My Path of Justice – Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

“How did you manage to do it?” Some of the students could not help but ask. They could not make sense of what they had just witnessed.

“That’s simple, superior control of my Inner Strength.” Muyou said casually as he twirled his finger.

This simple answer by Muyou caused many students to be dumbfounded, they could not comprehend the crux of Muyou’s answer. However, Instructor Pang seemed to have understood something and was in deep thought.

“Huh? Control of Inner Strength?” Many students could not help but to start pondering on Muyou’s reply. They had never put much thought in the control of inner strength. To them, inner strength was like normal strength, it was something innate. Just like carrying a basket, everybody would just simply carry it and not put much thought into carrying a basket. This sort of thinking was being influenced their perception of Inner Strength too. Unfortunately, Inner Strength had far deeper secrets.

“Yes, have you all thought of trying to control your inner strength?” Muyou asked the everybody. “In all of your pursuit for the increase of Inner Strength, you all have neglected in honing your control of your Inner Strength. This had resulted in your body being filled with a vast untapped amount of Inner Strength when you are in fights. You are unable to harness your full potential of Inner Strength in a short time. Your opponents will not wait for you to gather your Inner Strength too. Thus, although Zi Long is 60 Meridian Points, his punch was not the full strength of a 60 Meridian Points.”

As Muyou explained the intrinsic details of Inner Strength, many of the students looked like as if they had been enlightened about something and was in deep thought. Instructor Pang was nodding as he recalled his days in the Panther Guards, when he was out on the battlefield. Instructor Pang was different from the students, he had spent years fighting deadly battles and these battles caused Instructor Pang’s control of Inner Strength to grow instinctively. It was like Muyou and Yiqi’s night training under Grandmaster Hong. However, Instructor Pang did not put much thought into it and was merely happy with his growth. Now that Muyou mentioned it, Instructor Pang started to piece the information and his experience together.

The students on the other hand, were all geniuses who trained in a protected environment. They all just went through the rigid syllabus and teachings, and were blindly pursuing the increase in the number of meridian points. To them, the number of meridian points meant everything.

“But how do you hone your control of your Inner Strength?” Zi Long asked.

“If you re-examine your Inner Strength cultivation exercise closely, it should have certain parts where it help you train the control of your Inner Strength. If it doesn’t have, you should probably toss your current Inner Strength cultivation exercise out and get a new one.” Muyou said as he looked at the surrounding faces. “However, that process is the slow and gradual process. The fastest process will be to go out to the battlefield and have near-death battles. I am sure Instructor Pang can attest to that.”

Instructor Pang was startled when he heard that last sentence, it seemed like Muyou had an even more profound knowledge about Inner Strength.

“I guess Muyou’s words make sense…” Instructor Pang nodded his head as he saw the faces of the students turned towards him.

“But you are only 14 years old, what kind of possible near-death experience could you have gone through?” A student mentioned.

Muyou did not bother to answer that question, he merely removed his upper training attire revealing his torso. This caused everybody to be even more astonished, even Instructor Pang was shocked.

Muyou’s body seemed like a war veteran’s body, it was marked with several scars. Especially the huge slash wound across Muyou’s chest, everybody realised that Muyou had stood in front of the death’s gate several times.

“Thanks brother Muyou for your pointer, I will not forget what you have said.” Zi Long bowed respectfully.

“Ok everybody go and train. Regarding what Muyou had said just now, all of you should go back tonight and ponder upon it.” Instructor Pang clapped his hands as he tried to disperse the crowd.

“Woah Yiqi, what kind of training did you two went through?” Yue Hao whispered to Yiqi.

“It is a secret.” Yiqi shushed Yue Hao as he smiled.

“Geez.” Yue Hao rolled his eyes as he chuckled. “Ok then, I will be off to train.”

Now, it was only Instructor Pang, Muyou and Yiqi left.

“Who was your teacher?” Instructor Pang asked as he inspected both Yiqi and Muyou.

“We do not have a teacher, we only met an old senior who gave us guidance for about three weeks. He did not accept us as his disciples. As for his identity, I am afraid I cannot say.” Muyou answered courteously.

Instructor Pang rubbed his chin as he nodded his head. “Since that is the case, then I shall not inquire more. However regarding what you said just now about Inner Strength, was it being taught by your old senior?”

Muyou and Yiqi nodded.

“I see… As an instructor, I obviously want the best for all of my students. These first three months in Panther Academy are meant to focus on the students’ training of Inner Strength and bare-handed martial art skills. So, is there any training method you two know which will benefit their Inner Strength training greatly?” Instructor Pang asked.

