Truth and Myths – Awakening Chapter 23

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Chapter 23 – The Town of Enox Part II

After a long discussion about what to do. It was decided that Hikari, Lux and Guang would venture out into town to look around the town itself, taking note of specific places they would need to visit in order to gather information. On the other hand, David volunteered to stay in the inn and go to the bar in order to see if he can learn anything from there.

When the three exorcists finally left and didn’t seem to be returning, David let a a sigh, “This is so stressful. Lucifer, have you remembered anything important yet?”

“Like I said before, this is the territory of Mephistopheles, an archdemon. I’m unsure of the name of this town, but if I remember correctly, this town is one or two days away from a Rurnne, one of the major cities in the area. It is famous for being a city that merchants frequents to trade. There isn’t much else I can think of off the top of my head.” Lucifer replied.

“What about Mephistopheles? What kind of demon is he?”

“He was, once upon a time, one of my retainers alongside Lucifuge. However, ever since I left and took upon hosts, against his advice, he has left my service. He has an unhealthy obsession with retaining the so called ‘strength’ of pureblood demons.”

“Could he be related to why that joker kidnapped Helly?”

“I cannot be certain. I would have suspected that the succubus girl might have been a spy ordered by an archdemon to watch over you, but that’s unlikely since you’ve known her for a long time and your family doesn’t seem to have any outstanding qualities that would attract demonic attention. And a demon kidnapping another demon in their home is just bizarre. Do you think that there is even a distinct possibility that they could be working together?”

“That’s impossible! Helly would never do that!”

“Is that so? Then I can’t think of a logical reason for your succubus girl to be kidnapped.”

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“What are you talking about?”

“You say that Helly’s a succubus. Why have you never mentioned it before coming here? Did you not notice? Or was there some other reason?”

“I noticed alright. But did it matter before now? I think you would have eventually found out soon enough even if this incident didn’t happen. I only old you because I would you to know exactly what you’re getting into.”

“And what am I getting into?”

“Emptiness. War. Fate.”

“If you’re still worried about that fate, I promise you. I will write my own destiny. I may not be powerful enough now, but one day I will be. I don’t intend on dying to find Helly. I intend to rescue her and return home.”

“Just like Prince Charming.”

“Not exactly. More like family.”

“Is that really the case? How do you feel about her?”

Hearing Lucifer’s question, David wanted to immediately answer, but he found that he couldn’t. How exactly does he feel about Helaine? She was important to him, since a long time ago. Yet after they broke up… Did something change? She… Just who was she to him? A childhood friend, and irreplaceable person. That doesn’t fully describe it. She was also his first love, and he still love her as a family. It just wasn’t like how it was before. The feelings he had towards her had changed. It’s…

David couldn’t place his finger on it. There was a special tingling feeling that he couldn’t describe whenever he thought of her. It was nothing like the new love they had for each other when they first dated. Nor was it anything like the pure innocent friendship. It was something complicated, nothing like what he’s ever felt before.

“I… I don’t really know,” David answered honestly. He’s always avoided that question, it was something that he had subconsciously ignored. Now that he was confronted with it, he had no idea of how to respond.

“Think about it, but don’t let it get to you. If she’s important to you, then that can be enough. Don;t think too much into a feeling that isn’t there.

Instead, focus on what is here. What you can achieve. Seeing as this is the only time we’ll be able to talk for a while consider ing those exorcists are around, just make sure to continue to try and control your mana. Aside from that, I don’t let your movements become dull. Keep your blade sharp. In this land, you’ll need it.”

“Oh, what about the direction that Helly is in? Has it changed?”

“From what I sense, she hasn’t moved far away from where she was before. She’s still in the same general direction.”

“What lies in that direction?”

“Major cities, and Mephisto’s castle.”

“Are you implying that the joker is serving him?”

“Truth be told, I don’t know. It is a possibility that you should not disregard though.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” David looked outside the window. The sky was starting to turn dark. “I suppose I’ll go and see what information I can gather.”

“Hikari, what are your opinions of David?” Guang asked as they walked along the busy street. There were stalls lined up on both sides. Many of them were manned by demons selling all sorts of food. The rest were mainly a mix of accessory shops and cheap clothing. All around them, demons of all kinds were around them, acting like normal people would on a shopping street. They didn’t pay any attention to the three humans exorcists.

“He’s nice. Quite moody, but that’s probably because his friend was kidnapped. Why?” Hikari replied.

