My Path of Justice – Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

Yiqi heaved a sigh of relief. “Big bro’s way of doing things is too reckless.” He recounted back to when Muyou announced the wager, he still could not believe Muyou dared to bet his own life. He stared at Muyou who was now parading around the arena.

“Little friend Muyou, so after deducting the deposit from your winnings, you now have 40 silver coins. Would you like to collect your winnings, or continue?” the old man asked in a clear voice as he took out a string of silver coins.

Muyou strutted towards the old man, as he smiled, “Of course I will collect the 40 silver coins. I do not dare to push my luck.”

However, nobody noticed Tieba who was fuming on the ground. Anger was pouring out from his eyes, as he clenched his fists. Never did he imagine that he would have lost all his 50 silver coins, and to a 13 year old rascal. Moreover, he believed that Muyou won him by trickery and not by skills or strength. This was an insult!


Tieba bellowed as he charged towards Muyou. At this moment, Tieba truly resembled an insane beast, he had lost all sensibility.

“BECAREFUL!” Yiqi screamed out as he surged towards the arena, attempting to stop Tieba.

Muyou had totally let down his guard, he did not expect Tieba would go against the rules of the arena. He had not known how a human heart could be more complicated than that of a wild beast.

Before Muyou could even turn around, Tieba had landed a punch on his stomach.


Muyou spurted out blood as he was sent flying across the arena like a ragged doll. Muyou did not have the time to react or to prepare his defences.

“Preposterous!” The old man choked Tieba and glared at him with an immense killing intent. “This is the official duel arena of Glory Marsh City! The dignity of this arena represents the city! How dare you, a mere insect, desecrate the honour of this arena!”

As the old man’s voice boomed, the whole crowd was stunned into silence. Everybody could feel the anger in each of his words. The meek old man who had always treated everybody courteously had transformed into the God of Wrath.

Tieba’s face turned green and was desperately kicking his legs, as he tried to gasp for air.

“From now on, don’t ever let me see your pathetic face again!”

The old man flung his arm and threw Tieba off the arena, glaring at Tieba as Tieba scurried away like a rat.

Muyou’s face was very pale as blood was leaking from his mouth. “Damn, that pig really spent his whole life training his strength.” Muyou muttered to Yiqi, as Yiqi held him up. Although Tieba’s footworks and strokes were horrendous, but his strength was no joke. Muyou had only himself to blame for this injury of his.

“Little friend Muyou, I apologise on behalf of the Glory Marsh City Arena. Please accept this as our compensation.” The old man offered a small brown purse.

Yiqi received it on behalf of Muyou. As they peered inside, they pleasantly surprised. The purse contained a string of 40 silver coins and also 5 silver ingots. Each silver ingot is equivalent to 10 silver coins, so through this battle, they had earned 90 silver coins.

“Thanks for this token. We will now excuse ourselves.” Yiqi clasped his hands, then supported Muyou as they left the arena.

Soon after they left, and with Xie Tieba gone, the arena was buzzing again as new challengers entered trying to earn some quick bucks. However, the old man’s previous display of power and the drastic change in attitude had left a deep impression on many people. Now, they treated the old man with much more respect.

Muyou and Yiqi hurriedly found an inn and booked a room for Muyou to recuperate. They also ordered a huge amount of food with all sorts of meat, they were starved! As they wolfed down their lunch they marvelled about how delicious these dishes were. After all, they had only been eating roast meat or meat stew in the jungle, they never had the chance to eat real delicacies.

In just fifteen minutes, they had devoured the whole table of dishes! They leaned back on their chair and let out a satisfied burp. Yiqi glanced at Muyou and asked, “How long do you think it will take for you to recover?”

“I’m not too sure. I think I will recover completely in about a month.” Muyou replied as he climbed onto his head preparing to go into meditation. Although his complexion had improved after filling his stomach, his face still looked quite pale. He was also quite annoyed that his carelessness had resulted in this injury.

Yiqi nodded his head, they could easily afford the meals and accommodation in Glory Marsh City for a month, money to them was not an issue.

After a week, Muyou and Yiqi finally decided to further explore the city. They had secluded themselves in their room for a week of recuperation and training. To their delight, Muyou’s recovery was proceeding faster than expected, with his injuries having recovered by about 50%. Thus, they decided to spare a day to explore the City.

Their first stop was a clothing shop. After receiving weird stares on the street again, they had decided that their first priority was to change their clothing. They had also left their weapons back in their room, to avoid unnecessary attention. Afterall, Yiqi’s heavy bronze sword would definitely attract lots of attention.

