Truth and Myths – Awakening Chapter 19

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Hey everyone, here’s Chapter 19 of Truth and Myths – Awakening.

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Chapter 19 – The Children’s Village Part I

As they followed the children to their village, Lux whispered to Guang, “Did you see what happened with David?”

“What do you mean?” Guang replied. He wasn’t too sure of what Lux was talking about. He had, after all, concentrated solely on the elimination of the barghest.

“The way he dispatched a barghest. It was far too unnatural. Normally, one would only be able to survive using magic. He didn’t use any magic to do so. He dispatched it through purely physical means and was extremely fluid in his motion.”

“Well isn’t that great? We don’t have to spend too much effort on protecting him.”

“But it does give some validity to my suspicion. He is definitely hiding a lot from us. And for what reason? I cannot be sure. But it cannot be good.”

“Then what shall we do, Lux-sama?”

“We would first need to determine his secret and objective. The fact that he was near the mountain that we investigated and it was also his friend’s house which served as the location of the incident is too much of a coincidence. It is highly likely that he is related to the group which we are searching for.”

“Could he be a local exorcist that was new to Hong Kong?”

“I highly doubt it. If he was he would have nothing to hide. And yet he has been secretive and brooding. Especially his abilities are definitely a notch above average.”

“Wait.. Lux-sama, could it be possible that the friend has was referring to was his female companion that we saw him with near the mountain side?”

“Hmmm, that is a possibility…”

“Now that I think about it though, despite it being a potential possibility. That girl seemed like your run of the mill high school girl, so perhaps its just baseless speculation?”

“Most of what we’re going at this point i near baseless speculation, but as exorcists we have to trust our instincts until we’re proven wrong. If we worked like lawyers and the police, acting almost purely on complete evidence, then we cannot save everyone.”

“I understand… But should we just continue to observe for now?”

“I think that would be the best course of action while we also keep an eye out for a method of returning.”

While the two exorcists in front of him were deep in conversation, David could see a village slowly come into view. It was a simple village with wooden houses. Wooden fences with pikes surrounded the village and acted as its only line of defence against any wild beasts. This was truly something straight out of a medieval movie.

As they approached the village, he could began to make out the figures standing near the gate. Those figures wore shabby clothing, but each had a long scimitar hanging from their waist. It seems like they acted as the guards for the village.

“Daddy!” Merzula exclaimed as she ran towards one of the guards, and seeing her actions, Mazul followed suit.

The guard bent down and opened up his arms wide as he welcomed the two children that ran towards him. Having a happy expression at the sight of these two children, he kissed their foreheads and picked them up, then turned to David and the exorcists. He noticed that the people accompanying his children were complete strangers, he turned to his children and asked, “Why are you with humans?”

His tone was rather cold, which sounded like complete distrust towards them in David’s mind. Although, it wasn’t too surprising if he was the father of the two children. Seeing your children with complete strangers would naturally cause you to become more wary.

“Daddy, they saved us from a horde of big bad dogs. I was so scared when they appeared behind Mazzy. Then another one chased after me, so I started to run. Not too longer after when I was getting tired. Poof! This older sis caught me,” Merzula said as she pointed towards Lux.

“Then boof! The bad doggie was dead. And then bang! And boom! And ya! We were safe,” Merzula continued as she waved her hands around excitedly. “Oh also this older brother went like dumf! And chop! And another bad doggie behind us died!”

Hearing her explanation, the man’s glare softened. “It seems like you saved my children. Thank you very much. Would you care to come into the village and stay for a while? Let us offer you some food and drinks, it is these two children’s birthday today and it’s the least we could do to repay your kindness.”

As he turned to speak with them, David observed his appearance. His clothing was something like cheap peasant clothes that would be seen worn by the villagers in movies, but what was different lied in his physical appearance. Although he wasn’t very tall, he had well developed muscles that could be seen from underneath his shirt. HIs skin was a much darker shade of purple compered to his daughter and he had two horns on his forehead, just like his son, except much larger. His black hair was shoulder length and fell neatly across his shoulders. He was definitely a demon, of that David had no doubt.

However, he was surprised that the exorcists haven’t reacted violently yet, especially in front of these beings who were clearly demons. They were rather composed for the most part. Only Hikari was glancing at the man’s horns with wide eyes, while Lux had her hand clenched up in a fist the moment the she saw the guards.

Before Lux could say anything, Guang placed his hand on her shoulder and stepped forward, “We’ll gladly accept your offer.”

“Then follow me,” the father turned around and entered the village, indicating for them to follow. As he passed by the other guard, he whispered something to him, to which the other guard nodded and returned to his post.

Seeing the exorcist follow after a bit of distance, David complied as well. The village didn’t seem like it was going to be too dangerous, and if worst comes to worst, he still have <Possession>.

They were taken to a small hut on the other side of the village, the interior of it was extremely simple, there were just several chairs, a table and a large bed inside. When they arrived, Merzula and Mazul immediately jumped onto the bed and rolled around, just like the children they are.

Seeing the children so happy and relaxed, Hikari couldn’t help but let out a smile. Seeing happy children always brought a smile to her face, especially since she never had a true childhood. She doesn’t want anyone to lose their childhood like her, it would be good if all children to have, at the very least, a happy childhood. Even if they were non-humans.

Hikari was sure that both Lux and Guang had noticed that the children they saved were non-humans, most likely demons, but she couldn’t bare herself to let them die. It is true that they were demons, but they still revealed the innocent smiles that only untainted children have on their faces.

As they came here, Merzula, and Mazul’s father, introduced himself as Matire, and asked them to wait with the children while they prepare the food. It was lucky that they had arrived at this hour, which was when they were preparing lunch. It would only take a short while before there was food.

Hikari sat down onto the floor and saw Lux staying confused at her own hands. She moved to ask her what was the issue, but was intercepted by Guang, who told her to leave Lux by herself for a bit, saying that it was essential.

Lux sat by herself in the corner of the room. She had arrived in the village of the demon children which they had saved. Actually it was Hikari and Guang that did the saving. If it were only up to her, then she might have left nature take its course.

Demons deserved to die. That was hardwired into her brain. The only reason she had been keeping her composure was because she needed information and she destroyed the village, no information would be gained.

From the looks of the village of demons, were they perhaps in another world? Was that even possible? They had followed through the portal of a demon and arrived here… But where was here? That she wasn’t sure. She didn’t think too much about it before, and had secretly hoped that they were merely transported to another section of the world, but it seems like they found themselves in a completely new one.

What was she supposed to do? Things escalated far more than she imagined. She was confident that she would be able to return them quickly back home, only to be thrown into the fact that they’re in a whole different world.

Additionally, she now faced a dilemma. She had always assumed that demons were mindless evil beings. When she was younger, she had a period of time when she thought that some demons could be calm and kind, but that naïvety was gone now. Yet she had sure actual innocence from the two children they had saved.

What was she to do? Why is this even happening? Also, how is David tied into all this? He doesn’t look faced at all. He seemed to be rather calm, accepting things the way things are. Is he just this kind of person? Then why was he able to deal with the barghest without using any magic. Even Lux herself had to draw out a weapon to deal with the first barghest, David only pulled out a knife to finish it off, he gave off the feeling that if he had so wanted to, he could have killed it with his bare hands…

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