My Path of Justice – Chapter 9

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Hello all, this is the start of the arc 2~~~


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Chapter 9

It was now noon, and the Glory Marsh City was buzzing as usual. Merchants were hawking their wares on the street, restaurants buzzing with hungry customers and the city guards patrolling around the city. Among this busy crowd, were two young boys cladded in fur and torn garments. They were Muyou and Yiqi. After leaving the jungle, they ended up in a nearby city, and that was the Glory Marsh City.

“Stinky beggars, get out of the way!”

“Get away from them dear, lest they stain your clothes.”

“How could somebody stink like that, how long has it been since they bathed.”

As Muyou and Yiqi walked on the streets, countless of people were jeering at them and throwing insults. They were very annoyed, but they did not let it show on their face as they maintained a calm expression.


Their stomach rumbled. It has been a whole morning since they ate any food, moreover boys of their age required a huge amount of food. They did not expect that their first step to “shocking the world” would be so embarrassing.

With their strength, they could have easily robbed the travellers they encountered on their way to the city. But Muyou and Yiqi had their morals and would not stoop so low, as to harm and rob strangers.

“What should we do Big Bro… We do not have any money, we can’t buy food or settle our accommodation tonight.” Yiqi asked Muyou with a very pitiful tone. He was feeling very helpless and insecure in this large crowd, afterall they had been living in the wilderness for a long time.

“Don’t worry. I’m sure there are some way to earn quick bucks in this city. Let’s just explore this city for awhile more.” Muyou assured Yiqi. He tried to sound confident, but he too was feeling helpless.

As they approached the middle of the city, they saw a huge crowd cheering. In the middle of the crowd was a circular arena, and there were two men sparring. One of them was a middle-aged man ripped with muscles and bald. The other one was just a young teen with an average build.

“Beat him! Beat him!”

The crowd turned even crazier as the bald man slammed the young teen onto the floor.

“I ADMIT DEFEAT!” The young teen shouted out frantically with blood spurting out of his mouth. Just as the young teen shouted, the bald man had already sent his fist flying towards the young teen’s shoulder.


What followed was a dead silence. The whole crowd, including the judge was stunned. “Sorry, guess I was too caught up in the battle. Fists have no eyes in battle.” the bald man grinned as he stood up.

The young teen was now groaning as he clutched onto his right shoulder. The impact just now should have broken his shoulder bones, crippling him forever.

“Winner, Xie Tieba!” An old man leapt up onto the stage and hastily announced, as he signalled the crew to help the young teen off-stage. Again, the crowd went into the crazed cheering. They were hungry for battles, they simply wanted entertainment. Although they felt sympathy for that young teen, but this was part of the battle.

“Tieba, after winning 10 matches consecutively, you have already earned 50 silver coins. Would you like to collect your winnings, or would you like to continue?” The old man asked. After Xie Tieba had dominated the arena for the whole morning, fewer people were willing to enter the arena, and of course this affected their betting business too.

“Of course continue!” Xie Tieba roared as he paraded around the arena with an arrogant look on his face. He loved basking in the crowd’s attention and more so, the easy money. 50 silver coins in just 1 morning, it was too good to stop now.

After 5 minutes, Xie Tieba was still alone on the arena. Nobody in the crowd dared to go up after seeing how Tieba crippled the young teen.

“Damn… Did I went too far in crippling that guy and scared away any potential opponents.” Tieba frowned. The old man looked quite irritated too, this was bad for the arena’s business

After another 10 minutes, Tieba announced, “If the next person is able to defeat me! He shall win all my winnings, which is 50 silver coins!” After this announcement, the crowd started chattering furiously. This 50 silver coins proved to be very attractive.

Muyou’s eyes instantly lit up, this could be the solution to their money woes. “I’m going up!” Muyou said excitedly to Yiqi.

“Wait! We still don’t know how strong that Tieba is. What if you end up being crippled like that previous guy?” Yiqi was very worried, afterall it was better to play safe in an unfamiliar environment.

Muyou grinned, “Don’t worry, how can he be compared to that monster gorilla which we defeated. I’m not so dumb too, if I sensed any threat to my life, I will leap off the stage immediately.” He patted Yiqi on the shoulder and leapt onto the stage.

As he landed on the stage, everybody was shocked, especially Tieba. After crippling his previous opponent, he did not expect a young boy to challenge him.

“Young boy, are you sure you are supposed to be here? Where is your guardian?” the old man tried to urge Muyou to not fight Tieba.

