My Path of Justice – Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

Next day afternoon, Instructor Pang and Instructor Liu’s class gathered at training courtyard F again for another sparring session.

“It has been about a week since the previous sparring session. I hope your class has been doing well.” Instructor Liu casually greeted Instructor Pang.

Instructor Pang simply smiled and nodded. “Shall we begin then?” With a wave of his hand, Instructor Pang’s class had spread throughout the training courtyard.

“Of course, my students have eagerly waited a week for this.” Instructor Liu raised his hand and his students paired up accordingly with a partner each.

In Muyou’s corner, stood a lanky student who had eyed Muyou since the start.

“Do I know you?” Muyou asked. He was getting quite uncomfortable with the way that lanky student was staring at him.

“I have heard of your agility and speed in the previous sparring session. Today, let me witness your agility and speed.” that lanky student rubbed his chin as he grinned at Muyou.

Muyou shuddered as he tried to avoid the gaze.

“What’s wrong with him, he is like some creepy stalker.” Muyou thought to himself. “It seems this Academy has some weird students…”

In Yiqi’s corner, stood the burly student who proudly boasted of his 65 meridian points strength. The burly student and Yiqi simply stood there staring at each other in silence. Both of them were confident in their own strength and did not require any words to boast their strength.

“The sparring session will start now! Same rules as last week, do not critically wound your opponent, especially my students do not end up crippling your opponents.” Instructor Liu announced.

When Instructor Liu’s students heard that last sentence, they chuckled. However, Instructor Pang’s students all frowned their eyebrows. That last sentence was a total insult to them.

“You better run.” The lanky student laughed as he charged towards Muyou.

“I had better keep a safe distance from this creep.” Muyou shuddered as he quickly retreated.

They kept at this game of catching for half an hour. The weird thing was that Muyou could not seem to shake that lanky student off. Regardless of him increasing his speed, abrupt changing of directions or leaping a long distance away, that lanky student was able to keep up with Muyou. Moreover, that lanky student did not appear to be in any difficulty keeping up with Muyou.

“Your footwork is really quite impressive, unfortunately playtime is over. Watch my qinggong.” that lanky student suddenly sped up. His movements were still the same, but he appeared to be much lighter. He was like a leaf soaring through the wind. With each step forward, he was able to stay in the air for 3 seconds.

Muyou was shocked when he saw the lanky student’s qinggong, this was the first time he saw somebody employing the qingong technique against him. He had heard of qinggong techniques, but like other students he preferred to learn combat skills first. Moreover, he was very confident in his “Spectral Nymph” skills.

“It seemed like I could not avoid him without using Spectral Nymph…” Muyou muttered to himself. He did not want to use any martial art skills in these sparring sessions, he just wanted to train his basic footwork and his agility.

Muyou suddenly stopped in his tracks as he turned and smiled at that lanky student.

That lanky student roared in laughter when he saw Muyou stopped running. He thought Muyou must had gave up in escaping. It seems his qinggong was indeed formidable, he was confident that nobody in this batch could match him in speed.

Just as that lanky student was about to grab onto Muyou, Muyou suddenly pushed himself off the ground and floated a few meters away.

“What…” That lanky student was slightly annoyed, but he was not overly concerned as he leap towards Muyou again.

However, this pattern kept repeating itself. Whenever he was about to reach Muyou, Muyou would float away again. Muyou was like a plastic bag floating in the air, and whenever that lanky student rushed towards Muyou, Muyou would float away in the wind.

This was the first stance of Spectral Nymph, Whispering Wind. This was a stance which required minimum effort from the user, but simply utilising the force produced by the charging opponent. The downside of this stance, was that the user could not control the direction of movement since it was only borrowing the force of the opponent. However, this was more than enough to deal with that lanky student.

Furthermore, that lanky student was over-confident in his qinggong. He had lots of excessive movements and made no attempt to move concisely. With each attempted attack, he generated lots of wind and force towards Muyou. Whispering Wind was the perfect counter to his qinggong.

