My Path of Justice – Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

For the second round of the tournament, it was a simple 1 vs 1 duel for the remaining top 10. Muyou, Yiqi, Yun Chen and Xie Kang were not paired against each other, so they managed to enter the Top 5 without much trouble. However for Donghai, he was paired with Tie Shang.

“Hmph, I have heard that you have injured my brother Tubuo. To think I am paired with you, Heaven must be helping me exact revenge. ” Tie Shang said with an arrogant voice as he grabbed his metal club.

“Don’t be too arrogant, you Tie Clan have been oppressing the Lin Clan for years. Now let me show the whole City where does your Tie Clan actually stand.” Lin Clan rebutted. Lin Clan and Tie Clan had been loggerheads for years, and Donghai resented them for their excessive oppression.

“Less talking and accept your defeat!” Tie Shang let out a huge roar as he charged towards Donghai.

Donghai did not dare to let his guard down, as Tie Shang was much stronger than Tubuo and had even learnt the Tie Clan martial arts skills.

Donghai kept leaping back to keep a safe distance. After all, Donghai did not want to risk being hit by that metal club.

After chasing Donghai for quite a bit, Tie Shang was very annoyed. He stopped and got into a stance. He was half-squating and he raised his club pointing towards Donghai, like how a warrior preparing to thrust his spear would look.

Donghai immediately adopted a defensive stance. He knew that whatever was going to happen next, was not going to be beautiful.

“Cannon Thrust!”

Tie Shang shouted as he suddenly exploded towards Donghai. This was the first stance of Tie Clan’s Martial Arts Skill, Beast Explosion.

Donghai’s eyes widened as he sensed the incoming danger. He did not dare to even relax one bit as he hurriedly executed One Bitter’s Laugh.


Donghai retreated 10 steps as he spurted out blood. Tie Shang’s haughty expression was replaced with a solemn face. If he did not pull back in the last minute, his wrist would had been shattered. That was the power of One Bitter’s Laugh, a defensive technique which allowed the user to shatter the weak part of the incoming attacker’s body part.

However, Tie Shang’s Cannon Thrust was still too insanely powerful. Despite pulling back in the last minute, he still managed to heavily injure Donghai.

Donghai was now clutching onto his chest as he tried to steady himself. The attack just now had broken some of his ribs and injured some of his internal organs.

“Let’s see how you receive this strike! METEOR STRIKE!”

Tie Shang leapt into the air as he prepared to deliver a deadly strike downwards. This was the second stance of Tie Clan’s Beast Explosion.

“Isn’t that the second stance of Tie Clan’s Beast Explosion!?”

“Donghai is going to die! The power of this stance is insane!”

The audience were stupified. Tie Clan’s Beast Explosion was well known for its overwhelming strength, and now Tie Shang had even used the second stance.

Donghai spat the remaining blood in his mouth as he opened his fan.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

As Donghai started waving his fan around, his strokes looked like he was tracing the outlines of a lotus flower.

“Oh my God! Isn’t that the Lotus Bloom from Lin Clan’s Scholar’s Ascension?!”

“Both of them had grasped the second stance of their Clan’s martial arts! They’re genius!”

The crowd was sent into a frenzy again.

At this moment, the fight between Tie Shang and Donghai looked like a meteor crashing down on a blooming lotus. However, cuts started to appear throughout Tie Shang’s body and Donghai was increasingly pressured till he was bending backwards.

Tie Shang’s face started to turn pale as he swung his body and tumbled backwards. The crowd was shocked that Tie Shang was the one who retreated, as it looked like Tie Shang was the one overwhelming Donghai. But, only Tie Shang knew the deadliness of the Lotus Bloom. Those cuts he suffered on his body were getting dangerously close to his vital points. There were cuts on his throat, eyelid and wrist. Each of those cuts were delivered to end the opponent’s life.

Donghai’s face turned even paler. He knew he had to end this as soon as possible, his stamina could not hold on much longer.

“Guess I have to end this now.” Donghai eyes turned serious as he held up his fan.

As he swiped his finger across the fan, a dark blue qi in the shape of 一 emerged from the fan.

