My Path of Justice – Chapter 1

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Hi guys, I’m a big fan of wuxia and xianxia novels. So I’ve decided to try writing my own wuxia novel which led to me writing “My Path of Justice”. This is a wuxia genre set in the historical imperial China.

I would like to thank Silva for inviting me to host my work on this platform.

Feel free to comment your inputs/feedbacks. I hope this story will grow and advance together with the readers.

By the way, as of now I am at Chapter 23 and I will try my best to add in all of the chapters asap. The starting may feel a bit awkward at times as I’m still getting the hang of it, but the story gets better as the story goes.

So nice to meet all of you.


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Chapter 1

rustle rustle

“Get back here you rascals!” furious roars echoed through the forest, as two boys were being chased by another black-robed figure.

The black-robed figure was a disciple of a sect called “Wind Sword Sect”. His long black hair was being tied into a ponytail and he was only about 1.5m tall, looking not older than 10 years old. As he was chasing, he was busy throwing rocks at the two figures ahead.

“Just leave us alone, we were just foraging for berries around the area!” Yiqi shouted back. Yiqi was the taller one among the two boys being chased. He was around 1.6m tall, very toned and tanned, like a child of the jungle.

“Yea! We were not even interested in any of your third-rate Wind Sword Sect’s martial arts!” Muyou sneered and stuck out his middle finger. Muyou unlike Yiqi, looked just like any other village boy, 1.5m tall, had quite a fair complex and had long hair.

“You… You…” upon hearing the words “third-rate”, the black-robed figure was furious. “If I don’t beat you two up today, I will not even qualify to be an outer disciple of Wind Sword Sect! In fact my name will not even be Yang Jie!”


Just as he finished his sentence, he fell into a hole. It was a wild boar trap!

“You dumbass! That was a hole people dug to catch wild boars and instead it caught you! You can’t even spot a wild boar trap! Guess Wind Sword Sect disciples are not any better than wild boars!” Muyou laughed as they ran deeper into the forest.

By now Yang Jie’s face was red from both embarrassment and anger. Although he was in the bottom tier of the Wind Sword Sect, he never expected to be humiliated by two village rascals. He was sweeping the courtyard when he discovered Muyou and Yiqi sneaking around suspiciously. When he noticed they were not wearing the Sect’s clothes and went to approach them, they immediately climbed over the wall and ran. He thought that he could capture them easily, but now he was the one stuck in a hole. Now, his pride as a Wind Sword Sect outer disciple was tarnished.

“YOU TWO! Don’t let me see you ever again!”

As Muyou and Yiqi heard Yang Jie’s roar, they giggled and continued to run.

After an hour of running, they stopped at a river and began to take a break.

“Damn. That Yang Jie was the most persistent guy we had ever encountered. The people from the other sects gave up after chasing us for 1km, but that freak chased us for 10km.” Muyou lamented as he leaned back onto a rock.

“Luckily there was the wild boar trap, if not who knows how long he would have continued to chase us. We had better avoid Wind Sword Sect from now on.” Yiqi replied as he passed Muyou a bun. Due to them growing up in the forest ever since their parents disappeared, they were able to spot any dangers or traps, not to mention a simple wild boar trap.

After catching some fishes, they proceeded happily back to their hideout. Their hideout was actually a small cave, which was quite well-camouflaged. Only if one look closely, then they would spot the cave. Moreover who in the right mind would bash through the thick bushes just to inspect the cave.

When they reached back into their hideout, it was already night-time and they started to cook their fishes. As they cooked, they started to inspect their loot from Wind Sword Sect.

Actually, Muyou and Yiqi was at the Wind Sword Sect to steal their martial art tomes. However, the security for the Inner Parts of the Wind Sword Sect was too tight, so they could only sneak around the Outer Parts and steal the basic Wind Sword Sect.

There were a total of 5 books laid out on the ground; “Basic Qi Circulation”, “Introduction to Inner Strength Cultivation”, “Basic Sword Stance I”, “Basic Sword Stance II” and “Qing Gong Art”.

“Why do these sects even bothered to teach these useless crap down.” Muyou grumbled as he flipped through the books. “Other than the Qing Gong Art, the rest are crap.”

“Don’t worry Big Brother, we are already quite strong for 10 year olds. Compared to the outer disciples, we can certainly win them in a duel.” Yiqi tried to console Muyou, as he lifted up a rock and dragged out a bag.

Inside the bag, there were dozens of martial art tomes which they had stolen from various sects through the years. However, they only managed to steal from second and third rate sects, they never dared to sneak into the 5 Great Sects of the Dong Jing region.

After putting the 5 new tomes into the bag, they turned to grab their cooked fishes. However, instead of seeing their dinner, they saw an old man sitting at the entrance of their cave eating their dinner.

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