That lanky student was now enraged, how could his qinggong and speed which he was so proud of failed him. Was his qinggong not good enough? Was his speed not fast enough? Impossible, none of the students in his class could even come close to his level. How could this student from the worst class in Panther Academy beat his speed.

“What weird technique are you using!” that lanky student asked exasperatedly.

“Oh was I using any technique just now? I don’t know about any technique. Can you please enlighten me on what technique did I use?” Muyou teased him back. Muyou was feeling pretty happy seeing how angry that lanky student got.

“You… You… Without that weird technique I would have caught you long ago!” he was now half-panting and half-shouting with his saliva spouting all over.

“That does not change the fact that you can’t even catch me… I am still standing here, come catch me. Didn’t you say you were going to catch me? Didn’t you say playtime is over and you were going to let me witness your qinggong? Well, I am still waiting to witness it.” Muyou continued teasing him back.

That lanky student was now trembling in anger, as he clenched his fists.

“I swear I am going to catch you and beat you up to a pulp.” he roared angrily.

“Oh? You think you have the capability to beat me up?” Muyou raised his eyebrow. It seems that Muyou who focused on training his agility and footwork, was being seen by others as a strategy of the weak. That lanky student believed that Muyou’s inner strength and combat skills must be below average like him for Muyou to focus on his speed.

“It looks like I am being severely underestimated.” Muyou grinned as he crouched down preparing to attack that lanky student.

When the lanky student saw that Muyou was going to attack him instead of running away, he was surprised at how effective his taunt worked. “That Muyou must be an idiot, falling for such a simple taunt. I am going to enjoy slowly beating this monkey into a pulp.” He thought to himself as he rubbed his fist.

Zhoosh! Bam!

Before he could even react, he was already lying on the ground under Muyou’s feet.

“What was that!? What just happened?!” He could not comprehend what had happened in that few short seconds. He saw Muyou charging towards him, however what happened afterwards were in a blur. He faintly recalled seeing Muyou transforming into a panther, but he thought his eyes were playing tricks on him.

“What technique did you use?” He struggled to ask as he coughed out some blood. He was trying very hard to utter out those few words as his chest was still stomped underneath Muyou’s feet.

“You can’t even tell what was that? That was a stance in the Panther Fists… What have you been doing?” Muyou was genuinely shocked at his question. Muyou had just used the fourth stance of Panther Fists, the Panther Charge. He thought that by now every student should be familiar with all of the stances of Panther Fists. Thus, that question by that lanky student took Muyou by surprise.

“Don’t lie to me, how could that be a stance in Panther Fists. None of the stances were so powerful, they were merely basic attacking skills.” The lanky student laughed bitterly. However, when he saw Muyou’s solemn face, he started to ponder on the Panther Fists.

Suddenly, his eyes began to open up and he stared at Muyou in shock. “Could it be… That… That it was the Panther Charge?” He asked.

Muyou simply nodded his head.

“But how could it be… The Panther Charge you used was… It was so different… The speed, the execution, the… Was it some secret technique you know regarding the Panther Charge?” He protested. He simply could not accept that Muyou executed the Panther Charge.

Muyou did not answer his question. Muyou frowned his eyebrows as he took away his foot that way stepping firmly onto that lanky student.

“His comprehension of the Panther Fists is so low, so low till he thought that the Panther Fists was just a basic combat martial art skill. How could the traditional martial art skill of the Panther Academy be so useless… Moreover this was a compulsory martial art skill to learn. The Panther Academy who only accepts geniuses, how can it force the students to waste their time in learning some second-rate martial art skills.” Muyou thought to himself. It seemed that the geniuses in Panther Academy may not be so smart after all.

On the stage of the training courtyard were Instructor Liu and Instructor Pang. At this moment, Instructor Liu was astonished as his tea-cup was shaking non-stop in his hands. It was not only because of how Muyou trampled his opponent, but he had also witnessed the developments in Yiqi’s spar.

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