My Path of Justice – Chapter 35

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Chapter 35

After finally settling this issue, Muyou and Yiqi retreated back to their room. They needed a quiet place to consume their Silverback Gorilla’s Heart.

They brought the stove from their common area into their room and started preparing their Silverback Gorilla’s Heart. According to the staff at the Medicinal Hall, the best way to consume the Silverback Gorilla’s Heart was to boil it and turn it into a soup.

“Yuck, this tastes horrible.” Muyou groaned as he took his first sip. Because they were extremely eager to try the Silverback Gorilla’s Heart, they did not put any seasoning or extra ingredients. It was purely Silverback Gorilla’s Heart and water. Needless to say, the soup tasted horrible and it had a raw aftertaste to it.

His face had a disgusted face as he looked at Yiqi downing his bowl.

“Whatever” Muyou muttered as he pinched his nose and gulped down his bowl at one go. The heart was being shredded into pieces so that it was easier and more convenient to eat. After Muyou finished his bowl, his face turned purple as he felt like puking.

The Silverback Gorilla’s Heart had a very distinct raw and meaty taste which would cause one’s stomach to turn inside out.

“Are you alright?” Yiqi looked towards Muyou with a concerned gaze. Muyou simply nodded his head as he tried to straighten himself. Soon both Muyou and Yiqi were already sitting in meditative state as they were circulating their inner strength waiting for the effects to kick in. These herbs were not like injections, the effects do not kick in immediately.

After about 10 minutes, Muyou and Yiqi started to feel their body heating up. Their blood began to churn. They felt as if their meridians were being pounded by their inner strength as if they were being being refined in a cauldron or furnace. This sensation caused their skin to turn as red as a tomato and they began to perspire profusely. This was a very uncomfortable and quite painful experience, and all they could do was to grind their teeth as they endured through it.

After another hour, their faces began to relax as the effects gradually wore off.

“Phew, that was quite a hellish experience.” Muyou said as he wiped the sweat off his forehead.

“But the effects of these herbs to refine inner strength are really amazing.” Yiqi nodded his head in approval.

As the saying goes, a good medicine tastes bitter. The experience was a painful one, but the benefits Muyou and Yiqi reaped were much greater than the previous herbs they had consumed. Although the effects were not as drastic as transforming the whole body or purifying all of the impurities, they felt that their blood had became more refined and that the quality of their inner strength had increased.

“I wonder what the effects of the higher quality herbs would be… A pity they cost a bomb.” Muyou started to daydream about all of the higher quality herbs they had seen back at the Medicinal Hall.

“Imagine if those rich noble kids and great sect’s core disciples were already taking these high quality herbs and medicine since young, then it is natural that they are much stronger than ordinary youngsters. But this is such an unfair method.” Muyou began to complain. It was only until he had entered Panther’s Academy then he was able to access these medicinal herbs. Moreover, after he consumed this Silverback Gorilla’s Heart, then he realised how truly beneficial were these items. And if there was some rich noble young master who had been consuming these rare high quality herbs since young, then they would be peerless.

“But aren’t we still here in the end?” Yiqi smiled. “Aren’t we on the same level as them now?”

Upon hearing that Muyou grinned. Although they had not sparred with the noble young masters, most of the other students were not their competition at all.

Meanwhile, the news of Muyou forming his own faction had been reported back to Pang Jing and Xiao Lei.

“I am sorry for failing this task. Regardless of what I said, they were reluctant to join our faction.” Pang Sheng reported as he bowed his head.

“No worries, you have already done your best. It is within my calculations that they would not join our faction nor Xiao Lei’s faction. Furthermore, you have adhered to my instruction which was not to get on their bad side. This is already a good result.” Pang Jing said as he patted on Pang Sheng’s back.
“Thanks Young Master for the praise!” Pang Sheng bowed. “But Young Master what is our next plan? I supposed that Xiao Lei will not simply accept no as an answer.”

“Hahahaha, that Xiao Lei. Let him do what he wants, we will just wait and see.” Pang Jing let out a laugh.

“But Young Master, that Muyou and Yiqi had insulted your name by rejecting your invitation. They had no respect for you!” Hai Cheng shouted.

“Oh? So Hai Cheng, tell me what should I do about it?” Pang Jing looked at Hai Cheng with a curious look.

Upon seeing Pang Jing asking for his opinion, Hai Cheng became more confident as all attention shifted onto him. This was the time for Hai Cheng to shine! This was an opportunity for Hai Cheng to accomplish something for Pang Jing!

“Hmph! That Muyou and Yiqi, they are mere peasants! Young Master, I will volunteer to lead 30 students to oppress them. Give me 3 days, and I will ensure that they will come crawling to you begging for you to accept them!” Hai Cheng boasted.

“So you are going to use force and beat them till they submit?” Pang Jing smiled.

“Yes Young Master! I will beat Young Master’s name into them, so in the future they will know that Young Master is not somebody they can offend.” Hai Cheng answered. Hai Cheng’s answer caused several students to nod their heads in approval as they felt that Muyou and Yiqi had sullied Pang Jing’s face by rejecting his invitations.

Pang Jing shouted angrily. This shocked everybody as they were wondering which part of Hai Cheng’s proposal had infuriated Pang Jing.

“Now all of you listen up! My face and my name, only I have the say in it. If I do not feel offended or shamed, what right do you all have to make the decision for me?! I do not want to see anyone of you misusing my name to create trouble outside.” Pang Jing glared at all of the students as they furiously nodded their heads.

“So what if Muyou and Yiqi reject my invitation? Does that warrant me making them my enemies? If that is the way you all do things, then the only thing which you will accomplish in my faction which is to help me make more enemies. We are going to have so many enemies because of such thinking and we are not even going to know we die in the future. If I were to behave like all of you, do you think I will be standing here today?”

“Mark my words, do not make unnecessary enemies. One more enemy is one more headache. Instead of declaring war onto them, think of how we can use them to our advantage. So now, I do not want to see anyone of you creating trouble for Muyou’s faction. If anyone of you were to spoil my plan, I will break your four limbs and soak you in a wine jar for the rest of your life!” Pang Jing said as he stared coldly at Hai Cheng. Hai Cheng could sense that the last few sentences were a warning to him.
Pang Jing then turned towards Pang Sheng. “For the next few weeks, just focus on cultivating good relationship with Muyou’s faction. That Xiao Lei will send them to us soon.”

“Understood Young Master!” Pang Sheng did not dare to relax one bit.

At Xiao Lei’s side, the response was quite different.

“What?! Muyou and Yiqi dared to reject my invitation?!” Xiao Lei fumed. “Do they know who I am!? Do they know what they are doing!?”

“Yes Young Master, we have said everything we could but they have decided to form their own faction.” Xiao Zhen said.

“Form their own faction?! They would rather form their own faction than join me!? Do they think I am just an average Joe on the street? I have heard about their strength which was why I thought highly of them. However they over-estimated themselves and decided to form their own faction to oppose me.” Xiao Lei gritted his teeth.

“What should we do next?” Xiao Zhen asked.

“Since they are not in Pang Jing’s faction or Ouyang Huo’s faction, that means they do not have any backing. If that is the case, we do not have to show any mercy to them! From now on, go and oppress them! Make life difficult for all of the members in Muyou’s faction, make life as miserable for them as possible. Break their whole faction and show them how stupid it was that they did not choose to join my faction!” Xiao Lei instructed.

“Yes Young Master!” All of the students around Xiao Lei answered in unison.

“Do you think I, Xiao Lei is a person to be ignored just like that? Let me show you the power behind my name.” Xiao Lei grinned.

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