Truth and Myths – Awakening Chapter 24

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Chapter 24 – The Town of Enox Part III

David didn’t pay much attention to the slender woman that chose to sit down beside him and merely drowned himself in his thoughts of what was the plan in the coming days as well as how he was going to rescue Helly.

He could rely on Lucifer’s sense, but it wasn’t going to tell him where she was until he gets there. She must’ve been kidnapped for a reason, so its unlikely that wherever she’ll be is going to be without any guards. At least, it would have that joker demon that had kidnapped her. At worst… David didn’t want to think about the worst case scenario. It was far too painstaking to think about.

The glamorous woman beside David sighed loudly, breaking David’s concentration. He looked around before looking at her, what he saw was pretty surprising. All of the men in the room was staring at the woman, even though she was not outstandingly beautiful. Seeing this, David recognised what she was. Unless she was someone extremely famous in this area, she was a succubus, emitting her pheromones, intentionally or not David did not know. He was rather curious as to why he wasn’t affected though, but that may be due to Lucifer’s influence.

“You alright?” David asked casually. He figured this would be the normal thing to do in a bar, especially considering the person sighing was a beautiful lady. He didn’t want to look out of place by ignoring her.

The lady looked at him and smiled mischievously. “I’m fine. Thank you for asking,” then it her expression changed to on of surprise, “A human! what a rare sight around here.’

“Anything troubling you?” David followed up.

“I felt like I smelled another succubus’s scent, but…” she passed right there and leaned closer to David. “It seems like I found it.”

Her eyes seemed to radiate the happiness of a child.

“Phew, I was worried that another succubus was coming for me, but it looks like it… Wait, speak the truth, are you serving anyone of the succubi?” she suddenly stood up and looked at David sternly.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. I came here with my three other companions that have gone to explore the town. All of us are human,” David honestly replied. She could smell another succubus on him? He didn’t come into contact with any except… So she really is one..?

“Hmmm whatever you say. As long as you aren’t after me I don’t care. It’s a shame though, since you are my type,” the succubus said and reached over to caress his cheek.

David quickly grabbed her hand, “Please don’t touch me like that, we just met.”

“Haha, I’m sorry,” the succubus giggled, “It’s just that there is something about you…”

Seeing David’s glare at her, she changed her tone, “… But I’m just kidding. I’m glad that I found out it wasn’t a succubus after me. So anyways, what’s a human doing in this small village?”

David looked at the succubus and thought about how to answer. Thinking that there was no harm in telling her, he said, “Im here with my companion magicians that are looking for their own familiars. They wish to get something powerful, so we’re travelling to the city.”

“That’s cool, any specific they are looking for?”

“I’m not so sure on exact species, but I think powerful demonic beasts would suit them.”

“Then why stop at powerful demonic beasts, they should tame a dragon!” the woman giggled. “Oh by the way, I’m Misuara, but you can call me Mira.”

“I’m David,” David replied, introducing himself.

“Oh yeah, speaking of powerful things, have you heard about those weird rumours?”

“What weird rumours? I probably hadn’t since we only just arrived here today.”

“Ahh. Well apparently something seems to be stirring, I heard that there are figures of powerful aura constantly going in the direction of Lord Mephistopheles’s castle!”

Mephistopheles? Lucifer had mentioned him as the ruler of this area, it seems like he wasn’t wrong. Was this connected to Helly somehow?

“Oh, it’s you Mira,” the innkeeper said, noticing Mira had taken a sea beside David. “That’s not the weirdest thing though. Demonic beasts have also been quite restless recently. The mayor has even issued a subjugation quest to deal with the Strix population that have appeared out of nowhere.”

“No one is stupid enough to take the quest though. They aren’t particularly strong, but I’ve heard that the numbers this time are extreme. So unless you are a mage that can wipe them out quickly, they’re going to overpower you.”

“How many of them are there?” David asked.

“The quest says several hundred, which is seriously ridiculous. Boy, you can’t be thinking of taking the quest right? I know you guys need money, but this is just way too dangerous. If the Strix flock starts to become a danger, then the nobles should send someone over,” the innkeeper warned. “Although the reward is based on number slain, so if you can catch a small number off guard, that’s entirely fine.”

“I see, I would have to ask my companions,” David replied.

When the three exorcists returned to the inn, it was already nighttime. They found David sitting by the bar chatting away with a beautiful woman as well as the mezuki innkeeper.

Seeing them, David beckoned towards them, indicating them to go over. Hikari was the first one to go over, showing him a local assessory that she bought. It was necklace with various types of beads on it, each made of a different material. They ranged from animal bones to small rocks, wood  or even small gems.

Seeing her like this, David laughed, “Looks like you had a great time, ojou.”

Hearing these words, more specifically the term “ojou”, Hikari was shocked. This felt way too out of character.

Before she could utter a reply, David grinned and said, “It is good for ojou you to enjoy the tour around the city, but shouldn’t we prioritise on gathering funds and information on powerful demonic beasts fitting to be your familiar?”

David looked at him, this demeanour was far too weird. It was as if he was a completely different person from the gloomy and serious individual that he appeared to be.

“He’s playing his part, so we should do well to do the same,” unbeknownst to her, Guang had already walked up beside her and whispered in Hikari’s ear.

Ahhh, so that was why David was acting like that. Hikari finally understood. She had almost completely forgotten that they had agreed to act as three magicians and a swordsman accompanying them in search of powerful familiars.

The woman beside turned around and looked at her.

“Ahh, allow me to make ann introduction. The one beside me is Mira, she’s a succubus,” David introduced naturally, while the woman gave HIkari a light nod.

“I’m Hikari. Nice to meet you!” Hikari replied enthusiastically.

“I’m Guang,” Guang replied promptly.

“Lux,” Lux replied.

“Boy, would you like to have your dinner now?” the innkeeper asked David.

“Yes, we will have it now.”

“Since the counter is so crowded, move over to the table over there,” the innkeeper said, pointing towards a far to the side of the inn.

David swiftly stood up and walked over, with Guang and Lux following after. Hikari though, stayed on spot first and asked Mira, “Would you like to dine with us and tell us some stories?”

Mira looked at her and smiled, “It would be my pleasure.”

Hearing her reply, Hikari dragged Mira by her hand towards the table where Guang, Lux and David had already sat down. When she did so, a look of surprise briefly flashed across David and Lux’s face. Only Guang, who knew Hikari better than the other two, let out a sigh.

“Mira’s joining us for dinner,” Hikari informed them and pushed Mira to sit down.

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