Truth and Myths – Awakening Chapter 18

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Hey everyone, here’s Chapter 18 of Truth and Myths – Awakening.

I also published Rinkan just now, so enjoy that too!


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Chapter 18 – Blunder

Seeing the stampeded of the barghest, Lux turned to HIkari and said, “Protect the child, I’ll go and help Guang.”

“Yes, Lux-sama,” Hikari complied.

Confirming that Lux had begun her protection of the child, Lux ran towards the stampeded of barghest.

“I beseech thee, thy celestial self. Grant onto thy servant thy holy blessing to vanquish thy foes,” Lux chanted towards the heavens as ran. Almost immediately, a pale white aura began to surround her. It was a blessing from heavens. A sign of her being “Heaven’s Beloved Child”. Her guardian angle answered her request immediately. The aura would guard her, protect her. It would empower her to fight against God’s foes.

As she charged into the horde of barghest, her blade fluttered out into her foes. barghests howled in pain and she wounded them with her estoc. She nimbly dodged the attempts of the braghest to leap onto her.

Hikari stared intently at Lux with wide-eyes, and beside her the young girl did the same.The battle goddess that Lux looked like right now was what had caused Hikari to look up to her and admire her so much. The imagine of her running into the enemy horde was reminiscent of her younger self in the past. She was the one who had saved Lux from the clutches of demons that were let loose upon her city. With her parents killed during the incident, Lux had reached out a hand to her. The her back then, a stray lamb, had been saved. It was only natural for her to admire her saviour and benefactor. That was one of the reasons why she had wanted to become an exorcist. To be like Lux and reach out her hand to those in need.

Hikari turned to the girl, “Stay here for a while okay? I”ll be right back. Onee-chan here is going to help Ane-sama.”

With that, she too, ran towards the horde of Barghest.

David watched as Lux, then later Hikari ran towards the horde of demonic beasts. The situation had escalated quickly. It had turned from dealing with 1 demonic beast to an entire stampede of them.

“Lucifer, these are?” David asked, pointing towards the demonic beast horde.

“Barghests, I suppose you could say they are demonic dogs like hellhounds,” Lucifer replied curtly.

“I see… The exorcists seem preoccupied, so answer some questions will you?”

“What is it?”

“Has there been any change in Helly’s location?”

“No change that I can sense, the direction she is in remains the same. And I still aren’t sure of the exact location of where we are.”

“I see,” David looked towards the fight, all three exorcists where enveloped in a pale white aura that seemed to protect them. “What has the exorcists used?”

“Technically speaking, they haven’t used anything. They merely asked for blessing from heavens to protect them and angles had answered their plea. Although, I do have my suspicions that the European one’s is slightly different from the other two’s. The speed at which her request was answered was far too quick. It wouldn’t be strange to assume that she has a guardian angel.”

“Guardian angel huh…? If we had to fight, would that pose an issue?”

“Assuming you gave me reign during <Possession> it’s not an issue.”

“And if I don’t?”

“I’m not a hundred percent convinced that you’ll be fine. Let’s just put it that way.”

“What would be my chances of winning?”

“Against that blessed child, it would be around sixty -five percent? As long as you listen to my guidance and still use <Possession>. Otherwise it would be lower than forty-percent. If you’re asking about all three, then it would be less than twenty percent.”

“I see, I suppose its better to continuously lower any suppositions they have towards me…” David replied as he sense a presence creeping up to him. It wasn’t too close yet, so he could just run away, but that might cause the brashest behind him to leap at him. That wasn’t too convenient. It would be better to hope an exorcist sees this and come help him.

Hikari looked around her. There are several barghests dead already. Only a few more than half remained. This was going to be over soon, since Guang had dropped off the unconscious boy to the side and had joined Lux and herself fighting the barghests.

She was somewhat disappointed that David hadn’t joined them, since it would have been a good chance to see aside from <Fireball> what he could do. But he might just have a little knowledge of magic and can’t actually fight all too well. That’s why, she’ll protect him and help him find his friend captured by the demon.

