My Path of Justice – Chapter 30

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Chapter 30

Regret never flashed across Hai Cheng’s mind. In his mind there was only one word now, RUN!

He wasted no time as he turned around and tried to make a run for it. Throughout his whole life, he had lived a sheltered life, growing under the protection of his clan and Wudang. Even though he had experienced some setbacks, those were simply obstacles which Hai Cheng felt annoyed about. This was the first time, he felt fearful for his life. He simply could not comprehend what this pair of mad siblings would do.

He sped off without looking back, running desperately for about 1km. After stopping down to catch his breath, he looked around only to find Muyou and Yiqi trailing behind him leisurely. The moment he caught sight of them, he would immediately turn tail and run.

This carried on for about 10km. With each sight of Muyou and Yiqi, Hai Cheng grew more fearful and desperate. It was pure torture for Hai Cheng. He slowly gave up on the notion of escaping from them, so he decided to change his escape strategy. He started to shout loud pleas of help while he ran.

“HELP!!! I am being slaughtered!”

“Somebody save me!!! They are planning to kill me!”

“Somebody is trying to kill a Wudang disciple!!”

Hai Cheng had already thrown away all of his pride and face. All he wanted was to escape from Muyou and Yiqi’s clutches. Muyou and Yiqi simply continued to follow him, watching his actions with amusement.

After another half an hour, Hai Cheng who was getting increasingly frantic, finally tripped and fell flat onto the ground.

“Help!! Help!! Somebody save me from two murderers!!” Hai Cheng was still screaming as he scrambled on the floor trying to get away from Muyou and Yiqi.

“Finally done running?” Muyou revealed a sinister smile as they strolled towards Hai Cheng.

“Don’t come near!! Go away!! Don’t! You can’t kill! The school rules… Another student… Wudang will not let… the school rules say… I am a Wudang disciple… Help!!” Hai Cheng blurted out incoherently.

Yiqi shook his head at this pitiful sight. How could a great Wudang disciple be such a coward. Hai Cheng caused several of his “friends” to be injured because of his scheme yet he did not even attempt to put up a fight.

“Don’t worry we certainly would not kill you, we are just going to teach you a lesson.” Muyou coaxed Hai Cheng. “Now can you tell us, what must we do in order for you not to create trouble for us in the future?”

“Just let me go! I promise I would not get in your way in the future! We will be like river water and well water, we will not cross each other’s path!” Hai Cheng said frantically as he looked like he was on the verge of bursting into tears.

Muyou shook his head, “I am afraid it would not be just so simple…”

He continued to walk towards Hai Cheng whose face turned paler with each step of Muyou.

“Hold your steps!”

A shout suddenly echoed out as Muyou was about to reach Hai Cheng. When Muyou glanced at the surrounding, he saw 5 students emerged from the woods.

“Hai Cheng, what have you gotten yourself into now…” One of the student stepped out and stared at Hai Cheng. From the way he carried himself and the aura he gave off, it was evident that he was the leader of this group of students.

“Pang Jing save me! These two students want to kill me!” When Hai Cheng saw Pang Jing, his eyes was filled with hope again.

Pang Jing frowned before turning to Muyou, “Fellow student, I do not know how Hai Cheng has offended you. However, I will not allow other people to bully my underling.”

When Hai Cheng heard the word “underling”, his face was filled with pride. This caused Muyou and Yiqi to lose any of their respect left for Hai Cheng. This guy actually took pride in being somebody’s lackey.

“I am afraid we cannot just let him off. He gathered 10 students to ambush us. If we were the weaker ones, do you think we would still have the ability to stand here and have this conversation?” Muyou shook his head. “This Hai Cheng must be taught a lesson.”

“I see…” Pang Jing nodded his head as he inspected Muyou and Yiqi.

“Two of them actually managed to hold off ten students… It looked like they had some potential…” Pang Jing mused to himself.

“I am Pang Jing, may I know how should I address the both of you?” Pang Jing cupped his hands as he greeted Muyou.

“I am Muyou and he is my brother Yiqi.”

“I see, Muyou and Yiqi. This is indeed Hai Cheng’s fault… How about this…” Before Pang Jing finished his sentence, he glided towards Hai Cheng.

Pak Pak!

He delivered two tight slaps onto Hai Cheng’s face. Two palm marks appeared on Hai Cheng’s face as his cheeks swelled. However, Hai Cheng did not resent Pang Jing’s actions at all, he continued to kneel down behind Pang Jing with his head looking down.

“These two slaps, considered as my punishment on behalf of both of you. Take it as an apology from me. I can assure you that Hai Cheng will no longer create trouble for the both of you.” Pang Jing smiled.

What blasphemy?! Just two slaps and everything is over? What kind of joke is this? Muyou was obviously not going to accept this settlement. Just as Muyou was about to voice his objection, Yiqi patted his shoulder to stop him.

“We appreciate your gesture. We will not pursue this matter further, and we hope Hai Cheng will do likewise.” Yiqi said. “We will take our leave then, farewell.”

Just as Yiqi and Muyou was about to leave, Pang Jing sent a signal to one of the student beside him. When the student saw Pang Jing’s signal, he nodded.

“Please wait!” that student called out. “Since it is so rare that we are gathered here, why don’t we have a friendly spar to know each other better?”

