Review on Zhao Lin Er

Hey guys, I bet everyone has a lot to say regarding this character right? I have translated some of the reviews from our Chinese readers below, read on if you’re interested:

There are many controversy regarding the character called Zhao Lin Er. Below is the review from one of the readers: Order of Ocean. We also welcome other readers to share their opinion, you can discuss about the character, disclose some rumors, or predict the future plots.


【Reviewing Character——Zhao Lin Er】Author: Order of Ocean

Zhao Lin Er, an Imperial Princess, she possessed peerless beauty and appearance, exceptional background, and also a world-shaking martial art skill. She is exceedingly intelligent, the rest of the story regarding Xiao Chen could be said to be caused by her. Then we will take our time today to review this character.

All the stories regarding the protagonist starts from her, I have seen a lot of readers discussing and assessing her recently. Then just what kind of person is she really like? Why were there so many contradictions with her action? Just what kind of profound theory was behind the different impression she gave to various people? Everything starts from the beginning of the story.

From Chapter 3 we already know the origin of the grudges between her and the protagonist, it was all triggered by her imperial bodyguard. Since it was her imperial bodyguard that insulted the protagonist first, then we can propose a few assumption according to this point: First, Zhao Lin Er is that kind person who is rude and unreasonable. Someone who had been spoiled by their parents since childhood. As they say, if there are that kind of servant, the master is also the same. Since her imperial bodyguard is that kind of person, the master is just as bad. Second, Zhao Lin Er is a blockhead that won’t acknowledge other people, she didn’t even know how her imperial bodyguard are conducting themselves. Third, Zhao Lin Er is peerless, beautiful, and in addition to her strength and power behind her, she had developed a superiority complex. She is already accustomed to being arrogant and haughty, that’s why even her underlings had been influenced by her, giving rise to an attitude that doesn’t care about other people.

According to the development of the story, we can directly negate point 1. Point 2 is a possibility, then there is only point 3 left. Good, since that’s the case, that leads to our first contradiction. According to Zhao Lin Er’s attitude towards success or failure, we can already see that she is a very reasonable and mature person. The way she look upon other things is also very deep, then how could she allow her underling to make this kind of stupid mistake? In order to simply insult the others, and anger an opponent that is as powerful as herself, is it worth it?

Then the next thing, under the situation where her underling insulted the other person first, and gave rise to a conflict, I guess the protagonist must have killed Zhao Lin Er’s underling or at least heavily injured them; which caused the conflict to move one step further. The conflict eventually developed into the chase later. Doesn’t this make one unable to distinguish between right and wrong? Don’t you feel the reason is very unclear?

We can discuss more regarding this, there are two possibilities. Either she cherished her underlings very much, and don’t want to let them be harmed in any way, so she is trying to cover up their error; Or it is because of her arrogance. As they say, a dog reflects their master’s personality. Is my imperial dog some mountain boy like you can simply touch, you are courting death! I personally think the 2nd possibility is higher.

The last matter is what every readers debated and complaint about the most. That is the action she took, as well as the series of events later when they bump into each other in the world of immortals. At a time when the protagonist was heavily injured, if he expressed his goodwill under that kind of circumstances, it doesn’t seem all that convincing. Therefore, a lot of readers say it is not wrong for Zhao Lin Er to want to kill the protagonist. After all, once he had fully recovered, and come to find her, wouldn’t that be bad?

But if we are to look carefully into this, we can find a few contradiction. First of all, the reason why she ended up here unwillingly, Zhao Lin Er pushed all the blame to the protagonist. Her resentment, helplessness, loneliness, and pain, she pushed all her negative feelings onto the protagonist, she didn’t take her time reflect upon herself. At least this proved that she did not have the guts to accept this reality.

Good, since we are already at this point, those thing from before and these thing now already divided into two. Then the things she possessed before, such as her imperial bodyguard, and identity do not have much value in this world anymore. At this time, why can’t she abandon everything, and face the reality. Why not give herself and the protagonist one more chance, and start anew?

This proved that the Imperial Angel is narrow-minded and do not have any aspiration. Good, let’s take one step backwards, we will try to stand on Zhao Lin Er’s standpoint as much as possible. Let’s put ourselves in her shoes to understand her feeling, we can’t lay it down just because we don’t want to. Zhao Lin Er can continue to hate the protagonist, but the question is, it depends on the surroundings, the condition, and the circumstances.

