My Path of Justice – Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

It was now dusk, Muyou and Yiqi had spent the whole afternoon trying to memorise and master the Destroying of Limits exercise. Grandmaster Hong had used a wooden stick to guide their strokes and their circulation of their Inner Strength.

“Let’s call it a day!” Grandmaster Hong sat down as he drank some water from the bucket. Guiding their movements personally for the whole afternoon was indeed quite tiring. Especially for Grandmaster Hong who was used to lazing around.

Muyou and Yiqi had a very puzzled look on their face. Grandmaster Hong had been too lenient in the afternoon training, far more lenient than the morning training. Grandmaster’s training could not possibly be so simple.

Just as they were about to head back to their cave, Grandmaster Hong raised his hand.

“Who said you two can just return back to the cave to rest? I’ve only said that the day is over, but the night training has just begun!”

Muyou and Yiqi groaned. Although they had already expected that the afternoon training would not end just like that, they still hoped to rest.

“You two are to go out and hunt three wolves each before returning to the cave. Once you bring back three wolves’ corpses, then you can return to the cave to rest. Remember, I want the whole corpse, not just the skin or the head. Oh and settle your dinner yourselves.”

Just as Grandmaster Hong started to walk away, Yiqi shouted, “Grandmaster Hong! What about our weapons, can you give us back our weapons?”

Grandmaster Hong turned his head and smiled. “No weapons until I said so. Your body will be your best weapon. Be careful not to end up as dinner for the wolves.”

Just like that, Grandmaster Hong sent a weaponless 10 year old and a 9 year old boy to hunt for wolves. Anybody would call Grandmaster Hong insane or a sadist ending young boys to die.

“Grandmaster Hong is insane!” Yiqi muttered to Muyou, who nodded silently.

As the night falls, night predators started to emerge out of their caves to hunt. In the middle of the jungle, there was a fire and laughters could be heard. It was actually Muyou and Yiqi who were eating their dinner. They had managed to kill a deer, eating a portion of it as dinner while scattering the remains around them as bait for the wolves.

“It was just one day of training and we have improved so much!”

Muyou and Yiqi were conversing excitedly about their improvements. After one day of training, they were able to kill a deer with their bare hands! Although they struggled quite a bit, they were very satisfied with their performance.

As they continued laughing away, they felt several eyes staring at them. When they turned around, they noticed that they were surrounded by a pack of wolves, numbering to around a dozen.

“Well well, guess it is finally time for work.” Muyou stood up as he threw away the bone he was gnawing on.

“Big Brother, don’t just rush straight into them, remember Grandmaster Hong’s teachings.” Yiqi reminded Muyou, he was worried that Muyou would be over-confident.

“Bah! Don’t nag too much.”

Muyou and Yiqi were now standing with their back facing each other.


After several loud howls, 4 of the wolves charged straight towards Muyou and Yiqi.

“Keep calm, keep calm. Remember to be the master of your body… Gather your inner strength and circulate them like the Destroying of Limits exercise.” Muyou and Yiqi desperately tried to calm themselves and remember Grandmaster Hong’s teachings.

As the first wolf pounced towards Muyou, Muyou simply twisted his hips and delivered an uppercut to it’s stomach. The wolf was sent flying away. As another wolf tried to attack Yiqi’s right leg, Yiqi dragged his right leg backwards, and delivered a slap to the wolf’s face, sending it tumbling away.

These movements seemed pretty normal, but there were minimal wasteful moves. Every muscle movement served a purpose in avoiding an attack and delivering a blow. The blows dealt by them, were filled with their inner strength. Although they had not cultivated a monstrous amount of inner strength or completely mastered the control of inner strength, they were able to gather and utilise whatever little inner strength they had. A blow with inner strength was several times more powerful than a blow relying just on brute strength.

As the other two wolves attacked Muyou and Yiqi, they utilised parts of the Destroying of Limits exercise again, the footworks to avoid the wolves and the strokes to strike the wolves. Although they appeared to be handling the situation with ease, they were sweating profusely. They were focusing heavily on their usage of inner strength.

