Important Announcement

Picking Up a New Novel

Selutu is planning to pick up a novel to translate. The one on the top of his list is Seiken Tsukai no World Break. That is a personal favorite of his, and it really sucks for it to go untranslated in English for so long. However it all comes down to if the Baka-Tsuki translator replies his message or not. If he doesn’t reply after a week, then Selutu will start his translation. If he does, and says he’s going to keep translating, then Selutu will find something else.

The ones he has on the list of potential translations are F-Class no Boukun and Rinkan no Madoushi, leaning towards Rinkan no Madoushi. Do you guys have any preference? Or do you guys have some better suggestions?

Oh yes, I do have to mention. Selutu is translating from JP>CN>EN. It’s fine if you suggest a Japanese novel, but the condition is that it had to have a Chinese translation.


This is a good chance to announce that I will start taking donations for World of Immortals. As you know, I am only doing 1 Regular Chapter + 2 Bonus Chapter weekly. But for a specific time, I will spend a little more time to work on the 4th Weekly Chapter (Sponsored) for every $40 received via Donations and Ad Revenues.


9 thoughts on “Important Announcement”

  1. Rinkan no Madoushi please.
    Honestly, Seiken Tsukai no World Break’s plot seemed interesting but the anime sucks. With all those stupids “I remember”-or-whatever (just like Yukina’s “Iee senpai, watashi-tachi no kenka”).
    Rinkan no Madoushi is really interesting. And it has ended in Japan so you can translate the whole series.

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  2. You could try this one:

    Name: King of the Eternal Night『永夜君王』
    Raw Link:
    Genres: Fantasy Science fiction Xianxia Action Adventure Drama Horror Martial Arts Supernatural Tragedy
    Why It Should Get Picked Up: Betrayal, revenge, a young boy facing adversity with his life on the line in order to change his destiny.There was everything to pick up my interest, unfortunately the actual translator doesn’t seem to be interested in it anymore(might be wrong) but since 4 months passed after his last translation and we know how long chinese novel can be, i might be dead(and him as well) before he ever translate half of the novel.
    Description :Qian ye that rose because of hardship, fell in mist of a betrayal. A person wielding a gun walked in twilight of the eternal night, creating a chain of miracles. If the eternal night was his fate, then he would become the king of domination.

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  3. Hi,
    I would love to see more of ‘Gekka no Utahime to Magi no Ou’ (also on BT and stalled since 2013).

    From my searches there are some raws on the internet – I am not sure about their origin.

    [i found the raws are referenced here in some of the older comments:]

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    1. Oh yes, I do have to mention. Selutu is translating from JP>CN>EN.

      So if there is no Chinese equivalent of the Japanese novel, it is impossible to translate. So the Chinese raw is much appreciated 🙂


  4. I love the concept of Seiken Tsukai no World Break, the anime was fine and wouldn’t mind seeing a translation. Of those 2 Rinkan no Madoushi sounds more interesting to me.

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