More Bad News

This month has been a roller coaster. This is probably the worst of them all. As of today, 24th August 2016, I have just received a termination letter and is now officially unemployed. To be honest, I feel like this is the lowest point of my life.

How will it affect this site and the project that I am currently working on? I will explain that one by one, taking every possible situation into consideration. 

Scenario #1:

Now that I am unemployed, I have more free time at hands. So I will be able to translate full time. But this situation is very unlikely as I need support from thousands of readers. I doubt I’d be able to earn enough to make a proper living by working full-time as a freelance translator. So this will remain what it is, a dream job. I will not be hopeful for this to work out.

Scenario #2:

I will be going on a job hunt, though I am not hopeful that I will find a job any time soon. So I’ll probably be able to keep my current translation schedule for a while. But once I find a job, I doubt I’d be able to continue at this pace as I need to get used to the new working environment. And I doubt that job would be as lenient as to allow me to translate during working hours. So I will probably need to slow down my pace.

Scenario #3:

In the worst case scenario, if the previous two didn’t work out. I will probably be forced to go into manual labor by my father. No computer to work with, and with long working hours to boot, I will probably not be able to continue translating. At best, I can only hope to translate during the weekend.

This post is not meant to gain your sympathy, so you do not need to feel pressured. I’m just stating all the possible scenarios.

Though I may not be able to keep up with my schedule, the other projects hosted on this library will not be affected, and the move to the new domain will not be called off.


23 thoughts on “More Bad News”

  1. if I can just donate or I am rich enough kuuu. I hope you get job fast. all is well!man I really like your fanfic I will be waiting. of course Very pure and ambiguous is my fav here xD.

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