Rinkan no Madoushi – V1 Illustrations

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The ojou-sama of Doriarudo: Fino

“Nee, c’mon Selo, it feels great to be unrestrained.”

Apprentice Pharmacist: Selo

“Hurray, the flowers have bloomed splendidly.”

Small particles of light from the petals finally begun to raise into the night’s sky ——

Captain of the Royal Magic Knights 8th Squad: Helmbekt

“It is ‘you’ the girl has her eyes on.”

“Why me? I’m just a common apprentice pharmacist…”

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6 thoughts on “Rinkan no Madoushi – V1 Illustrations”

    1. um… no offense but can you please tell me what’s with everyone and “romance” genre?

      I never fail to see people asking that question before they pick up a new novel…


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