Truth and Myths – Awakening Intermission 2

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Intermission 2 – A Meeting at Rurrne

“My lord, Lord Gacy has returned and he requested for an audience,” a servant said to him while kneeling down on one knee.

Sitting alone on the throne was a figure that clearly displayed an air of nobility. Dressed in extravagant clothing that displayed his wealth, he beckoned to the servant, “Allow him to come in.”

Upon hearing his orders, stood up, bowed once again before hurriedly leaving. Gary was back, I wonder if he has achieved his mission this time? The man on the throne thought to himself.

Moments later, a tall man wearing a black suit entered the hall. On his head was a tall exaggerated top hat that was reminiscent of Victorian Britain, while on his face was a mask that felt very out of place, yet very natural at the same time. More precisely, it was a clown mask. This demon was Emmet Wayne Gacy, one of his most trusted retainers. Gary was a capable demon that had come under his service several hundred years ago, long after he had left the service of his king. Gary was a particularly powerful demon, possessing might that would rival many of the lower of the 72 scriptures. Recently, due to a certain rumour regarding a powerful demon, Gacy had been ordered to make contact with certain individuals on Earth, understanding who they are and how powerful they were.

The origin of the rumours was the voluptuous young woman standing beside the throne, brown hair and green eyes, she could easy attract the attention of many males. This much was evident as she has been the focus of attention for many of the guards. Her real name was Cecilia despite her frequent usage of another name. Having found out about her secret, she had become a useful pawn to gather intelligence.

“I have returned, Lord Mephistopheles,” said Emmet when he was closer to the throne. He took an exaggerated bow that looked somewhat silly considering he was wearing a clown mask. “Oh, fate has favoured us greatly this time. It seems like the host is on his journey here.”

“Well done Gacy. As always, thank you for your hard work,” Mephistopheles said to Gacy. “Were there any incidents at all?”

“None at all, sire. From what I have gathered, they are staying in the town of Enox, around two days ride from here. Accompanying him is the three exorcists that I’ve encountered when I brought her here,” Emmet replied, indicating towards Cecilia.

“Regarding bringing me here, no kidnaping me here. Lord Mephistopheles, you still have not informed me of my purpose,” Cecilia sneered.

Mephistopheles replied with a chuckle. “Oh have I not? You’ll understand soon enough, you’re not a dumb girl. I’m sure you can figure it out yourself,” he said as he lifted up her chin with his hand.

“Please stop that Lord Mephistopheles,” said Cecilia. “Lady Asmodeus will…”

“She will what? Tear me to pieces? Cecilia, we all know that it’s not going to happen because you won’t tell her a thing. If you were going to do so, then you would have done that from the start when I suggested this… cooperation. But because it was your mistake that caused this in the first place, there is no way you can go running to that old hag,” sneered Mephistopheles.

Cecilia was unable to retort, and only gave him a death glare. Despite how much she wanted to refute everything, what he had said was t he truth. In her current position, she couldn’t go and seek aid from Lady Asmodeus. Obeying Mephistopheles’s orders was her only option right now.

“My lord, Lord Bael as well as Lord Legion has arrived,” the same servant that passed on the message before kneeled before the throne and informed him.

With a wave of his hand, Mephistopheles replied, “Let them in.”

A brief moment after the servant ran out to relay his lord’s message, 2 figures entered the room. One of them was a very tall middle aged man, standing well over two metres. On his face was a thick well groomed beard, which combined with his stature and the thick amor that he wore, gave off a powerful atmosphere. This was Recklem Bael, the current head of the house of Bael, the house of one of the strongest demons in the 72 scriptures.

The man beside him was obviously Legion. Or rather, they were Legion. Legion were a peculiar group of demons, who never once moved alone. They always moved as one, always occupied one host. They were Legion. The body they currently inhabited was that of a handsome youth with grey hair of average height. He wore a small smile on his face as he walked together with Recklem Bael.

“Mephistopheles, for what business have you summoned us today? We are busy people, I as one of the leaders of the 72 scriptures and Legion being Legion. This better be important,” Recklem asked impatiently.

“Ahaha, it’s good to see you too Recklem,” Mephistopheles chuckled. “How do you do, Legion?”

“We are good. It has been a good time for us,” Legion replied. “However, it is as Recklem Bael has said, what have you summoned us for? I hope it was well worth our time, Mephistopheles.”

“It is definitely worth your time. Now Gacy, since everyone is here, why don’t you recount everything from the beginning, including what you know about the host.”

Hearing his lord’s command, Emmet took a deep bow,” Then I’ll start from the beginning.

Several months prior, His Majesty Lucifer disappeared. Regarding this, nobody knew where he went.

This by until recently, where a trace of his magic was sensed in Hong Kong, an offshore city in China. Initially we did not notice it, and did not pay any attention to it. However, our source, Miss Cecelia that was there informed us of the sudden foreign trace of demonic magic. I was then sent to investigate the matter, and discovered the traces of contract magic having been used.

His Majesty Lucifer had always been cautious about forming contract with humans to our knowledge. Due to this, I was ordered to investigate further. Eventually, after several difficult weeks, I was finally able to locate the contractor, who turned out to have become His Majesty’s host.”

“OH? Mephistopheles, are you sure your servant is not crazy? Ahahaha,” Recklem pointed towards his own head. “It isn’t good to make such absurd claims about the Throne of Superbia, you know?”

“Rest assured, Recklem Bael, he speaks the truth. I would not be as foolish as to make him make such claims without any basis. If there was no truth in his words, I would not allow him to speak such words about His Supremacy Lucifer,” Mephistopheles said, and turned towards Emmet, “Continue.”

“As I was saying, I have already confirmed that His Majesty Lucifer had chosen a human contractor and that human has become his host.  The host initially appeared rather normal, but it would seem that he is indeed somewhat capable,” Then be took out a stone, which projected the image of a slightly taller than normal black hair youth. “This is the host. David Ng, 17 years old. I cannot be completely sure of his magic affinity right now, but he clearly possess an affinity in fire magic. HIs physical capabilities appear to be above average as well. However, that’s the extent of his notability.”

“Now, that is certainly interesting. But what do you want us to do about it? Mephisto?” Recklem laughed.

“Nothing, Recklem Bael. Both you and Legion are ones who share my belief of ensuring the our race is strong. I merely wanted to inform you of this, so you both will turn a blind eye to whatever might happen. I will bring His Supremacy back, and he shall lead us to victory.”

“Heh, so what you’re asking for is simply for us to watch and not interfere right? I can do that much. What about you Legion?”

“It is not within our jurisdiction to do anything. For that reason, we will not interfere in any way. Do well to remember that, Mephistopheles.”

“As this exchange happened, No-one paid any attention to Cecelia who stared wide-eyed at the conjured image of Lucifer’s host. She wasn’t even sure of who to react. Cecelia was only able to utter a single name.


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