My Path of Justice – Chapter 8

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This is the end of Arc 1. This arc is kind of like an introductory arc.


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Chapter 8

For the next 3 years, Muyou and Yiqi completely immersed themselves in training. Aside from training, every month they would plunge themselves deep into the jungle, attempting to complete the last mission. In each of their ventures, they had never succeeded in reaching the mountain at the center of the jungle. One time, Muyou’s right arm was almost bitten off by a tiger, another time Yiqi was smacked into a three-day coma by a large alligator. During these 3 years, they had stared death straight in the face for dozens of times. It was also because they had each other’s support, that they were able to avoid the grim reaper’s scythe.

“Let’s go! Let today be the day we venture out of this jungle!” Muyou glanced at Yiqi as he pointed towards the mountain. Yiqi nodded and immediately sprinted up the mountain. After 3 years, their aura resembled a veteran warrior who had rampaged through several battlefields. Their bodies were now covered with wounds and scars, Muyou’s chest had a huge slash mark inflicted by a bear and Yiqi’s left cheek had a scratch mark left behind by a tiger. Comparing their looks three years ago and now, would be like comparing tamed farm pigs to ferocious wild boars. However, their height seemed to have not changed one bit. This had been one of their sore spot.

As they reached the top of the mountain, it was barren of trees and littered with corpses. The mountain top looked like a battlefield, and in the middle of all the corpses stood a gorilla covered in red fur. It was about 2.5m tall, and with each breath it took, smoke emerged from its mouth. Gorillas were usually vegetarian and very shy creatures, but this gorilla was like a big red killing machine and would feast on the flesh of it’s victims. This gorilla was simply a freak of nature.

The previous time Muyou and Yiqi encountered this gorilla, they were sent fleeing with broken bones and heavy internal injuries. Luckily they used the gorilla’s strikes momentum to escape, if not they would have been among the pile of corpses. Since then, they trained for another 3 months and additionally comprehended the fifth stance of “Fists of Defiance”. This time round, they were determined to show that gorilla who was the boss.


The gorilla bellowed as it slammed its gigantic fists on the ground. It swiped its arms, sending the rubble and bones on the ground to fly towards Muyou and Yiqi.

“Spectral Deformity!”

Muyou and Yiqi executed the second stance of “Spectral Nymph”, as they avoided the flying rubble with ease. It was a defensive technique comprising of complex footwork also granting the user the agility to avoid attacks. It looked like, despite the massive amount of rubble sent flying towards them, they were constantly able to move into any gap available.

Suddenly, Yiqi stopped in front of a big rubble flying towards him. “TAKE THIS BACK!” Yiqi roared as he punched the rubble, sending it back to the gorilla.


The gorilla lifted up its fists and smashed the rubble into pieces. However, just as the rubble was being slowly fragmented into pieces, Muyou was already in front of the gorilla. The rubble was actually a decoy, Yiqi used the rubble to block the gorilla’s view of Muyou’s advancement.

“Inside Beast!”

This was the fifth stance of “Fists of Defiance” which they had just mastered and it was the most complex move. Muyou delivered what seemed to be a normal punch to the gorilla’s chest directly, however this punch was extremely deadly. This stance allowed the user to after striking the target, deliver another wave of Qi energy directly into the target. Yiqi’s inner strength was not strong enough to deliver a critical strike past the gorilla’s thick hide, however using “Inside Beast” another fist shaped Qi flew straight into the gorilla’s body. It felt like there was a beast rampaging through it’s internal organs.

The gorilla was sent flying back about five meters, and it spurted out blood.


The gorilla was now extremely furious, it did not expect to suffer such heavy internal injury in just a single exchange.

“Treading on Shadow!”

Yiqi suddenly appeared behind the gorilla, as if he emerged from the gorilla’s shadow. Before the gorilla had a chance to recover or respond, it could sense a huge amount of Qi emitting from Yiqi.

“Fist that Dominate!”

Yiqi punched in the direction of the gorilla, and a large fist-shaped Qi banged against the gorilla, sending the gorilla flying again. This was the first stance of “Fists of Defiance”.

“Ruthless deed!”

Before the gorilla had even landed on the ground, Muyou descended from the sky onto it. He executed this second stance of “Fists of Defiance”  and delivered five consecutive strikes. One on the head, two on the chest and two on the hip. Each strike was deadly and designed to cripple its target.


The gorilla was now lying on the ground, with blood oozing out from all parts of his body. It did not even have a chance to counter-attack and it was already one step into the grave. In these three years, Muyou and Yiqi had accumulated tremendous battle experience. One important lesson which they learnt was that always seize the initiative and never let the opponent recover. This was the swiftest way to end a battle.

By now, the gorilla was coughing out blood with each breath it took. It knew that its chance of victory was close to zero, and it had to escape ASAP! Just as it was glancing around searching for an escape route, Yiqi and Muyou leapt in from opposite sides!

Muyou and Yiqi had practically trapped the gorilla!

The gorilla was trembling, as it tried to quell the frantic fear within it. In its eyes, Muyou and Yiqi were like two grim reapers swooping in.

“INSIDE BEAST!” Muyou and Yiqi roared out as they delivered a punch each directly to the gorilla’s chest. It started to tremble furiously as blood started to foam out of its mouth. Its internal organs were shattered as it slowly slipped into unconsciousness. With this, the king of this jungle was slain and they had finally conquered this jungle.

“Phew! This stinky gorilla has finally died!” Muyou wiped his sweat off as he lied down on the ground. In this battle, Muyou and Yiqi had used up more than half of their Qi. If they had not successfully delivered a heavy blow when the gorilla let its guard down, this battle would have been more complicated. It may even be a pyrrhic victory for them.

“Guess we have finally completed Grandmaster Hong’s last mission.” Yiqi let out a tired smile. “We can finally leave this jungle.”

“That’s right, Young Brother. Finally…” Muyou let out a laughter as he raised his fist towards the sky. Thinking back at how they were chased out of their village. How they were scavenging for food. How they left Wudang. How they stumbled onto this cave. How they managed to hunt their first meal. How they stole various sect’s manuals. And how they met Grandmaster Hong.

The next day, Muyuo and Yiqi were in the cave kneeling in front of Grandmaster Hong’s carvings. They had collected all of their stuff and were going to enter the Jianghu.

“Grandmaster Hong, we will forever remember your teachings and your kindness. Although you refused to acknowledge us as your disciples, but you will always be our first master. Now that we have finally completed your mission, we will leave this cave. Your teachings, we will always keep them in mind. If fate permits, let us meet again.”

Muyou and Yiqi kowtowed three times. In their hearts, they knew that the strength which they possessed today was bestowed by Grandmaster Hong. Without Grandmaster Hong, they would still be two rascals creating havoc.

As they walked out of the cave, they picked up their weapons for the first time in more than three years. Although their weapon proficiency had not improved one bit, but their inner strength had improved by leaps and bounds. The metal chain and 1m tall heavy bronze sword appeared to be very light to them. “Guess it may be time for us to start stealing some weapons martial arts skills.” Muyou laughed, as Yiqi grinned back. This was the start of a journey, a journey of how two young men rocked the whole Jianghu.

This was the start of a journey, a journey of how two young men rocked the whole Jianghu. How they forged their own path, leaving their names behind to be revered for generations!

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  1. Was it intentional of you to repeat the sentence “This was the start of a journey ,a journey of how two young men rocked the whole Jianghu” ?


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