Want to Apply as Editor or Proofreader?

We’ve received a lot of application for Editor and Proofreader recently. Well, I have a few words to those are who interested to apply as an editor or proofreader. As it is now, I am not interested in hiring editors or proofreaders; due to my past experience with them, most editors usually stopped working on the chapter they were supposed to be working on after doing a few dozen of them. I figured that most people applied for this position only to read the future chapter ahead of the others.

Which is why, if you are keen on joining us as an editor or proofreader, you must;

1) Have past experience working with other translation group (at least more than three months); so that I have confidence that you will not bail on us shortly after. I hate quitters who go MIA without a word.

2) Show your sincerity by edit any already translated projects on Silva’s Library, I know as a fact that some (or most) of the early chapters of World of Immortals and Bu Ni Mi were worded awkwardly. You can start by working on either one of those.

If you have a specific project you want to work on, like Arifureta for example. Please check this WORK SHEET and add your name there (as translator or editor) before you start working on it. Your job will mainly be a copy editor; you are to copy the content from Japtem’s site and edit them so that they are readable to the English readers. (And of course, I will look into those chapters later and do the translation check for accuracy purposes).

After you’re done, you can send the copy to me on xSilvaLau@live.com


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