A Few Announcement

New Editor

New Chat Server


New Editor

We asked for help and our plea has been answered by Selutu. With the addition of a new editor, we strive to improve the quality of our translations.

Let us all give Selutu our warm regards.

New Chat Server

Just recently, I have created a new chat server on Discord, a free voice and text chat services for gamers. If you wish to chill with us, feel free to join the chat server here:


Interested in hosting your original composition or translated work here? Wants to apply to be an editor or proofreader for one of our hosted projects?

Then please fill in the form and send it to us via this link: http://wp.me/P431Mb-MN

Do remember that we mainly work on Google Drive so if you want to apply to be an Editor or Proofreader, make sure you know how to work in a Google Doc.

The difference between Editor and Proofreader position:

Editor – Also widely known as Translation Checker. The Editor’s main job is to check for any discrepancy between the raw and the translation. It is mandatory for them to know the main language of the work that is being translated from.

Proofreader – A proofreader’s main job is to check for any grammar mistake, spelling mistake, and the smooth flow of the sentence. It is the proofreader’s responsibility to make sure the flow is smooth.


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