This halted Muyou and Yiqi in their tracks. What rare meeting, what friendly spar? This is totally bullshit! That Pang Jing never intended to just let us off so easily!

However, they failed to comprehend Pang Jing’s true intentions. After hearing about Muyou and Yiqi fending off 10 other students, he had to confirm their strength. Pang Jing was a guy who never trusted the rumours, he would have to personally witness it. Seeing is believing, this was Pang Jing’s way of action. He sent one of his underling to spar with them in order to affirm their strength. If they were weak, he would not let them leave so easily. On the other hand, if their strength was not exaggerated, he would try to recruit them into his faction. This was the thinking of the heir of a noble clan, somebody who had dabbled in the political games.

“Why? This event has no need for any sparring… If we were to waste more time here, we will not be able to hunt for the balls.” Muyou said with an annoyed tone. Muyou and Yiqi were irritated with these series of events.

How did a simple event became so complicated?

“Don’t worry, if you were to spar with me, I will give you 5 balls as a friendly token.” The student took out 5 brown balls from his pouch. “This is not disadvantageous to you in any way.”


Seeing the 5 brown balls, Muyou accepted the sparring session immediately. 5 balls gained just like this? Free balls? Whoever refused would be a fool.

“Let’s start!”

Muyou planned to get this over and done with in the shortest time possible. He felt that if he did not break away from these people soon, more complications will entail.

“Good! Watch out!” The challenger exclaimed as he grabbed kicked a rock the size of a car tire towards Muyou.

“What… This guy did not even waste a single second…” Muyou thought to himself as he leap upwards to avoid the rock.

When Muyou was in the air, he suddenly realised that it was a bad move to simply leap into the air. Now he was currently extremely vulnerable and an open target for the opponent. He desperately glanced around to locate his opponent.

Suddenly, he saw another two rocks flying towards him.

“Damn it… Is this guy’s hobby to send rocks flying around…” Muyou frowned. Muyou was unable to dodge in mid-air, he could only use brute force to break the rocks.

Fist that dominate!

Muyou roared as he unleashed two consecutive punches, that shattered the rocks.

Bam Bam!

The moment he landed, another rock was flying towards him again.

“Were there so many rocks around this area?” Muyou was extremely frustrated now, that opponent did not give him any break. Moreover, the rocks were coming from various directions, which meant that the opponent was constantly on the move.

Muyou executed Fist the dominate once more and break apart the rock.

“You can’t win by just defending you know?” The opponent stood behind another rock as he taunted Muyou.

“That’s it… You think you are in a circus? You want to keep sending things flying? Let me send you a present!” Muyou thought angrily to himself.

After a few seconds, the dust had started to settle and everybody was squinting their eyes, trying to figure out what was Muyou doing.

After a few glances, the opponent’s eyes suddenly widened when he saw Muyou’s actions. Muyou’s Qi was rapidly consolidating around him, pouncing around him in a panther’s shape. With every passing second, the panther-shaped Qi appeared to be deadlier.

This was the final stance of Panther’s fist, Panther Unleash!

Everybody’s stares became intense. For Muyou’s Qi to take on such a vivid panther shape and giving off such an oppressive feeling, one could only imagine what level had Muyou’s mastery of this stance reached.

The opponent no longer dared to play around, as he hurriedly gather his Qi and execute Panther Unleash too. When Muyou saw that, he simply smiled as he continued to consolidate his Qi. The panther-shaped Qi became even livelier, crouching, pouncing and letting out small growls.

The opponent’s Qi remained stuck remained at a blob-shaped Qi, and it could not match Muyou’s panther-shaped Qi in any way. This was the difference in their mastery of the stance.

“Take this!”

The opponent could no longer hold it in as he frantically shot his Qi towards Muyou.

When Muyou saw that, he calmly extended his palm, and his panther-shaped Qi let out a roar before pouncing towards his opponent.

Pang Jing nodded his head as he let out a smile, the result of this battle was obvious.


When their Qi collided, Muyou’s panther-shaped Qi overwhelmed the opponent’s Qi and continued to charge towards his target.

“Ahhh!!” His opponent’s legs gave way as he fell onto the ground. He was completely oppressed by the Qi charging towards him, he was now a sitting duck. However, being hit by this Qi would be no joke, he would definitely suffer from some gruesome injuries.

Suddenly a rock was sent flying towards the opponent, knocking the opponent out of the way.


The rock had exploded and turned into dust. What kind of insane power of could turn a rock into dust. Imagine if that Qi hit the opponent instead of the rock, what would have happened?!

“I am sorry for interrupting the spar, but I had no choice but to prevent him from being killed.” Pang Jing stepped forward as he apologised to Muyou. “As a compensation, I offer another 5 balls.”

Muyou glanced at the opponent who was lying on the ground in a daze, with traces of blood seeping from the corners of his mouth. Although he had suffered some light injuries, if he were to be hit by the Qi, his life may really be forfeited. Thus, Muyou was in fact quite grateful to Pang Jing for intervening.

“Thanks, I guess I will accept it.” Muyou swiftly collected the brown balls. In just a few minutes, they had gained 10 brown balls.

“We will bid our farewell here, thanks for everything!” Muyou and Yiqi hastily bid their farewell. They wanted to get away from Pang Jing and his gang as soon as possible!


Muyou and Yiqi’s hearts sank again… What do they want now… Muyuo and Yiqi felt like they were unable to extract themselves from this quagmire.

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