She looked towards his direction. David was standing calmly away from the fight beside the young child HIkari had left behind, and was surveying the situation. It was good that he wasn’t in danger. Wait… No, something was behind him.

“David watch out! Behind you!” Hikari shouted.A wounded barghest seemed to be creeping up to the unsuspecting David after backing away from the three of them and noticing the easier prey. She begun ran over with all her might, hoping she would be on time.

But she wasn’t going to be.

The barghest leaped up onto the air and landed on David. It’s powerful jaws torn apart David’s neck. Blood gushed out of the wound. With a fear inducing glare, it glared at Lux and howled, challenging it to another fight after killing one of her comrades.

That was what she expected to happen.

But in reality, as the barghest leaped towards David, he spin kicked its side, knocking it onto the ground. Then with a swift motion, he dashed towards it and kicked its jaw, not giving the barghest any chance to recover. After that, he reached into his back pocket and took out a switch blade, which he flipped out with a fluid motion, using it to stab repeatedly into the fallen beast’s face. After multiple stabs that caused the beast to cease its movements, he stopped.

Hikari was both  surprised and overjoyed. It was great that David was capable of protecting himself. It was even better that he was safe. it would weigh terribly on her conscience if he had been ripped apart by the demonic beast that they left without slaying.

On the other hand, Lux knitted her eyebrows after witnessing what just happened. Something didn’t add up. Barghests were demonic hounds that could stealthily approach the prey when required, and that seemed to be what that dead brashest did. But David’s reaction to it was far too quick. It was like he already knew the beast was behind him.

Also when dealing with the beast, he didn’t seem to have use any magic at all. That was beyond bizarre. It simply suggested to her that he definitely isn’t a normal person. He dispatched the beast with far too much ease and in to short of a time frame. If he had struggled a bit and used magic, it probably wouldn’t have been so suspicious to her, but slaying the barghest, even a wounded one, without any use of magic at all was unbelievable unless he was extremely gifted in this regard.Something was definitely off here. She was more sure than ever that David was hiding something from them. It definitely wasn’t something small either.

Her thoughts came to a stop when another barghest rushed at her. Charging her estoc with light magic, she sliced down the demonic beast easily.

She looked around. It seems like Guang and Hikari have extinguished their fair share of barghests. Only a few more remained. This would be finished quickly.

As the exorcists finished off the rest of the barghest horde, David silently swore at himself. He had gone overboard when dealing with the barghest just now. He subconsciously used it to let off some steam and forgot about the need to hide as much about himself as possible.

Now he could only hope that the exorcists did not see anything. Although that’s a futile thought. He noticed that both Hikari and Lux had saw him dispatch the barghest and it seemed to trigger more suspicion on Lux’s part. This wasn’t good or ideal, but there was nothing he could do about it at this point. He could merely pretend that it was the extent of his abilities for now.

He looked at the young girl. She wasn’t all too fazed by his actions just now. Rather, she was looking at him with some sort of admiration.

“Are you okay?” He asked the girl.

“Ummm.. Ehhh? Are you talking to me?” the girl stuttered.


“Ehh, I’m okay. Thank you for saving us!”

“It’s not really me that saved you. If you want to thank you should thank them,” David pointed towards the three exorcists walking towards them. They had killed the rest of the barghest pack, and also seemed to have woken up the child that Guang had held in his arms previously.

“Mazzy!” the young girl exclaimed and ran towards the other child.

“Merzula, don’t worry. This person saved me,” the other child happily said as he indicated towards Guang.

“Thank you!” Merzula took a deep bow towards Guang, showing her thanks.

The young boy ruffled Merzula’s hair and turned to David and the four exorcists, “Thank you very much for saving me and my sister! I’m Mazul, and this is my sister Merzula.”

“Your welcome, that’s just what we do,” Hikari replied with as mile.

“If you can spare some time, please come to our village, mama and papa will surely give you some tasty food! Especially since it’s our birthday today,” Mazul invited.

Hikari looked towards Guang and Lux to see their reaction. They shrugged their shoulders, indicating that they didn’t mind. She then looked towards David and saw him smile at her. “Sure! Let’s go!”

Then she pushed the children in front for them to lead the way to the village.

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