brimir. I want to know a little more about his personality, and some information regarding Sasha is much appreciated too…

Thank you!

P.S. I guess that question is a little bit broad, so I’ll try to expand the question.

1) I want to know the personality of Brimir and Sasha.
2) I want to know how they first met.
3) I want to know how Sasha feel when she killed Brimir. Or did she feel nothing in particular?
4) I want to know the relationship between Brimir, Sasha, and any other people who might be related to them.


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