My Path of Justice – Chapter 33

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Chapter 33

After another few days, Muyou and Yiqi went to the Panther Martial Collections Hall again. The two weeks deadline was up and they had to return the manuals back.

When they entered the panther Martial Collections Hall, they saw Elder Kang lazing in his chair reading a manual as he lazily fanned himself.

“Good afternoon Elder Kang, we are here to return our manuals.” Yiqi took the initiative to greet Elder Kang.

Elder Kang looked at Yiqi with a slightly annoyed look as he slowly rose from his chair.

“Take out the manuals and put them on the counter.” Elder Kang grumbled as he took out the large book which kept the records. It was obvious that he was slightly unhappy that Muyou and Yiqi had disrupted his morning.

Muyou and Yiqi could sense that Elder Kang was not in his best mood, thus they did not say any additional words and promptly took out their manuals.

Muyou though, was slightly unhappy. For absolutely no reason, he had to deal with an old man’s stinky face in the morning. “If you are such a lazy pig, then open the Panther Martial Collections Hall later.” Muyou thought to himself as he glanced at Elder Kang’s incredibly slow and lazy movements. It was as if each step and each movement sucked the life out of Elder Kang. “How could this old zombie be an elder?”

“Alright, report your names.” Elder Kang mumbled as he flipped through the large book.

“Yiqi and Muyou from the 87th batch here.” Yiqi said respectfully.

“87th batch… Yiqi and Muyou… Oh you two! The two rascals who refused to heed my advice and picked Impenetrable Body and Shadow Kicks.” Elder Kang looked as if he had just woken up from his previous half-dead self.

He grabbed the two manuals as he casually flipped through them.

“So I bet these two weeks were completely wasted right? I knew it, these two manuals were not for the likes of Panther Academy students, they were the higher tier manuals.” Elder Kang grinned at Muyou and Yiqi.

Before Muyou and Yiqi could reply, Elder Kang continued his speech.

“I bet the both of you must be very worried now. You two must be worried about getting stuck on these 2 manuals and unable to learn anymore new martial art skills in the rest of your time in Panther Academy. Hahahaha, only if you two would heed my advice.” Elder Kang let out a hearty laugh. It was as if he took pleasure in their misery. Muyou and Yiqi were rendered speechless. Muyou wanted to give Elder Kang a good smack, but Elder Kang was after all an Elder of Panther Academy.

“Do not worry though, let me tell both of you a piece of good news. All that stuff about only being able to pick up another manual only after comprehending the previous one is all fake. Those stuff were being thrown around to prevent Panther Academy students from wasting their 2 years in this Academy attempting to learn high-tier martial art skills. In the past many students were like you, they had unrealistic goals and they jumped around from a high-tier martial art skills to another for 2 years. In the end, they became a master of none and jack of few trades. Thus we spread this informal rule around to ensure that students start from the low-tier martial art skills and slowly progress their way up.”

Elder Kang stopped as he glanced at Muyou and Yiqi.

“However for both of you, this tactic was useless after all. You have wasted your past 2 weeks. Who knows if you will waste the rest of the two years in trying to comprehend other high-tier martial art skills.” Elder Kang chuckled.

“Why are you so sure that we will not comprehend these martial art skills?” Muyou could not hold it back in and decided to question Elder Kang.

“Oh? It seems like you have something you want to say.” Elder Kang raised his eyebrow as he looked at Muyou.

Yiqi who was standing beside Muyou pulled his shirt attempting to tell Muyou to stop challenging Elder Kang. However given Muyou’s temperament, Yiqi’s attempt to de-escalate the situation failed.

“Yes. The way you put it, it was as if we would never comprehend any of the high tier martial art skills.” Muyou stepped forward.

“Hahaha, little student that is up to you not me to say. Why don’t you show me what you have already learned regarding Shadow Kicks? That is if you can.” Elder Kang walked out of the counter area.

“Show you? Even if I executed the Shadow Kicks, do you even recognise the Shadow Kicks? The way you put it, it was as if nobody can learn this martial art.” Muyou said.

“Less talking and more action.” Elder Kang raised his hand with the gesture of beckoning Muyou to attack.

“Muyou I think it is better to stop here.” Yiqi hurriedly advised. He feared this might leave some bad blood between the elder and them, which would be bad for their future days in the Panther Academy.

“Relax, he asked me to show him what is Shadow Kicks. How can I refuse an instruction from an elder?” Muyou smiled.

“Becareful!” Muyou suddenly let out a shout as he stretched out his right leg.

Nebulous Unraveling!

This was the first stance of the Shadow Kicks! The kick by Muyou appeared to be very straightforward and simple. However, when it was about to strike Elder Kang, Muyou’s kick became foggy and blurred. It was as if Muyou’s leg had became formless and shapeless. With this strike, the opponent should be bewildered and could not grasp the kick, leading to the opponent being unable to counter or defend. This was the essence of Shadow Kicks, the attacks were all complicated and the true fatal strikes were hidden within the feints from the opponent’s perception.

