Truth and Myths – Awakening Chapter 26

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Here’s the next TNM chapter. I know some of you might not like the fact that the story has slowed down a lot, but don’t worry, action will come soon. So stay tuned.

I’ll get Rinkan to you guys soon as well.



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Chapter 26 – The Town of Enox Part V

Mira, David and the three exorcists chatted leisurely for a while before finishing their meal and returning to their rooms, or her home in Mira’s case.

Once they got back to the rooms, Guang indicated for David to come with him to HIkari and Lux’s room. As he entered, he saw that both of the girls had taken off their armor and were wearing what was essentially T-shirts and shorts. He once again sat down in the chair as Guang chose to sit on the side of Hikari’s bed.

“Let’s share the information we found out today,” said Guang. “First of all, the name of this town is Enox, we’re around a two day ride from the city of Rurrne, one of the major cities in the area. Judging from everything that we have learnt so far, we can confirm that we are indeed in the land of demons. That really puts us in a position where we cannot lightly reveal out abilities, since many of the will essentially tell people that we are exorcists.”

“I see. That’s pretty much what I’ve learnt as well. The rest, you’ve already heard from Mira,“ replied David. He didn’t wish to tell them about Mira smelling the scent of a succubus on him. It wouldn’t help him in anyway and would only potentially lead to discord between him and the exorcists. Although he would prefer to look for Helaine right away without doing anything else, he couldn’t help but feel like working together with these exorcists here would be the smarter choice. Abandoning them was not an option. “I am curious about one thing though. Lux, why did you agree with exterminating the Strix flock? It would only waste time and cause trouble unto us.”

“It is a good opportunity to see what these demons are capable of. As much as I hate to admit it, we have to get along with these demon filth for now since we’re in their lands. Slaughtering every single last one of them is not an option right now. Therefore, especially since the succubus had suggested it, we shall use her as a small indicator of the strength of the demons here,” Lux replied.

“However, doesn’t force us to show her our own abilities as well. Unless you have ways to fight as a magician without revealing that you’re exorcists. I don’t see how we can accomplish the quest,” David pointed out. There were two major problems with doing the quest. Firstly, like he had said, the exorcists revealing themselves would not be a smart move and could lead to unnecessary trouble. Secondly, it was that he didn’t want to be forced to show his own abilities. He wasn’t sure if he would be forced into a situation were he needed to reveal himself as Lucifer’s host. It was better to just avoid battles as much as possible and not draw any attention to himself what so ever.

“We’ll be able to hide our abilities well enough,” Lux confirmed.

“Is there anything else that you found out? Or shall be retreat back to our rooms?” Guang turned to David and asked.

“There isn’t anything else,” David replied as he walked over to the door with Guang swiftly in tow.

The next morning, David awoke before sunrise. He looked around the unfamiliar room and saw Guang still sleeping on the other wooden bed. The bed itself wasn’t too comfortable and it made him wish he could sleep in his own bed, but it was far better than sleeping outside like he did the day before.

It was hard to imagine that two days prior he was still living a relatively normal life, and now he was in the middle of the demons’ world, searching for his childhood friend.

He dampened his footsteps and grabbed the clothes that Guang had gave him last night off the table. As quickly as he could, he walked out of the room and towards the bathroom. The bathroom was a shared one at the end of the hall.

As soon as he got into the bathroom and made sure that he was out of earshot, he quietly asked, “Lucifer, was there any change in Helly’s location?”

“There actually has been. She now seems closer to where we are, but the demon is still with her. At least she’s still alive right?”

“Yeah,” David let out a sigh and started to change. “Have you thought of any possible reasons why she might have been kidnapped yet? Or any other useful information?”

“Well. Remember when I told you that this was the land of Mephistopheles? That clown demon also gave off a similar aura. I wasn’t too sure at first, but I did sense Mephistopheles’s aura near the demon and the girl. It is merely a thought, but he might have wanted her for some reason. The exact reason though? I have no idea. She didn’t seem like a special succubus.

Aside from that, there is the matter of how you are going to fight today. What are you planning to do?”

“Since I’ve shown my physical capabilities, I’m going to resort to that as much as possible. If I have to, I’ll use fire magic. But that’s it, unless I’m in a life or death situation.”

“Hmmm. I suppose there is not other way. It’s a bad idea to use spatial magic that simply and we don’t have time to find you another weapon. So I suppose you’ll have to stick with your two knives for now.”

“I have no problem with that,” David replied. Ever since he became Lucifer’s host, David had trained quite a bit. Although he did only go to the Muay Thai dojo to train with his teacher, he did train in weaponry by himself under Lucifer’s guidance. It didn’t seem too stellar of an idea at first, but his opinion quickly changed. He had allowed Lucifer to take control of his body through the use of [Possession] temporary and show him the movements required to optimise his use of the blades and knives. Compared to before, he has made a huge progress, with his reaction speed being faster and his stamina increasing. He was quite confident that if there Strixes were demonic beings around the level of a Braghest, he would be alright even if he to fight completely void of any magic.

Mira arrived at Azureus Terra exactly at dawn. She saw that the four humans were already sitting in the tavern waiting for her. She gave a little wave, to which nods were returned from three of them and Hikari ran enthusiastically towards her.

“Good morning Mira,” Hikari said.

“Good morning,” Seeing such an excited reaction, Mira couldn’t help but let out a little giggle. “Shall we go now?”

“Please lead the way,” Guang said respectfully.

With that, Mira led them out of the town. It didn’t take long for them to arrive at the foot of a small hill.

“Is this were the Strix flock is supposed to be?” asked David.

“Well rumours have it that they do fly past here quite often. I don’t exactly know where the flock rests,” Mira replied hesitantly. She had assumed that finding a huge Strip flock that was starting to cause trouble for the town would be easy, but it seem that it wasn’t so, seeing as they hadn’t even seen any Strip, despite having arrived in the rumoured area.

As if she jinxed it herself. A loud caw was heard, causing the five of them to look up towards the sky. From out of no where, a flock of Strixes appeared.

Mira bit her lips. This was far too bizarre, there were no signs of the Strix flock anywhere previously, and yet they suddenly appeared? How did they happen? Normally, she was able to sense the presence of others to an extent, why was it that the presence of the Strix flock appeared out of nowhere?

What Mira didn’t notice was the abnormally large Strix that flew at the front of the flock. It’s brilliant gold feathers shimmering in the sky, giving a sense of royalty. That was not a normal Strix that they were prepared to hunt. That was a Grand Strix.

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