My Path of Justice – Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

“What is this?!” Instructor Liu shot a glare towards Instructor Pang.

“What do you mean?” Instructor Pang smiled at Instructor Liu, as he calmly sat down and took a sip of tea.

“That that!!” Instructor Liu pointed towards Yiqi and Muyou. “Explain that!!”

Instructor Pang gave a very puzzled look, “I am afraid I do not get what you mean.”

Instructor Liu could no longer hold in his anger as he slammed the table beside them into pieces. “Stop feigning ignorance! Didn’t we agree on no mortal injuries? Wasn’t that the rule?! Why is one of my student now lying on the ground vomiting blood and the other one with a shattered fist?”

By now, every student was now staring at Yiqi and Muyou. Everyone was shocked at how Yiqi and Muyou completely overwhelmed their opponent.

“Hey hey, don’t you find that accusation kind of unfair. The student had a shattered fist was injured because of his attack, my student did not even attack him. If you want to blame, blame it on your student for not knowing his place. The other student did not suffer any major injury, just a night of rest he would be fine. I’m sure you can tell that the attack avoided all of his bones and vital organs.” Instructor Pang said it loud and clear. “When my students were being beaten black and blue did I raise any objections?”

“You… You…” Instructor Liu stuttered in anger. “You… You sure are good…”

“Let’s go!” Instructor Liu walked off the training courtyard with his students following closely behind.

As they left, all of them shot dirty stares at Yiqi and Muyou. Both of them had trampled the prides of the class.

“Woah Yiqi! What is your chest made of? Are your bones made of steel? Muyou, you too, stomping the opponent onto the ground!” Yue Hao marveled as he walked over.

“Haha just lucky.” Muyou grinned. “You too, you seemed to be in a better shape than last week.”

Yue Hao’s face revealed an embarrassed smile as he scratched his head.

The class also began to crowd around Muyou and Yiqi, asking all sorts of questions.

However, Instructor Pang was still standing at his original position with a worried look. Never in his wildest imagination, he would have thought that this simple sparring session would create such animosity between him and Instructor Liu. However, what had happened had already happened.

“Now now, quieten down.” Instructor Pang said as he waded through the crowd of students. “I am sure after this one week of practice on your control of Inner Strength, you all should have realised how different this sparring session was compared to last week’s.”

The students nodded. In this sparring session, they felt much stronger and tougher. Even against opponents who had a higher meridian point, they were not at a disadvantage. Compared to last week, they only suffered some bruises here and there, they were not in such a sorry state.

“There would not be anymore sparring sessions with Instructor Liu class, so all of you work hard during the daily training. Remember pursue quality and not quantity. Focus on your foundation, your basic control of your Inner Strength. Reckless growth will only foster false arrogance. I am sure you all have witnessed the state of Yiqi’s and Muyou’s opponents.”

Instructor Pang paused for awhile staring at all of the students’ faces. He then sternly said, “From now on, do not seek trouble or start any conflicts with other students, especially Instructor Liu’s students. Do you all understand.”

“Yes…” The whole class replied with a serious tone. They understood that judging from Instructor Liu’s reaction, today’s matter may have implications.

“Alright, that is the end of today’s training. All of you go rest up, I will see you guys tomorrow.” Instructor Pang dismissed the class.

“Everybody, we are sorry to have caused trouble for all of you.” Yiqi and Muyou bowed as they apologised.

“No need for apology, I am sure all of us approve of that.” Yue Hao hurriedly tried to assure Yiqi and Muyou. The other students also echoed his sentiment. After being thrashed by the other class, they felt very satisfied seeing Muyou and Yiqi completely dominate their opponents. It was like helping their class regain a bit of their pride.

One week had past, with everyone deeply immersed in training. The breakthroughs in meridian point for the class had slowed down, but that was because the students took time to stabilise their breakthroughs. With each new meridian point, they seek to consolidate their newly-gained strength and maximise the potential of their new meridian point before going for another breakthrough.