After half a day of shopping, they proceeded happily to a restaurant. They had purchased some medicine for Muyou’s recovery and also herbs that the shopkeeper boasted which would boost one’s inner strength.

Just as they were enjoying their lunch just like other customers, there was suddenly a huge ruckus at the entrance of the restaurant.

“What do you mean that there is no seat for me!?”

A roar rang throughout the whole restaurant. Muyou and Yiqi’s eyebrows furrowed, that voice sounded too familiar for comfort. They looked towards the entrance and saw a bald man. He was Xie Tieba!

“Damn it… Are we connected by the red string of fate… How can I be so unlucky.” Muyou cursed in his heart. Muyou and Yiqi immediately shrank and hid their faces, trying to remain low-profile and avoid unnecessary conflict.

The waiter tried to pacify Tieba, but his words fell on deaf ears. Tieba was stomping around the restaurant trying to find an empty seat.

“Please don’t come here, please don’t come here.” Muyou and Yiqi prayed in their heart as they continued to hide their face.

When Tieba strode past them, they closed their eyes hoping Tieba would not recognise them. Furthermore, they had changed their clothing, Tieba should not be able to recognise them in just a glance.

Tieba suddenly stopped and turned around. He stared at Muyou’s back figure with an inquisitive glance. The hatred Tieba had for Muyou was immense, so immense that he could never forget Muyou.

“So it is this stinky beggar monkey! I see you have used my 50 silver coins to buy some new clothes and enjoy some nice food.” Tieba let out an evil grin as he walked towards them. He was convinced that after his punch, Muyou should be fatally wounded and not able to move around like the previous battle.

“Tieba, my Big Brother has won the battle fairly. Please do not create unnecessary trouble here.” Yiqi immediately stood up between Muyou and Tieba.

“So there is another monkey here, doesn’t matter! I will repay you two for the favour earlier on!” Tieba roared as he threw out a punch towards Yiqi.

Yiqi looked very annoyed, he was the type of person who disliked unnecessary trouble. He would prefer to de-escalate conflicts if possible, but seems like this Tieba was too much of a pig head.

With just some simple footwork, Yiqi had already dodged Tieba’s punches and was already crouching down and grabbing Tieba’s hips. With just a simple throw, he threw Tieba out of the restaurant. Everybody in the restaurant was watching with their mouths wide open. For a young boy to throw Tieba around effortlessly, it was simply an incredible sight.

“DO YOU WANT TO DIE!” Tieba let out another furious roar as he charged into the restaurant, towards Yiqi again. While all of this was happening, Muyou was happily eating his dishes on the table. As he heard the roars of Tieba, his face had an even larger smile. Tieba was indeed like a pig indeed.

Yiqi sighed, he did not want to cause a huge commotion nor harm Tieba, but Tieba gave him no choice. Since Tieba wanted a contest of strength, Yiqi would grant him that!

Yiqi’s eyes were filled with resolve as he gathered his inner strength. He had decided to meet Tieba’s punch with his own punch.


The two fists collided with a loud bang. What was even more shocking for the spectators, was that Tieba was sent flying. He hit onto the wall of the restaurant and traces of blood could be seen from the side of his mouth. He clutched onto his right arm, but the whole of his right arm was limp. That punch from Yiqi had broken several of his bones in his arm.

What was more shocking, was that Yiqi looked perfectly fine. He merely rubbed his fist and calmly walked towards Tieba. Upon seeing Yiqi walking towards him, Tieba was scared shitless. A kid had just so easily overwhelm his strength which he was so proud of. He knew that if Yiqi wanted to kill him, it would be a piece of cake.

Yiqi squatted down and stared at Tieba in the face.

“We just want to have some peace. I would really appreciate it if whatever enmity between my brother and you would end at this particular moment. We will not create any trouble for you, but I hope you will do the same. If you were to continue making things difficult for us, you will not be able to get away so easily.”

As Yiqi gave his warning in a cold tone, he maintained his gaze on Tieba’s eyes. After delivering his warning, Yiqi went back to join Muyou. Tieba was left sitting there like a statue. After hearing that warning and felt Yiqi’s killing intent from the gaze, he almost pissed himself.

Tieba hurriedly ran out of the restaurant, as the people in the restaurant turned their stares towards Muyou and Yiqi. They knew that these two boys were not simple figures to be ruffled with!

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