“Thats… Thats… The third stance of Scholar’s Ascension, One Word Kill! That kid already knew how to use Qi at this point!”

The representatives of the sects were going wild. A person who could use Qi would immediately qualify to be Inner Disciple for various of the Sects.


Donghai closed his fan and shot the Qi towards Tie Shang.

Tie Shang was now terrified, he was still unable to utilise Qi. He raised his metal club, attempting to smash the Qi attack, but it proved to be useless.


Tie Shang’s metal club was shattered and he knelt onto the floor vomiting blood. Although he was not dead, but his internal organs were severely injured and required a long time to recover.

“Winner, Lin Donghai!” The old man announced as medical staff rushed up to the arena to attend to Tie Shang.

Donghai let out a smile as blood continued to trickle from the side of his mouth, he had over-exerted himself. “I’ve finally defeated Tie Shang… I’ve managed to regain some honour fo the Lin Clan.”

“Donghai! That match was awesome! Be proud of yourself!” Muyou patted Donghai on the back.

Donghai let out a chuckle as he turned to the old man Tai Shan and said, “Dear Sir, I think I am unable to proceed onto the next round.”

Old man Tai Shan nodded as he announced, “Lin Donghai had withdrawn from the next round, thus there will only be 4 competitors! Next round will be a 1 vs 1 duel to determine the finalist! Now lets proceed, first round Yiqi and Xie Kang!”

Yiqi’s face beamed as he was glad that he did not have to face Muyou before the finals.

“Big bro, see you in finals!” Yiqi said as he leapt up onto the arena.

Xie Kang frowned when he heard that statement from Yiqi. He felt severely underestimated by Yiqi, and as a young master from the Xie Clan his pride was hurt.

“Round start!”

As soon as the round started Xie Kang charged towards Yiqi with his blade.

“If you continue to underestimate me, you are going to get hurt!” Xie Kang roared as he delivered a slash towards Yiqi.

Yiqi was quite startled when he heard that accusation, it was not that he underestimated Xie Kang, but Xie Kang was really nowhere near Yiqi.

As Xie Kang continued to deliver slashes, Yiqi continued to dodge with minimal effort as he continued to ponder if he had really offended Xie Kang.

“Blade’s Fury!”

Xie Kang was furious by now and had unleashed the first stance of Xie Clan’s martial arts.

“Spectral Deformity!”

Yiqi’s agility had a tremendous boost as he dodged Xie Kang’s blade fury and rapidly approached Xie Kang.

Before Xie Kang had the chance to react, Yiqi was already in front of him as he whispered, “I was not underestimating you, but you are really not a match for me. Since you want to test me, I will show you the difference in our strength.”

When Xie Kang heard that his whole mind went into shock as he stared at Yiqi readying his punch. Yiqi now had now concentrated 50% of his inner strength onto his first and was waiting Xie Kang to use his blade to block. He wanted to destroy both Xie Kang’s weapon and defence to let him know the vast difference between them.

At the moment when Xie Kang raised his blade to his chest to block Yiqi’s punch, Yiqi’s punch suddenly flew forward in a flash.


In just a blink of an eye, Xie Kang flew out of the arena and even crashing onto the walls of the audience area. Xie Kang was embedded onto the wall and resembled a mural art piece. His blades had already shattered and he was profusely vomiting blood.

“Oops, did I go too far?” Yiqi regretted his action, they had no enmity. However Xie Kang wanted to protect his pride, so Yiqi gave him a taste of Yiqi’s strength.

“Winner, Yiqi!”

“HOLY!!! Yiqi is only 12 years old and he is already so monstrous!”

“Did anyone see his strength! It is insane!”

“His agility and speed before that were even more amazing, I had never seen such a footwork!”

The crowd’s stares were now concentrated on Yiqi. Old Sir Lu who was seated at the VIP area was also looking at Yiqi with curious eyes.

“Next round, Yun Chen vs Muyou!”

Muyou sprang up as he tapped Yiqi on the shoulder.

“Young Bro, now it’s my turn! See you in finals!”

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