“Aside from that? No suspicions?”

“Not really. Why should I? He’s the person we’re trying to help right?”

“Don’t be so naïve. He’s pretty obviously hiding something dangerous,” Lux cut in. “And the fact that he managed to dispose of the braghest without any magic what so ever was far too weird.”

“Couldn’t it be a magic dagger or something?”

“That dagger didn’t seem too special when he pulled it out to cut the demon. nor does it being magical explain how he managed to react so well to a braghest. A braghest isn’t a common demon to be summoned, so the possibility of him being familiar with them is rather low as well,” Lux continued. “But since you aren’t suspicious at all, I suppose that’s good too. I may just be over paranoid.”

“Don’t worry Lux-sama. I doubt he’s someone dangerous,” Hikari smiled, trying to lighten up the mood.

“Just keep it in mind. Although he’s someone we’re supposed to be protecting, it doesn’t hurt to stay vigilant. Understood?”

“Yes Lux-sama.”

“Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, shall we explore the city a bit further?” Guang asked.

The three of them walked around the streets of the town, noting down anything that they felt that should be remembered, from where specific shops they may need to look at, to where they would be able to find some job, to bars and other places where they could hear rumours.

Hikari hadn’t had such fun in a long time. Although this outing had started in a more serious mood, she was still happy to walk around town. This was perhaps a once in a life time chance to go around a town that wasn’t on Earth. After they find a way to save David’s friend and return, they would probably never come here again!

She was happy to see that the clothing which the people wore here were no different to their own, many of them wearing similar types of battle-orientated clothing. However, there were also plenty of people who wore other things like just tunics, robes or even for formal shirts and trousers. The image it formed looked like a scene from some sort of “medieval meets modern” movie. Truly a once in a life time experience.

Back at the inn, David had gone down to the bar that also doubled as a dining area. Greeting the innkeeper as he sat down at the counter, he asked for a pint of ale.

“Here you go. Just don’t get yourself dead drunk here,” the innkeeper said as he handed David the pint.

Taking a small sip, David replied, “I won’t. Thanks for the advice.”

The ale was not as sweet as he would have imagined, although the alcohol content was about it same as ones he had tasted back in Hong Kong. It went down his throat rather nicely.

“So what brings you children here to Henes? You can’t be here for a vacation right?” the innkeeper asked him. Since the tavern wasn’t that busy yet, the innkeeper struck up a conversation with David.

“Nothing much really, we’re just stopping here to earn some road fees so we can get by in Rurnne.”

The innkeeper chuckled, “Road fees, from that coin you pulled out, money hardly seems like an issue to you four.”

“A bit more never hurts,” David said, taking another sip of the ale.

“Any particular reason to visit Rurnne with four magicians?”

“Three. I’m not a magician, my companions are. I’m merely a swordsman accompanying them.”

“Aren’t you the humble one? Then you must be a magic swordsman with that huge amount of mana within your body. You can’t hide it from my cursed eye you know? Hohoho” the innkeeper chuckled loudly.

“Heh. Cursed eye?”

“Yeh,” the innkeeper pointed to his left eye. “Well I say cursed eye, but its the side effects of the curse, which cause me to only be able to perceive the mana within all. It’s not the worst curse in the world.”

“I see.”

“So like I asked before, what are you children here for except to earn some money?”

“Well, the three of them are in search of powerful demonic beasts to take in as familiars, which is the whole reason we’re going to Rurnne.”

“That sounds like fun. No wonder you human children are here.”

“Why? Are humans visiting Rurnne really that uncommon?”

“Rurnne seems to be a popular place for human magicians, but humans visiting this town is very uncommon. But that’s probably because there’s nothing to attract them here,” the innkeeper chuckled again and moved off to tend to a table, leaving David alone.

Right after the innkeeper had walked away, a slender young lady sat down beside David…

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  1. I hope that helly will not been ***** when they found her can’t take **** like that , will probably quit the story then …

    Anyway love it thus far


      1. Vulgar ? Where is those 2 words vulgar ? You can even find em in the school lexicon and are common words like food or water , think you need to rethink your vulgar standards , anyways can u answer the question will there be any of those stuff in the story cuz I can’t read about those stuff ?

        Good story otherwise


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      3. Unfortunately, while still considered vulgar by the more refined Americans, words like that are commonplace here… You get used to it after a while…


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