Truth and Myths – Awakening Chapter 33

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Chapter 33 – Lucifer’s Suspicion

“I suppose you’re right…” David said with a hint of hesitation. He didn’t truly want to tell Hikari what was going on, despite her helpfulness, he couldn’t trust her completely. Yet he didn’t have a choice, she’s seen too much for him to shrug everything off as a coincidence. “I am the host of Lucifer, the Demon of Pride. About the lich that you mentioned before. I was the one who killed it. The magic and demonic trace left at the top of a hill was also by me from a skirmish with that clown demon. Is there anything else you want to know?”

“When and how did you become Lucifer’s host?”

“Does that change anything?”

“Not precisely, but it would serve as a way for us to estimate your power, and decide upon a plan.”

“Over a month ago. I was able to conduct a summoning ritual that I had intended to summon a random demon, but nothing seemed to come of it. It was only afterwards that I understood it didn’t fail, rather Lucifer had chose not to appear to me at the time, and only do so when we made the contract.”

“Wait a second. You make it sound like as if Lucifer approached you to make a contract for you to become his host…”

“Because that’s what happened. Why’s your expression like that?” David asked. Hikari’s expression was clearly dumbstruck for some reason, her wide open eyes were staring at him like he was some sort of freak.

“Of course I’ll react like this. Do you not understand the significance of this?”

“Not really.”.”

“More often than not, it is us humans that approach demons to make contracts. In order to make demons take the initiative and approach humans for contracts, that is very very rare. Even if they were interested, they would mostly normally hatch plans to convince the humans to approach them instead. What’s more is that your contractor is Lucifer, the Demon of Pride, one of the seven Demon Princes. I’ve never even heard of Demon Princes sharing their own power with others, let alone letting someone host their entire selves. You must have some sort of quality that makes you stand out so much to make Lucifer approach you to make the contract!

So, what is it that you can do which made Lucifer interested in you?”

At that moment, Lucifer chuckled loudly in David’s mind.

David twitched his eyebrows, partially due to Lucifer’s chuckle, and partially due to Hikari’s question. He didn’t really know what qualities Hikari was talking about, but he was certain that the personality that Lucifer had mentioned her possessed was not what Hikari was referring to. Was there something special about him like she said? Or did Lucifer truly chose him just because of his personality?

“I’m not too certain. I do know that I have an affinity in both ice and fire magic, and is also able to cast other attribute magic.”

“Although that is a little special, with a bit of practice, most magicians are able to utilise magic of all attributes. Dual-affinity isn’t too special either. It’s not as if you are an all affinity magician. That would actually be something spectacular.

But never mind that, if you can’t think of it then don’t force yourself. The main thing to do right now is save your friend. In order to do that, you will have to meet with Mephistopheles, or sneak into the fortress and save your friend.

I would suggest to you that meeting with Mephistopheles might be the better option, unless we are able to come up with a method to get into the fortress stealthily before tomorrow. Being a magician with light affinity, I won’t be able to offer much help in regards to sneaking into the fortress, and storming it down from the front gate isn’t the answer either. Just from the pressure which the clown demon gave off, I don’t think we’ll make it to your friend before dying. That’s pretty much why meeting with Mephistopheles would be the superior option right now.”

Later that night, or rather it was very early morning the next day, when Hikari finally fell asleep after a long discussion with him on what he would do, David stood by the window gazing out of it. His mind was wandering all over the place. Most of all, he was worried about Helaine, even though it seemed like he was the target of the demons all along.

“Lucifer, why does he want to meet?” David asked Lucifer as quietly as possible as to not to disturb Hikari.

“The fact that he addressed you as my host, it probably means that it has to concern me, and not just you. With that said, there’s only one reason. He wants your and in extension my power for something.” Lucifer replied slowly. “I’m not really sure what he hopes to achieve by that though.”

“Then where does Helly fit into all this? Why didn’t he just contact us directly?”

“Bait. And by taking your friend, it’s ensures that he has the initiative in any discussion and you won’t be able to refuse him. But I have to say it now first, before tomorrow, your friend, Helaine the succubus, she might be working for Mephistopheles. I had assumed that she was one of those succubi that were sent to the human world to find seek out what Asmodeus wants, but capturing even for Mephistopheles, capturing a succubus of Asmodeus is insanity. The succubi are her daughters, and she cherishes them like a mother would their daughter. This only means one thing… I know you’re not stupid David, you’re able to put two and two together.”

“Helly wouldn’t do that!” David shouted out involuntary. He couldn’t stop himself, there was no way the sweet Helaine that meant everything to him would be a tool, and would pretend to be kidnapped in order to lure him out. That is not who Helaine is.

“I’m just stating that the possibility is there. I pray that what I say is untrue, but it is likely that is it…”

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