Retranslate Arifureta

So, Selutu and I have been planning to retranslate Arifureta from the scratch! This will be our little side project so we won’t have a fixed schedule.

But then we saw this:

Someone else is trying to pick up Arifureta from the latest chapter. So we ask this of you, the readers;

If we are to retranslate Arifureta from zero, would you support our decision? We got permission and all from Japtem translators, here is the proof:

Reason we are retranslating:

  1. The quality of translation, to be honest with you all, is kind of poor, even the translator themselves agreed with it, as you can see in the chat log.
  2. So that we can get used to the terms in Chinese.
  3. So that we can retrace what happened in the story, since it has been so long, I have already forgotten all the storyline.
  4. So that we can have all the chapters in one place.

It’s literally killing four birds with one stone, I don’t see why we should not! What do you think? Should we do it? Or should we not? Cast your vote below:


38 thoughts on “Retranslate Arifureta”

  1. No offense to the original translators, but I read certain phrases in the third volume like four times and couldn’t figure out what it was saying.

    So, I hereby support the re-translation (maybe I’m a little late. Teehee~).


  2. Thankfully for me, I found the MC to be an inconsistent wimp and dropped it. This was before the Translators agreed with my opinion and dropped it too. I might have a look at it again if u translate it. But there is a high chance (90%+) that I would drop it again.
    I dont like RPG World either =D


  3. I’ll support your decision, whichever may be, but I’ll pray that you pick it up.

    About that “So that we can get used to the terms in Chinese”, I hope it means that you’ll check the already-translated terms and see how they call them in Chinese so that you can make a list, because looking at the precedents, Chinese translators seem to have a certain fondness to change random terms.

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  4. There will be many cons you know?
    -Because many people already read this there is a possibility that you will have a small number of readers
    -Having a small number of readers might make you less motivated.
    -Being a side project, it may take more than 1 year to reach 100 chapters.

    Well, most of this is just speculation. Also Good Luck.


    1. We are currently translating the prologue now, but since we are doing this on our free time, we won’t have a fixed schedule.

      We will make our final decision after translating at least 10 chapters.


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