My Path of Justice – Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

“Bang Bang Bang!”

True enough, this was not going to end like this.

“They’re back, should we just move out?” Yue Hao proposed again.

“Don’t worry so much, let me handle this.” Muyou assured Yue Hao as he went to open the door.

When Muyou opened the door, there was already a crowd of people gathered in the hallway watching the situation.

Standing in front of Muyou were She Gou and another student. Muyou frowned when he saw the student beside She Gou. He recognised that student’s attire instantly. It was the Wudang’s attire, how could Muyou not recognise it. Those days of being bullied in Wudang were engraved firmly in Muyou’s mind. However, this Wudang student in front of him was an Inner Disciple which was what people would call a true Wudang practitioner.

Wudang prides itself as a righteous and chivalrous sect, thus they would usually accept orphans. That was how Muyou and Yiqi got into Wudang. However good Wudang’s intentions were, things didn’t always turn out the way intended. In Wudang, the orphans were usually treated like servants and bullied by other members.

“What do you want?” Muyou demanded. He was now in a worse mood after seeing that Wudang’s attire.

“I am Hai Cheng from Wudang. Maybe She Gou did not make himself clear just now, but this floor belongs to the great sect and the noble Clans. If you could prove your Clan or sect status, we will not disturb you further.” Hai Cheng said in a cautious tone.

“The regulations did not mention anything about this, so piss off.”

As Muyou tried to close the door again, he was stopped by Hai Cheng.

“I would then have to ask you to leave this floor, the same applies to the two of you.” Hai Cheng said as he peered into the room. “If you don’t want to do it the nice way, then don’t blame me when things get rough.”

Yue Hao started packing his stuff as he persuaded Muyou, “It’s only the first day, let’s not ruin this auspicious occasion. Muyou and Yiqi let’s just move.”

Just as Yue Hao was about to walk out of the room, Muyou stopped him.

“No Yue Hao I won’t allow you to leave this room. In fact, I will even ensure that this arrogant prick will not get even a single room on this floor.” Muyou said as he glared at Hai Cheng. He was now officially pissed at Hai Cheng and determined to pit himself against Hai Cheng.

“Big Bro, don’t be like this. Yue Hao if you want to leave we wouldn’t stop you, but you should remember that even when resolving conflicts, there is a limit to how much you should give in. Do not end up being mistaken as a weakling and letting other people climb all over your head” Yiqi advised Yue Hao while still calmly sitting on his bed.

When Yue Hao heard this, his face slumped. Yiqi’s words had some truth to it. It was not wrong to be the nice guy, however, there is a difference between being a nice guy and being mistaken as a weakling. This was something which Muyou and Yiqi had learnt during their days in Wudang.

Although Yiqi felt that this issue was indeed quite silly to be escalated into a fight, but this room was occupied by them first. Since Muyou did not want to give up this room, the other party had no right to coerce them.

“What are you waiting for? If you want to leave then get the hell out.” Hai Cheng scowled at Yue Hao.

After hearing that, Yue Hao knew that Yiqi was correct. Yue Hao was being bullied out of the room, and him moving out now would just cement other’s view of him as a weakling. Nobody would see it as a gesture of kindness, but an act of weakness.

Yue Hao ignored Hai Cheng as he turned back to put down his stuff.

Hai Cheng was infuriated when he saw that Yue Hao had ignored him. Just as he wanted to grab Yue Hao, Muyou firmly gripped onto his arm.

“I won’t think about that if I were you.” Muyou said with a mocking tone. “Now would this great Wudang Disciple please excuse us.”

He released Hai Cheng’s arm as he retreated back to his bed.

Hai Cheng’s face was now red with anger. He did not expect that these 3 students with no background would dare to disregard him, an Inner Disciple of Wudang. Even in Wudang, the outer Disciples revered him like a God.

“You lowly animal! Know your place!” Hai Cheng roared as he attempted to kick Muyou just as Muyou turned around.

Fortunately, Muyou had already learnt his lesson from the previous sneak attack from Tieba which gave him a serious injury. With his guard already up, Muyou leapt into the air to avoid the kick and sat on his bed as he smiled at Hai Cheng.

