My Path of Justice – Chapter 2

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Chapter 2~~~


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Chapter 2

That old man had long gray hair and was dressed in a red robe with black dragons on it. When he noticed that Muyou and Yiqi were staring at him in shock, he smiled at them and continued munching on his fish.

“Not right. We have set up so many traps around the cave, it’s almost impossible for anyone to sneak into our cave.” Yiqi was shocked and slowly approached his sword.

“You damn old geezer! How dare you simply sneak into our place and steal our food!” Before Yiqi could reach his sword, Muyou took out his metal chain and whip towards the old man.


The metal chain slammed onto the ground barely missing the old man. Muyou continued to advance forward and swung his arm sideway, causing the metal chain to swing towards the old man again.


Again, it missed the old man and slammed onto the side of the cave. Muyou started to frown his eyebrows. “It seems that this old geezer is not so simple” Muyou’s accuracy was actually dead-on, but the old man was avoiding the attacks with such calmness and swiftness that Muyou started to doubt his own accuracy.

“Interesting, never would I have thought to encounter a chain user out here in a remote jungle. However, all chain users have a weakness, which is close combat!” The old man finally spoke and suddenly leap towards Muyou.

In just an instant, the old man was already in front of Muyou. Muyou was shocked at how much distance the old man covered in just a blink of an eye, but he quickly regained his composure.

Just as the old man stretched out his palm to hit Muyou’s stomach, Muyou’s leg lept upwards and delivered three consecutive kicks. There were three loud booming sounds as  Muyou’s kicks clashed with the old man’s palm.

Muyou was sent flying back. As he tried to stand up, his legs crumbled and he knelt onto the ground. “This old geezer’s strength is too monstrous.” Muyou spurted out blood as he clutched his knees.

“That was the first stance of the Yellow Tiger Sect’s 15 Thunder Drill-Kicks, and this rascal actually managed to master it. Seems like he is not any ordinary rascal.” The old man’s eyes lit up as he wiped the dust off his robe.

Just as he was about to take another step forward, Yiqi leaped towards him and slammed his sword on the ground shaking the whole cave. The sword was a huge 1 metre tall bronze sword, which looked so heavy that even adults would have difficulty exerting full control over it.

“Esteemed elder, I hope you would forgive my brother for his aggression. Please forgive him just this once.” Yiqi clasped both of his hands and bowed towards the old man.

“Impressive. This kid managed to have such control over this huge sword. Seems like these two kids have some potential.” The old man muttered to himself as he glanced at Yiqi and Muyou who was trying to recover the strength in his leg.

“Why are you apologising to that old geezer who stolen our dinner! Let’s attack together Yiqi!” Muyou roared as he swung his metal chain.

Yiqi sighed and bowed to the old man again before grabbing his sword. He kicked his sword, causing it to swing upwards in the direction of the old man. Just as the old man took a step back, the chain suddenly appeared at the old man’s left ankle.

The old man snorted and leaped upwards to avoid the chain, but in the air was Yiqi already prepared to jab his sword towards him. The old man waved his sleeve and deflected Yiqi’s jab and sent Yiqi hitting the cave wall.

At this instant, the chain below the old man started swirling up towards him, like a snake chasing a bird. However, the old man snorted and unleashed some of his Qi. Muyou lost control of his chain and both the chain and Muyou was being blown back.

The old man descended onto the bag of tomes and sat on it smiling at Muyou and Yiqi.

“Have we had enough my little friends?”

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