“I am sure you already know the answer Instructor Pang.” Muyou teased him cheekily.

Of course Instructor Pang knew that combat experience would boost his students strength greatly, the deadlier the better. The greater the risk, the greater the gains. However, Instructor Pang did not want to take this route as he did not want to put his students in too much of a danger.

“I know of a way Instructor Pang.” Yiqi said as Instructor Pang looked at him excitedly. “Arrange sparring session with other classes, preferably with one that is stronger than our class. However, only instruct our students to only defend and counter-attack. After each session, our students will most likely be beaten up as long as rules and limits are agreed on. This is the least risky method I can think of.”

This sounded like a good plan to Instructor Pang as he was thinking about it. “I will see what I can do about it.” He said before leaving. “But both of you better not slacken off your training!”

Of course, Muyou and Yiqi did not waste any moment off training. After all, they were in Panther Academy to grow stronger. When they consumed the Deep Marsh Mushroom they got from the Medicinal Hall previously, they felt that it was indeed very effective. After consuming it, they felt that their Inner Strength cultivation effectiveness was boosted by 100% for 2 hours. It was then, Muyou and Yiqi realised how fortunate the nobles were to have ate spiritual herbs since young.

However, Muyou and Yiqi did not splurge their Panther Tokens and go on a spending spree on the herbs. They were prudent in their spending as they only spent another 2 Panther Token to buy another Deep Marsh Mushroom. They were not in a rush to seek breakthroughs in their meridian points, but they took it slow and made sure they had mastery over the control of their inner strength.

The next day, the students were gathered around Instructor Pang as he made an announcement.

“Later in the afternoon, I have arranged a sparring session with Instructor Liu’s class. This sparring session is for you guys to improve the control of your Inner Strength. You all are only allowed to defend and counter-attack, and are not allowed to defeat or injure the opponent. Take this as a beating session by them, as you improve the control of your Inner Strength. I am sure none of you object to this?”

All of the students shook their heads. After witnessing Muyou’s strength and how he overwhelmed Zi Long, they were determined to follow Muyou’s method to grow stronger. Zi Long especially, looked at Instructor Pang with very determined eyes.

“And, can I ask that you all do not share this information with the other classes?” Muyou stood forward and cupped his hands. In these 2 weeks of interaction with the other students, he did not have a good impression of other students. Especially how they looked down on him because of his common background. He definitely would not seek trouble from them, however he would not share good things with them too.

The students agreed to Muyou’s request without any hesitation. They too did not like the other classes of students. The students from this class were all from very ordinary background and did not have any sect backing, they were at the bottom of the hierarchy in Panther Academy. Most of them had been subjected to cases of ridicule, bullying and even extortion.

“Ok, after lunch we would meet at training courtyard F. Remember my instructions, this sparring session is to strengthen all of you. You are there not to win the sparring session, but to traing your control of your inner strength. A simple sparring loss is nothing considered to your journey to get stronger. ” Instructor Pang reminded the students again.

After lunch, the students proceeded to training courtyard F promptly with Instructor Pang.

“I say Instructor Pang, how sad is it for you to be in charge of a commoner class again. You were such a valiant warrior during your stint in the Panther Guards, how can you constantly be allocated the commoner class? After this batch, I will help you speak to the Headmaster to let you take charge of a better class.” Instructor Liu chuckled as he patted Instructor Pang’s shoulder. The surrounding students could easily tell that it was a back-handed compliment. Instructor Liu was much older than Instructor Pang, his face had quite a number of wrinkles and his hair and beard were already gray.

“You jest Instructor Liu, I am fine with this class. However, I would like to thank you for agreeing to this sparring session. This sparring session will certainly allow both of our students to improve their training.” Instructor Pang ignored the sarcasm behind Instructor Liu’s greeting.

“Of course, I want my students to test their strength, after all the training routine gets boring after a while. However, do not blame me if your students get beaten badly, my students are not very good in controlling their strength.” Instructor Liu laughed.

“No problem, just go all out on my students. Physical wounds such as bruises and scratch wounds are perfectly fine, just as per our agreement, no life-threatening wounds, no permanent injuries and no crippling of opponent.”

“I see, you must be quite confident in your current batch of students.” Instructor Liu let out a huge laughter. He stroke his beard as he nodded his head. It was obvious that he did not put Instructor Pang’s student in his eyes. He too was very particular about the hierarchy. Although his students were not of noble background or from great sects, they were from small sects in the Southern Province. They could be said to be in the second lowest of the hierarchy. Thus, when Instructor Pang offered a sparring session, Instructor Liu agreed to it immediately. He wanted to use this sparring session to boost the confidence and ego of his students.

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