Muyou and Yiqi devoted most of their time to their new martial art skills. Muyou and Yiqi had already memorised the Shadow Kicks and Impenetrable Body respectively, but they were still working on comprehending them. These new martial art skills were indeed difficult to comprehend, and much more difficult to master. However, they also knew that the skills that they had chosen were among the more powerful martial art skills available in Panther Academy. They would rather spend more time to master one powerful martial art skills, than master numerous mediocre martial art skills. This was something most students would not dare to do. The fear of failure to comprehend the martial art skill and being stuck with it deterred many students from the more powerful martial art skills.

During one of the morning run session, Head Instructor Wang announced a special event.

“Today marked the end of the first month, and we are going to have a special event for the whole day. These small brown balls are hidden around the jungle area, the various running paths we had went through for the past month.” Head Instructor Wang revealed a brown ball, no bigger than the size of a ping-pong ball.

“Look at this map, the whole wilderness is split into different zones. If you have realised our morning runs only cover zone A.” He pointed to the map, circling the zone A. The wilderness shown to consist of zones A – F. Zone A was the border jungle surrounding the wilderness area. “Thus for today’s event, all of you are only to stay in Zone A. There are other instructors on the borders patrolling. Anybody who venture into other zones will be fined 10 Panther tokens!”

When the whole cohort heard of the 10 panther tokens fine, they shuddered. 10 panther tokens were a lot to the students.

“For each brown ball you have collected, you can exchange it for 1 panther token. You all have until sunset.” Instructor Wang threw the brown ball on his hand deep into the forest.

“Event start!”

With this announcement, all 300 students rushed madly into the forest. A brown ball for a panther token, this was an easy way for them to earn some panther token!

“Stop squeezing damn it!”

“Give way to the Pang clan’s young master!”

“Which bastard shoved me just now?!”

The entrance towards the jungle was like a marketplace full of aunties squeezing for freebies. The so-called geniuses of the Southern Province were behaving like the beggars on the street.

After a few minutes, the crowd had finally dissipated as majority of the students had already entered the area hunting for brown balls. Instructor Pang’s class then proceeded to stroll in. The other students wanted to rush in initially, but they decided to stick to Muyou and Yiqi.

“Eh? Why are you all following us?” After running a distance, Muyou and Yiqi realised the class was following them tightly.

“I thought it would be best if we follow you two for this event. This would ensure that everyone’s safety.” Yue Hao said sheepishly while Zi Long nodded his head.

“Oh my goodness…” Muyou smacked his forehead. “We are hunting for brown balls, not killing wild beasts… If we were to hunt for brown balls as a group of 30 students, how many brown balls do you think we can get?”

“That is true…” Yue Hao muttered.

“Ok everybody if you are still worried about your safety, then split into groups of two. This event is just hunting for brown balls, there should not be much danger.” Muyou said as he waved his hand.

With this, the class went their separate ways in pairs. Muyou went off with Yiqi, and Yue Hao left with Zi Long.

After traversing for 500 meters, Muyou and Yiqi suddenly stopped in their tracks.

“Come out you guys, do you think that we would not notice that you all had been following us since we entered the jungle?” Muyou shouted as he glanced at his surroundings.

“I have to compliment you for detecting us…” Hai Cheng emerged from behind a tree as he clapped his hands. After that about 10 more students came out and surround Muyou and Yiqi.

“How did you manage to find out that we were tracking you?” Hai Cheng asked.

“Hmph, a group of kids like you all want to play assassin? Do you all really think you all are professional assassins or soldiers?” Muyou retorted. “All of your footsteps were so heavy coupled with your loud and irregular breathing. Some of you were already panting after chasing us for 200 meters. Moreover, you all kept rustling the tree-leaves. Even your grandmother can hear you a kilometer away.”

Hai Cheng’s face turned ugly. It was true that they were trying to imitate the assassins tracking their targets, but from how Muyou described their actions, they seemed like a group of kids trying to play make belief war games. It made them seemed childish and retarded.

“Then do you know why are we having this conversation right now?” Hai Cheng said with a cold smile.

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