After being repelled by Muyou and Yiqi, the wolves returned to the rest of the pack as the pack started to circle around Muyou and Yiqi. Moreover, other than forcing the wolves back, their attacks did not seem to critically wound the wolves.

“Guess, this might not be so easy afterall… Let’s hope we survive the night.” Muyou said with a bitter smile. Yiqi frowned a little too. “Don’t worry if Grandmaster Hong gave us this mission, that means it is within our capabilities.”


After another howl, all of the wolves charged towards Muyou and Yiqi simultaneously. It seemed like they were going to launch simultaneous attacks.

“COME YOU BEASTS! LET ME SHOW YOU WHO IS THE BOSS!” Muyou roared as he leapt forward. Meanwhile on Yiqi’s side, he took a step back and stretched out his hand readying for the attack.

Both Muyou and Yiqi were totally absorbed in this battle. With each attack and defence movement, they were trying to link the moves with the Destroying of Limits exercise. Each footwork, each stroke, each punch and each kick, they thought of the moves in Destroying of Limits exercise and rapidly circulated their Inner Strength.

However, the simultaneous attacks launched by the wolves proved too much for them to handle. They were struggling to circulate their Inner Strength around to deliver deadly blows to every one of the attacking wolves, and to execute the footworks swiftly. Soon, scratches and bite-marks started to appear on Muyou and Yiqi’s bodies. The wolves were not any better too. They started to limp and showed other signs of injury, as Muyou and Yiqi repeatedly landed blows on them, blows which contained Inner Strength.

Meanwhile on top of a tree nearby, stood Grandmaster Hong watching cautiously. .

“This is the fastest way to master the control of your inner strength and grow your inner strength. By throwing yourself into danger, and being pressured to constantly quicken your moves. Who would have thought of this genius method, except for me! Hahaha.” Grandmaster Hong laughed in his heart as he nodded approvingly.

True enough, in this battle, Muyou and Yiqi’s Inner Strength have improved significantly. The constant quickening of circulation of Inner Strength, the pressure to force Inner Strength around the meridians had caused some of the meridian points to widened by a little bit. When dealing out simultaneous blows, they had learnt to split their Inner Strength. When they were entangled with a wolf, and it was too late to circulate their Inner Strength to deal with another approaching wolf, in that moment of pressure, their body would manage to squeeze out an additional tiny amount of Inner Strength. Muyou and Yiqi did not know of these improvements because they were too busy in focusing on the wolves.

This method of training, was indeed a madman’s way of training.


Muyou leapt forward and slammed his right leg onto the head of a wolf who was trying to escape. Two hours had past and 10 of the wolves were either dead or critically wounded on the ground.


Yiqi delivered a swift punch and sent the last wolf flying. After a tough battle, Muyou and Yiqi had finally killed twelve wolves!

“We did it… We killed…” Muyou muttered as he collapsed onto the ground.

Yiqi limped to Muyou and lied down beside him. “Yes we did it… Don’t sleep, we have to return to the cave with the corpses.” Yiqi said with a huge grin on his face, but as he completed his sentence, he too slipped into unconsciousness.

Suddenly, Grandmaster Hong descended from the tree and rushed towards them. Muyou and Yiqi were now covered with wounds and their clothes were drenched with blood, at first sight people would have thought they were dead.

Grandmaster Hong immediately popped two medicanal pills into Muyou and Yiqi’s mouth, and inspected their pulses.

“Phew. Luckily they merely fainted from exhaustion. If these two talents were to die, it will be a waste. They really surprised me, taking down twelve wolves. It seems like their rewards from tonight’s battle were greater than what I expected.” He sighed as he inspected their injuries.

“Since you have done much better than what I have expected. Let me give you two a present.”

Grandmaster Hong smiled as he took out a pocket of silver acupuncture needles.

“Let me help you unblock the eight hidden meridian points”

The eight hidden meridian points were not part of the 150 meridian points, but were the eight additional meridian points which only a few people like Grandmaster Hong knew of. These eight meridian points were not any ordinary meridian points!

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