Mr.Jotham Retiring

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but… It seems like my prediction was right on the mark… Mr.Jotham is indeed overwhelmed by the heavy workload he imposed on himself.

Not only did he has to drop Arifureta, it seems like he’ll be going on a long hiatus on “My Path to Justice” too. I think it’s just a slump from overworking himself, but I don’t know if he’ll be able to recover from this though.

The person in question said that he’s not satisfied with the direction of the story, and that he’s been hatching a new story for a while now. From the look of it, him continuing “My Path to Justice” seemed highly unlikely.

Therefore, we’ll be removing this story from Silva’s Library shortly.

Coming up with a new story is easy, the hard part is sticking with the story until the end. I understand why many readers abstain from reading original novels written by amateur author, it was precisely because things like this happens very frequently. I sincerely hope that the other authors on Silva’s Library won’t drop their story on a whim like this.

I apologize on behalf of Mr.Jotham that this had to come to a pass, and I hope everyone will continue to support him in his future endeavor.

Best Regards to Mr.Jotham.


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