Recruiting Translators and Authors

Silva’s Library strive to improve and grow its ever enlarging database. We are looking for translators and authors. If anyone is interested to host their translated project or original writing on the library, feel free to contact us via this link:

Remember to send us samples of a few chapters when you are applying. Once approved, we will email you directly. You can upload your samples on Pastebin and send us the link.

The translated project doesn’t have to be a Chinese translation, it can be from any source; Japanese, Korean, Malay, etc. There’s just too much great work out there and not enough translators.

Before you applied, please take a look at our Terms and Conditions, they are very important so make sure you read it all, including the Tips to Make Your Life Easier. I had uploaded a very crappy video but it should suffice. If anyone wants to volunteer to make a better video guide, feel free to do so.

And in regards to payment, every translators and authors who have been with us for more than three months will get the inside information of the monthly revenues and spread, everyone will be paid according to the monthly views each individuals had accumulated.

Just make sure you have a verified Paypal account and is able to receive payment.


6 thoughts on “Recruiting Translators and Authors”

  1. It does seem very tempting to do. However, I’ve already worked hard to get my story out there. Not to mention that I’ve already lost a few of the original written chapters of LGDK thanks to computer problems in the past. And even though me and my Greek Friend as I like to call him were planning on doing a CG anime based on it, we haven’t exactly had luck getting the readers to volunteer for the voices.

    Personally, I can think of all kinds of ups and downs to this. The ups is that this is a community so more people are going to be drawn to it due to the translations. So people like me who are doing an original novel will get noticed faster. However, there are the downs. Like not having it on my site from now on. I’ve read the terms and conditions, they seem fair, However, I don’t do things by volume as I wouldn’t know how to separate LGDK’s chapters as such. I do it by arcs. Like I’m on the second actual arc right now and writing the 19th chapter.

    I’m personally going to have to think this over. I like that I have more freedom and control doing things on my own WordPress, but at the same time I would like to get my story further out there. For the record, I’m not discouraging anyone from joining Silva’s Library. Actually, I’m praising you guys for doing this recruit drive. I think it’s a great opportunity for anyone out there that’s starting out. So with that said, good luck on getting more recruits.

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    1. Well separating them by volume was really just a figure of speech, you can separate them however you see fit, the upper limit being 100 chapters per volume or arc, however you call it.

      You can also separate it by a set of chapters, like 20 chapters or 50 chapters per set like in World of Immortals. The important point is, the code can only query up to 100 chapters so you have to find a certain point to stop.

      I don’t think I’ll get much requests to be honest, but I’ll just leave this announcement here for anyone who’s interested. 🙂

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      1. Well, I am trying to keep the arcs less than twenty chapters. Though I’m amazed that there can be an arc with one of those lengths.

        I know a few people who are just starting out that might be interested, I’ll see what they think. The reason why I think you might get a few people interested is due to the fact this site also does translations, so it’s sure to get more traffic than sites dedicated to original novels only. And you guys are re-translating Arifureta, which has gotten into higher demand thanks to the manga. So I’m sure people will see this and think about joining. I’ll even advertise if you want on my site.

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    2. Oh and regarding the data lost… I’d recommend doing your work on Google Drive or at least save them in Dropbox application, that way, even if you computer broke down for whatever reason, your files will be safe at least.

      P.S. Cloud application is the future~
      Sorry, just had to drop that line in XD


      1. It was my fault in the first place due to stupidity on my part that things have been lost. And… I don’t really trust cloud services, I only use ones for gaming because most games require it these days. So I don’t mind you dropping that line.


      2. If I ever get to writting a second novel since I have character sheets for characters that wont exactly fit in my first novel I’ll think of posting them here. 100 chapters to separate into arcs or volumes is plenty seeing how some completed series only have 100 chapter over the span of 5 books. Anyways I’m 2 lazy to write 2 novels at once but who knows I might gain enlightenment to the second and just have to write the chapter.

        My question is how many novels are you looking for? I could translate as well but the novel is barely readable with I try to read ahead. And my story is only so edible as well hmm probs won’t.


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