Upgrading to Premium Plan

Many people have complained to me regarding the layout of the site, about how it is not centered properly, or how it does not stretch all the way to the other end.

I do apologize that I was unable to reply to all of you individually (I did try to send a reply but the postmaster says the message failed to deliver).

For now, I’ve added a background to cover that blank space, but in the future, I plan to upgrade to Premium Plan, which will allow me to modify the CSS and gives me more powerful customization tools.

Here is a preview of how the site will look like once I’ve upgraded the plan:

Personally, I think it looks pretty sweet. The cost of upgrading to Premium Plan will be $99 annually, though the first year will be $79 (Now that I look at it again, those number really hurts. Ouch).

Once again, I’d like to thank all the visitors who supported us by turning off their Adblock. It is only because of you that make this possible.

As for migrating to dedicated host… that will have to wait for a while. Though I do agree I have will more freedom of choice if I do move to a dedicated host, but it is more expensive, and more time will be spent on maintenance (less time translating, boohoo).

But its not all demerits, by moving to dedicated host, I will be able to give the authors and translators permission to manage their own posts, pages, comments, and widget. Auto navigation system. Allow the visitors to edit their comment. And so much more…

Yea… the benefits actually outweighs the demerits… But well… it’s something to consider in the future…


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