VPnA: The Prequel Schedule Change

Hey everyone, it’s Selutu.

I know some people aren’t very happy with the release speed of Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel with 2 chapters a week, and up to 2 sponsored chapters per week. That was mainly because I was going to translate it for a few weeks and see if I will burn out with a quicker translate speed. Now that several weeks have past, I have noticed that I am capable of translating at this speed. Hence, VPnA’s schedule will be changed from 2 chapters/week to 1 chapter/day from Monday to Friday. The number of sponsored chapters I will be able to release will also go up from 2 chapters/week to 4 chapters a week.

In celebration (Is this really worth celebrating for me? I am kind of putting more burden on myself. lol) of this I will be releasing a bunch of chapters for VPnA: The Prequel. Hopefully you all will enjoy the mass release that is to come.

As for Rinkan no Madoushi, expect the next chapter release to be next or next next week. I’ll also aim to finish Volume 1 by the end of September. For those Rinkan readers out there, I sincerely apologize for the lack of releases recently, since the sections are really long. What’s more is that I’ve only just settled down in the new home properly and just unpacked everything, which means I finally am able to translate Rinkan again, since I do need to flip through the JP raws to check terms and names.



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