“Oh, you have already comprehended the first stance of shadow kicks!” Elder Kang was taken by surprise. He would never had imagined that Muyou could already comprehend the first stance in just two weeks.

“However this is still not enough.” Elder Kang let out a smile as he reached out his hand.


With a shout, Elder Kang had broken Muyou’s attack and had grabbed onto Muyou’s leg firmly.

“What?!” Muyou and Yiqi were shocked that Elder Kang had so easily broken Muyou’s Nebulous Unraveling.

Elder Kang casually tossed Muyou’s leg, causing Muyou to fly 5 meters back and land beside Yiqi.

“Not bad that you have comprehended the first stance of shadow kicks, I have to say I had underestimated you. However, it is still quite lacking. Your comprehension of this stance is only at the basic level, you have not grasped the essence of this stance.” Elder Kang nodded his head in approval as he stared at Muyou.

“Your strike was too slow, Shadow Kicks may be about bewildering your opponent, but the stances were never about slow strikes. Speed and confusion combined together will serve as a deadly strike.”

With one leap, Elder Kang flew towards Muyou. He stretched out his leg, executing Nebulous Unraveling similar to Muyou’s previous execution. However, his stance was swift and deep. Just looking at his Nebulous Unraveling, made Muyou felt like he was staring into a black hole. It was as if his whole consciousness was being suck into it and he could not move his body to defend.

Seeing this, Yiqi jumped out to defend Muyou. Yiqi brought up both of his arms as he directly blocked Elder Kang’s kick.

“Bam! Bam! Bam!”

Elder Kang had landed three solid kicks on Yiqi’s arms, right shoulder and stomach. However, Yiqi’s legs were still firmly planted on the ground and body was still kept in the upright position.

“Oh? You are the one who practised Impenetrable Body. Good defence good defence.” Elder Kang stepped back as he scrutinised Yiqi. Although he had already reserved a huge part of his strength, he was planning to send Muyou flying out of the Panther Martial Collections Hall. After seeing that Yiqi received the the kicks head on and did not budge an inch, he was quite impressed.

“Elder Kang you over-praise.” Yiqi replied courteously. He could tell that Elder Kang had only used a small part of his strength. However even with this small part of Elder Kang’s strength, Yiqi did not feel good about taking that three kicks. When he received the kicks, his stomach felt like it was being twisted and he almost vomited. Even now, his muscles were feeling extremely sore and numb.

“Don’t be so humble. I supposed your mastery of Impenetrable Body now should be about 10%? In just 2 weeks, this progress could be considered monstrous. If you mastered this Impenetrable Body, for an opponent to inflict physical harm on you, his inner strength must be several times higher than yours.” Elder Kang continued to praise Yiqi.

Yiqi simply smiled as he nodded.

“You there, learn to be more humble from your brother.” Elder Kang looked towards Muyou. Muyou hearing that simply kept silent as he nodded. He had no more doubts regarding Elder Kang’s ability.

“A word of advice. Do not think that only your generation produces genius. Every generations have their own genius. Just because you are young and experiencing explosive growth, does not mean that you are un-rivaled in the whole Jianghu. Do not think that old men like me are weak targets. In this jianghu, there are numerous old freaks and grandmasters who look like they are about to kick the bucket any time. However if you were to enrage them, you might not know how did you die.”

As Elder Kang droned on and on, Muyou and Yiqi listened attentively. Especially Muyou, he felt ashamed for severely underestimating Elder Kang’s strength. It was the same as the first time as he met Grandmaster Hong, Muyou simply thought of them as an old easy opponents.

“Let me tell you, I was a genius back in my day too. In fact when I was young, I was called a genius of the genius. Do you know what nickname the other people gave me? They called me the professor. Because nobody in the Panther Academy had mastered more martial art skills than me. In fact, out of all of the martial art skills in this hall, I have mastered more than three quarters of them. Do you think that I am a weak old man and that was why Panther Academy assigned me to be in charge of this hall?”

“I demanded to be allocated to this job, I chose this job. So many Panther Guard units kept approaching me to recruit me to join their units, but I rejected all of them. What job can be better than this? I can read all of these manuals all day long. What more interesting things are there compared to learning martial art skills. Let me tell you…”

For the entire time, Yiqi and Muyou did not dare to make a sound. They simply stood there listening to Elder Kang talk about his past, his glory days and his passion.

After an hour, it was only when another student came into the Panther Martial Collection Hall, then Elder Kang stopped.

“Ok, that is it for today. If you two want to borrow other manuals come back again.” Elder Kang waved his hand as he walked back to the counter.

After finally being dismissed from Elder Kang’s lecture, Muyou and Yiqi felt relieved. As they exited from the hall, they looked at the student who was entering with gratitude.

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