Truth and Myths – Awakening Intermission 1

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Intermission 1 – Blood and Flames

He stood alone on a cliff watching an entire army that was matching forwards in a foul mood.  It was foolish of them to have sent such a large amy here. Although these dragons were powerful in a lot of standards, they were just easy pickings for him. Did they truly think that it would go unnoticed?

Some were in their dragon forms, others as in a dragonoid or humanoid form. Such a large army had ‘sneaked’ into their world and proceeded to cause trouble to his people. It was unforgivable. Reapers suffered because of them. No, more precisely, it was because of this feud between their races. This feud that can be traced back for generations after generations is something that they have recognised as permanent. None of them questioned it. None of them understood why it was there. They have been taught form al young age to treat it as it is.

He did not wish for it to be so. He wasn’t afraid of them, but he found it pointless. Weaklings fighting against each other. What was the point? In the end both will die. Only death is eternal.

The army in front of him continued to match towards him. They probably didn’t notice him at all. Even if they did, it was already too late.

There was no reasoning with these barbarians. They were fools that trespassed into their realm and terrorised its citizens. This alone was unforgivable. He would show them the flames of hell. Only then would they repent their actions.

When the army was approaching the cliff, he jumped down directly a hundred metres in front of them. Landing on his two feet like it was no big deal, he stood bravely in front of the entire army.

Seeing a figure suddenly appear caused the general of the army to halt their steps.

“Who goes there?” the general of the army shouted. The general was in his dragonoid form, with emerald green scales and wearing a traditional full plate amor adorned with various magic crystals. Judging from his posture, he was clearly a noble without much experience in warfare. He stood proudly on his chariot, as if believing all will go right in the world. He sword was sheathed too far to the right, and it was of a truly unpractical size if he was even to attempt to draw it in the chariot.

The figure that landed turned towards them. He was relatively tall, but his face was obscured by the large red cloak that covered his entire head and body. A lone man landing in front of an overwhelming army, what was he thinking?

The man merely stood there, silently facing them. He didn’t even utter a sound.

“He’s not responding sir, what should we go?” asked a soldier beside him.

“Get out of the way!” the general shouted once again, “Otherwise, we will trample you.”

He was somewhat creeped out by the hooded man who merely stood there. The moment the man had landed, it was as if the temperature in the area had coincidentally increased. He seemed to be emitting a dangerous aura.

The man looked up, and when the general saw his eyes he trembled in fear. Blood red eyes. No, that wasn’t that accurate. His eyes were more akin to a searing flame that threatened to burn through all. His piercing gaze shook the general to the core. Just who was this man?

“Heh. Trample me?” the man laughed. “Foolish dragons. Turn back. Scramble back to your backwards world. That is how you will survive. By trespassing into our world…”

“Continue forward,” the general issued his order. He has no time and interest in what this hooded figure was about to say. It didn’t matter at all. One man cannot do anything against the entire army.

The army continued to move forward, towards the hooded man. Yet he shows no signs of bulging. He stood there calmly, far too calmly, almost like it was a trap.

When they were less than fifty metres away from each other, he finally made a move. Grasping the a side of the cloak with one hand, he lifted it off. As the cloak fluttered away in the wind, the figure hidden was shown.

A tall man with fiery red hair. His rather muscular body was cladded with a red clothing baring resemblance to a military uniform. His blazing eyes shown no hint of fear despite facing off against such a large army, instead, a smirk could be seen from the corner of his mouth.

“Then I shall show you the flames of death that were destined to engulf everything.”

Hearing this, the general tensed up. Of course he would, that line reminded him of a very specific warning which he had received. “There are three people that you cannot engage at any cost with the army. The flaming son of Death, who rules over the realm; and the shadowy son of Death, who ruled over magic. Either one of them will wipe you guys out.”

Was the man in front of him one of them? No, there was no way a single person could wipe out their entire army. They were one of the twenty four armies of empire, there was no way that they would lose to a single individual. Moreover, the chances of the fool being someone with the capabilities of wiping them out was astronomically low.

Those were the final thoughts of the foolish general who had underestimate his enemy.

Everything was enveloped in flames. The general and many of the soldiers surrounding him had suddenly be enveloped in flames and were burnt to death within seconds.

The other soldiers were at a lost, one moment their general had issued them orders to march forward, the next moment that general had been burnt to dust. This was far too bizarre. They turned towards the lieutenants for orders and explanations, but it never came. The lieutenants were equally as shocked at them.

Only a chuckle could be heard from the originally hooded man.

“What did I say? You truly are fools.”

He flew across the battlefield, leaving destruction in his wake. Several soldiers tried to surround him, but with his bare hands, the tore apart every single enemy surrounding him.

Whoosh! An arrow flew towards him, normally speaking, it would have been way too difficult to avoid it. However, he was far from normal. Slightly sidestepping the arrow, he lunged towards the archer with a ball of flames in his hand. The moment he touched the archer, the archer was reduced to ashes.

Other soldiers rushed at him, but it was to no avail. Like a firestorm he caused a catastrophe across the entire dragon army. Everything that came remotely close to him was died in the matter of seconds. Not even any of the lieutenants or the general himself had lasted any longer. There was no difference between talented and not, no difference between those with anger or fear. The only constant was death.

As he ripped out the heart of the last of his foes. What laid around him was a field of corpses, either teared apart or burnt beyond recognition. The ground was burnt pitch black, causing it to be infertile, the areas that seemed untouched by the flames instead had their soil dyed red. Those foolish dragons had invaded his realm and terrorised his people. There was no way he could forgive them for that.

As the ruler of this realm, who had inherited his father’s mantle in the absence of his two brothers, he was responsible for all of this. For his deceased parents, for his brother, and for his people, he took upon the burden of the country and led it to prosperity among the millions of danger.

Oh right, wasn’t there rumours that Lucifer seemed to have found a new host hasn’t he? He was someone picky, and he chose his hosts based on certain equalities. It has been a long time since he had chosen a host. Finding it now of all times, it seems like the gears of fate had begun moving once more.

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