Hai Cheng was even more enraged when he saw Muyou sitting on the bed taunting him. He immediately charged forward and wanted to punch the lights out of Muyou. Yue Hao who was at the side was witnessing this with a horrified expression. He did not think that he could be compared with a Great Sect Inner Disciple, and with Hai Cheng’s current anger, he would probably be beaten up next.


Yiqi roared as he suddenly surged towards Hai Cheng. This took Hai Cheng by surprise. He tried to retreat but it was too late.


Yiqi had already pinned Hai Cheng on the ground when everybody realised what was going on. Meanwhile, Muyou was just sitting on his bed smiling. He knew that Yiqi’s temperance the best. Yiqi was very kind, quiet and would treat everybody with respect, unlike Muyou who would constantly taunt others. Yiqi would tolerate insults and criticisms as he too believed that de-escalating conflicts were the best solution. However, there was a limit to his kindness and if somebody were to cross that, that person would be in for a surprise. There is a saying that never anger your nicest friend, because when the nicest guy gets angry, he would also be the scariest guy. This was especially true for Yiqi.

“You… Release him!” She Gou screamed at Yiqi.

Yiqi looked at She Gou with a cold gaze as he twisted Hai Cheng’s arm.

“Ahhhh.. ahhhh..” Hai Cheng moaned in pain.

“I will break his arm if anybody dares to make any noise.” Yiqi firmly gripped onto Hai Cheng’s arm as he slowly gazed at the surrounding audience. His gaze was like a knife piercing into the surrounding students’ hearts.

“Do you… Know who you are going against… Let him go and..” She Gou stammered as he refused to believe that Yiqi would break Hai Cheng’s arm.

“AHHHHH!!!” Hai Cheng started screaming before She Gou could complete his sentence. Yiqi had twisted Hai Cheng’s arm and stared at She Gou as he broke Hai Cheng’s arm.

She Gou was not the only one being scared speechless, the surrounding students, faces had all turned pale including Yue Hao.

After gazing around the surround students slowly, Yiqi finally spoke.

“There is no official rule that says the fourth floor belongs to anybody. Since we have occupied this room first, it belongs to us. We were just minding our business and you came and try to bully us out of this room. Just because we did not fight back, did not mean that we are to be bullied.”

“Do not think that we are scared of you. There is a limit to how much we are willing to tolerate. If you want to try us, be prepared to face the consequences.”

Yiqi’s warning was soft yet deadly. Everybody could feel their hairs standing up, especially Hai Cheng. Nobody dared to make any noise.

“Young bro, I think that’s enough.” Muyou said as he walked towards Hai Cheng.

“Now Dear Wudang Disciple, I hope you have gotten the message from my younger brother. This room belongs to the 3 of us. From now on I hope that we will be like how river water doesn’t mix with well water, we will each mind our business. If you were to make trouble with any of us again, I cannot assure you that I will be as nice as my younger brother and let you off with just a broken arm.” Muyou said lightheartedly as he stared down at Hai Cheng.

Although Muyou’s tone was very lighthearted, but everybody could sense the threat in his speech. Moreover, when he said that Yiqi was nice, everybody was shocked. If breaking a Great Sect’s Disciple arm was considered nice, they could not imagine what Muyou would do.

“Now now, everybody the show is over.” Muyou clapped his hands as he tried to disperse the crowd. Yiqi then threw Hai Cheng towards She Gou.

She Gou carefully supported Hai Cheng as they walked away. Hai Cheng’s face had a mix of fear and anger as he looked at Yiqi and Muyou.

Muyou and Yiqi did not care about the crowd that was still standing there as they returned to their room and closed the door. This incident would be known as the “room 421” incident.

Other than Hai Cheng, the next person who was most troubled over this incident was Yue Hao. He was now contemplating his future in Panther Academy. Yue Hao had effectively pitted himself against the whole of Wudang camp in Panther Academy, there was no way out. Regardless of how much he feared the Great Sects, he still had his pride. There were some things which Yue Hao would never do, such as cowering in front of Wudang begging for their forgiveness. He would also never be another person’s lackey.

“Sorry for dragging you into this mess.” Muyou said sheepishly.

“It’s alright. Guess we are all in this together.” Yue Hao said. “If they were to think that I am a weakling to be bullied, then I will show them how wrong they were.”

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