Even if she wanted to take revenge, and expunge a disgrace, it can always wait till a later time. When everything had been made clear, when she is no longer in danger, it is still not too late to kill the protagonist at that time. But now the circumstances is unclear, the surroundings are dangerous, she is also unfamiliar with this world, she can’t even guarantee her own life, yet she still wants to take the other’s life. This is simply unfathomable.

At a time like this, I think having a friend who come from the same homeland would be better than having one more enemy no? Some readers will definitely say once the protagonist fully recovered, he will surely attack Zhao Lin Er first. Regarding this question, I have two points: At that time, it was Zhao Lin Er’s people who provoked the protagonist first. It is not the protagonist who provoked her; Moreover, the development later resulted in the death of many people under Zhao Lin Er; Even though the protagonist suffered some injury, he didn’t die, and didn’t lose anything else.

From this point, we can see that the protagonist had no reason to kill her. Especially at a time like this, this enmity can be completely laid down.

The next point is that after chasing the protagonist for so long, Zhao Lin Er should have understood the protagonist’s personality. The protagonist is not that kind of bloodthirsty madman, nor that kind of despicable man; Since that is the case, why can’t she at least let go of their past enmity temporarily. ⌈1

Let us take a look at another point, even if Zhao Lin Er killed the protagonist, his last attack before death’s door could at least make her sustain a serious injury. If she was to encounter any dangers at time like this, then wouldn’t she meet the same fate as him?

If she didn’t manage to kill him at that time, then they will inevitably not stop until one of them is dead. In other words, they will become a lifetime enemy. But if she temporarily lay down her grudges, and cooperate for the time being, even if they were to quarrel in the future, it is still better than the two circumstances stated above So if we look at it from a realistic point of view, killing the protagonist now is not worth it.

To summarize, there is only one conclusion: Zhao Lin Er did not look at the present situation, and do not know how to judge the situation. Narrow-minded, and do not know how to think calmly. She only relied on her desire and feeling to get things done. Even if she has wisdom, she used it on the wrong side. Her ending is obvious at a glance. She already walked in the wrong direction, therefore her peerless beauty, strength, and wisdom would only make her go further down the wrong path. The ending is certain to be a crushing defeat, this is a typical case of acting in a way that defeats one’s purpose.

The reason why we started with Zhao Lin Er is because she is one of the main characters, one of the protagonist’s most direct, most obvious, and most stubborn enemy. The review for other characters will have to wait for the development of the story.

Lastly I would advice the author to give the Ancestral Dragon to the protagonist, not the snow-white little critter. The reason is very simple, the Ancestral Dragon is more fitting for the protagonist. Its killing method, its temperament, its environment, and even its aura are the same as the protagonist’s. This is hundred times much better compared to a cute little critter.

As for the snow-white pompom, we can let it become a friend of the protagonist, or even an independent character is also fine. I welcome all the reader’s opinions regarding my review, perhaps we can take the deduction to the next level.


  1.  I thought you said you were going to stand on Zhao Lin Er’s side and understand how she feel? Why are you questioning her now? You are contradicting yourself xD 

10 thoughts on “Review on Zhao Lin Er”

  1. Hmm isn’t this a little unfair to Zhao Lin Er? I mean we still don’t know what exactly happened in the past. Yes, we were told about a fight cause of her bodyguard or something but it is not completely clear yet. Moreover she was chosen, for better or worse , by the unicorn. And the whole concept of a unicorn choosing someone is that the person should be pure and innocent (atleast not an arrogant toerag) so maybe who knows if there is more to their fight than just the bit that was revealed……maybe.


      1. Ohh and with that my hopes of a pure Zhao Lin(in reference to heart) is squashed. Ah well , poor unicorn. He has my sympathy (if he ends that way ). Umm so no chance she is just a crazy tsundere ?


  2. her personality is the same as 1/2 of the women is what i can conclude,
    are they stuck on the island or will the adventure continue somewhere else? cause right now i can’t even guess what this novel is about


    1. Well as stated in the original synopsis written by the author, it is about an ancient myth.

      Xiao Chen will probably leave the island later, and uncover a lot of truth regarding the ancient history, and stuffs, I think? 😛


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