Bad News and Good News

I wonder if I should start with the good news or the bad news…

I guess I will start with the bad one first. The bad news is that; Xintus has left us.

But worry not, the translation of Dual Sword Liberator will continue on his new blog at: Feels Bad Translation. He wanted to be independent, and I don’t want to push the issue, so I let him go with heavy heart.

Feel free to go to his site and show him your support.

Moving on to the good news: 

I’m not sure if I can call this a good news, but we’ve had talk with Hayate recently about moving to a new domain and do co-hosting.

So instead of upgrading to Premium Plan in the upcoming months, we will most likely be moving to a new domain, on a self-hosted server, instead.

So what does it means to you, the reader? Nothing! Basically, everything will stay the same, except that we will also be hosting Hayate’s work on our new domain, and he will be our new web manager. The current domain will work until December so in the meantime, it will just redirect you all to the new domain until it expires.

Somehow I feel like I’ve been tricked into this, but all is well, since moving to a self-hosted server is unavoidable, it’s only a matter of time. All I hope is that this site will not turn as problematic as WuxiaWorld and Gravity.


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