“I’m simply here to win that 50 taels. Is there an age limit?” Muyou retorted.

After observing Muyou’s attire, Tieba sighed, “So it’s just a beggar boy wanting some money. Do you even have the deposit to enter this fight?”

“There is no age limit, but to enter the arena you need to pay a deposit of 10 silver coins. Do you have the capital?” The old man said as he reached out his hand.

Muyou furrowed his eyebrows, he was penniless so how could he pay the deposit. However, the 50 silver coins were simply too lucrative, it could solve their financial woes for the next couple of months.

Just as the old was about to urge Muyou off the arena, Muyou raised his hand.

“Money, that I don’t have! However, I have a healthy body and a whole life ahead of me! I am going to wager myself! If I lose, I will be your slave for the rest of my life, that surely is worth more than 10 silver coins.”

The old man was flabbergasted. “Who in the right mind will sell his whole life away for just 50 coins.”

The crowd was sent into another wave of madness. A boy wagering his life in a duel, that was a first for them.

“Sure, why not? Don’t worry, I will not cripple you. I do not want to cripple my own slave.” Tieba let out an evil smirk. In his mind, this fight was a sure win for him and Muyou was going to be his slave. “I never thought that 50 silver coins are all it is needed to attract some desperate beggar to sell his life. Seems like I’m going to gain a slave for free.” Tieba chuckled to himself.

The old man sighed and shook his head, he was quite reluctant to see a young boy sell his future away. However, he could not stop this duel since both parties had consented to the conditions. He simply waved his hand and leapt off the stage.

“Muyou, 13 years old, please.” Muyou bowed then signalled for Tieba to attack.

“Tieba, 35 years old! You can start calling me Master Xie!” Tieba let out a huge laughter and dashed straight towards Muyou.

“Muyou is so going to die. 13 years old and becoming a slave under Tieba, his life is going to be a living hell. There is no way he can last more than 1 stroke.” The crowd all believed that Muyou was going to be thrashed. Among the crowd was Yiqi, he was speechless. He would never have imagined Muyou wagering his life, now he was very nervous.

“Have a taste of your Master Xie’s punch!” Tieba roared as he threw out his punch. He was actually conserving half of his strength, intending to just knock Muyou out of the arena. The crowd including the old man shut their eyes, they could not bear to witness it.

Muyou simply smiled. In his eyes, Tieba’s attack was full of openings, avoiding his punch was as easy as counting 1,2,3. Muyou did not use any martial arts skills, he merely used some simple footwork and avoided the punch.

“How can I have a taste of your punch if you are aiming at air?” Muyou quipped.

An irritated look appeared on Tieba’s face. “Don’t worry, I will make sure you have a good taste of it!” He responded with a calm voice, as he surged towards Muyou again.

However, none of his punches managed to land on Muyou. His anger rose with each miss, he could not believe he did not even have the ability to catch a small boy. The crowd was now looking attentively, the sight of Muyou prancing around with Tieba furiously chasing was an amusing one.

“You stinky monkey, do you know anything other than running?!”

Tieba continued to chase Muyou around the arena for whole minutes as he continued to hurl insults. Muyou was smiling the whole time, he was amazed at how Tieba was even dumber than a wild beast. “He must be the perfect model of all muscles and no brain.”Muyou mused to himself.

Muyou suddenly stopped at the edge of the arena. Upon seeing this, Tieba immediately rushed in to prevent any possible escape route.

“HAHAHA, you have no more means to escape!” Tieba laughed. He was tired of all the chasing, so he was definitely not going to miss this golden opportunity.

As Tieba threw his punch towards Muyou, the crowd gasped. “This is it…” The crowd thought that Muyou had no way of escaping this blow now, and the victor was undisputably Tieba.

Just as Tieba’s punch was going to hit Muyou, Muyou simply slid to the side and stuck out his leg.


Tieba had fallen off the arena and onto the ground! “He really is a dumbass, even dumber than the wild beasts.” Muyou snickered. He could not believe that Tieba would fall for such a simple trick.

Muyou turned to the old man and raised his eyebrow. Everybody was shocked at this scene, including the old man. Tieba was already viewed as the victor even before the match began, never would they imagine that Muyou would send Tieba flying off the arena. Even though in their eyes, Muyou won by employing little tricks, but it was a shocking result nonetheless.

Upon seeing Muyou staring at him, the old man recovered from his shock and cleared his throat.

“Winner, Muyou!”

As this announcement rang out, the crowd was sent into a craze. It was a totally unexpected result!

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