My Path of Justice – Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

“Ahem.” Muyou cleared his throat and rubbed his nose. It had been 1 minute since the battle started and Muyou was totally ignored by the other 3. The other 3 competitors were fighting fiercely with each other, totally neglecting Muyou’s presence. In their eyes, a stranger like Muyou who was not armed, was not a threat to them at all.

Muyou looked around and realised that the audience was laughing at him. He glanced at Donghai and Yiqi, who were giggling at his current predicament.

Muyou frowned with frustration. “If they are not going to come at me, I will go to them!” Muyou ran into the middle of the battle.

Upon seeing Muyou jumping into the middle of the battle, all 3 of them leapt back.

“What the heck is that retard doing!”

“Does he want to die?!”

“Who is that retard!”

The audience was as astonished as the other 3 competitors. Who in the right mind would charge unarmed into the middle of a weapons battle. The 3 competitors kept staring at Muyou, they were unsure of what to do.

Seeing how he had made the atmosphere awkward, Muyou sulked. This was not the entrance he had in mind. He wanted to awe the audience with his entrance, not scaring away the other competitors. This was not a good impression to give the Sects watching

Seeing how nobody was approaching him, Muyou ran towards Ding Xing. With just 2 steps, Muyou was already in front of Ding Xing and readying his punch.

Upon seeing how he was going to get punched in the stomach, Ding Xing recovered from his shock and readied his pole to defend.


Muyou’s punch had snapped Ding Xing’s pole into two and sent him flying out of the arena. Blood was trickling down from the corner of his mouth as he laid on the ground groaning.

This one move had silenced the audience.

The other 2 competitors broke into cold sweat as they continued staring at Muyou from a safe distance. However, Muyou stood there with a puzzled look. He had only used 20% of his inner strength and he did not expect it to be so powerful. After all, he had spent his previous years in the jungle battling wild beasts. Furthermore, even though Grandmaster Hong had imparted techniques to them, Muyou thought that those techniques were just any other run of the mill techniques and that Grandmaster Hong was simply boasting.

“Time to test it out again.” Muyou leapt towards the other 2 competitors.

Chen Luo and Luo Ke knew that they could not let down their guards. They immediately thrust their sword and spear towards Muyou.

“Hmph, their strokes have so many openings. How different is it from randomly swinging their weapons around. Won’t they feel embarrassed.” Muyou mused to himself as he easily dodged their attacks.

Bam! Bam!

Muyou swiftly delivered 2 punches and sent both of them flying out of the arena. In these 2 punches, Muyou further reduced his inner strength to 10%. Although they were not wounded like Ding Xing, they too could not withstand that strength and were sent flying out of the arena.

“Guess 10% of my inner strength is what these youngsters are able to withstand.” Muyou nodded his head as he stared at his fist.

“Winner of Group A, Muyou!” The old man announced and the crowd was sent into a frenzy again.

“Quick! Go get the information of Muyou!”

“What!? Muyou is only 13 years old!? How can we not even notice the existence of this kind of talent? Which family is he from?”

The various sects were turning crazy. The agility, speed and strength which Muyou displayed shocked them, moreover he was only 13 years old.

Although this event was for various sects to recruit the outstanding youths, the bigger sects never placed much emphasis on this competition. The youths who were recruited in this event would just be an Outer Disciple, the bottom tier of the sect. The truly talented youths were already directly recruited by the sects, this event was simply pointless for them. Thus, this event was actually a chance for the “second-rate youths” to get into the sects.

There were exceptions, mainly the young masters of Great Clans’ main branch. They would be learning their clan secret skills, before joining any sect. However, chances of them joining this competition were still low as most of them already had guaranteed places in the sects, so when they finished learning their clan secret skills they would directly enter the sect.

Therefore, for a youth with monstrous talent like Muyou to suddenly appear, caused much excitement in the sects.

Muyou went back to the holding area and joined Yiqi and Donghai. The other competitors were looking at him with wary eyes.

“I didn’t know you had such great inner strength like Yiqi!” Donghai said excitedly, although he had sparred with them, they only used their techniques to exchange pointers and did not use inner strength.

