Welcome to Selutu & “Truth and Myths”

As many of you know, Selutu is our new Editor for World of Immortals. However, I just found out today that he is also an up-and-coming author of the original fiction: Truth and Myths – Awakening.


The existence of the supernatural has always been a controversial debate. Some believed in the existence of dragons and zombies. Others believed in angels and demons. It has never been something the entirety of mankind could agree upon.

The truth was that they exist. Almost all of them have been recorded down in history, only to be treated as mere myths and legends as technology progressed. David’s realisation of this fact was all too sudden.

Being throw into this world of myths and legends, follow David’s story as he discovers his true self.

Please visit the Index page here: Truth and Myths

There are no chapters posted on Silva’s Library yet, but you can read it on RoyalRoadL until Selutu posted his chapters here.

Let us give another big round of applause to Selutu!


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