Muyou smiled at Donghai and turned to Yiqi, “Young Bro, just use about 15% of your inner strength is enough. These youths’ strength are vastly below Xie Tieba’s strength.”

Yiqi nodded while Donghai was even more shocked upon hearing that. “Only 15%… How strong are they?!” Donghai knew they were strong, but if that strength which Muyou displayed was only 15%, he could not imagine how monstrous they were.

As they waited for Yiqi and Donghai’s turn, they continued to spectate the other group matches. In Group B, C and D matches, there was only a youth which caught Muyou and Yiqi’s attention. He too eliminated his opponents effortlessly and sent the whole crowd into a craze. Donghai introduced to them that he was Yun Chen, 17 year old from the Main Branch of Yun Clan. Like other Great Clan’s Main Branch young masters, he was talented and he remained in his Clan to learn Yun Clan’s martial arts. However, Donghai found it puzzling for his participation in this Competition, usually Great Clans would only send their youngsters from the outer branches.

“Hmph! You call this talented? He wouldn’t even survive a night in Grandmaster Hong’s training, am I right Yiqi?” Muyou said haughtily as Yiqi nodded in agreement.

In Group E, it was finally Yiqi’s turn.

Even though the other competitors saw that Yiqi was unarmed, they did not dare to underestimate him as they saw him together with Muyou. Thus, they concluded he should be a strong opponent.

As soon as the match started, all 3 of them rushed towards Yiqi as they hoped to eliminate this sense of uneasiness first. However, Yiqi was not any bit weaker than Muyou.

Sha! Sha! Sha!

Their weapons kept slicing thin air as Yiqi dodged them with ease. Suddenly, Yiqi grabbed one of them and threw him out of the arena. This shocked the other 2 as they retreated in unison. Unfortunately, their speed was far too inferior compared to Yiqi’s speed.

A pair of hand suddenly grabbed onto them by their collars. Yiqi slowly lifted them up in the air as they struggled. It looked so effortlessly for Yiqi.

“I… I… Admit… Defeat…” The 2 of them gasped for air as they admitted defeat.

Yiqi dropped them and cupped his hands. “Thanks for the match.”

With that, the crowd was sent into another frenzy. The sects too were scrambling around trying to find information about Yiqi. Muyou, Yun Chen and now Yiqi, 3 geniuses appeared in this year’s competition!

As Yiqi went back to join Muyou and Donghai, Muyou was quite unhappy as he muttered, “Showoff…”

Yiqi merely smiled at Muyou, he knew that Muyou was unhappy that he had to share his limelight with Yiqi.

In the Group F, G, H and I groups, appeared 2 promising youths. Xie Kang and Tie Shang. Both of them were young masters from the Main Branches of Medium Clans Xie and Tie. Although they did not appear to be as skilled as Yun Chen, they still managed to eliminate their opponents rather swiftly.

In last match, group J, it was finally Donghai’s turn. After waiting for so long, Donghai could not contain his excitement any longer, as soon as his name was mentioned he dashed up onto the arena.

Once the battle started, Donghai defeated his competitors swiftly. He too, stayed back in Lin Clan to learn the Lin Clan’s Martial Arts Skills. He was a genius who the Lin Clan’s patriarch spared no efforts to cultivate. Thus his skills could not be compared to the other “second-rate youths” in this competition. In participating this competition, he hoped to attract a Great Sect’s attention.

“What is witht this year’s competition!? There are 6 youths with monstrous strength!”

“Nah, it’s just because the other youths are so weak! Only those small sects would hire them.”

The crowd started chattering as the preparations for round 2 of the competition was commencing.

Meanwhile, in the VIP section sitted an old man dressed in a black robe, each side of the robe was embroidered with a golden panther.

“Great Sir Lu, luckily you have decided to witness this year’s competition. It is truly unprecedented that there are 6 talented youths in a competition. Are you interested in any of the youths?” Another old man sitted beside said courteously. This old man was the city lord of Glory Marsh City, the patriarch of Tai Clan, Tai Sheng. He was dressed in a golden robe with the symbol of Glory Marsh City embroidered on his chest.

“No rush…” The Old Sir Lu said calmly as he sipped his tea. “Lets see how the upcoming rounds go.”

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