Re:Library is DOWN!

Yes, to my greatest dismay, Re:Library is currently DOWN! I am aware of the issue and is currently looking into it.

Now, my own personal opinion of the new site:

IT’S THE WORST!! I was a fool to believe Hayate when he said we won’t get any downtime with a shared hosting.

Little did I know, there were much more to self-hosting. During the first week when the site went live, we already ran into so many problem, connection error, database error,  CPU resources were limited, I/O usage resources were limited, Physical Memory usage was at 256.73 out of 256…

With what little resources available with this server, we have to utilize the available resources very carefully…

Let’s just say… I’m just as unhappy with the new site as everyone else. However, I am hopeful that once Hayate starts managing the site properly, it should get better over time.


8 thoughts on “Re:Library is DOWN!”

  1. Very Pure and Ambiguous – The Prequel
    Starting from chapter 125, there has been some parts of the chapter missing and the sentences in the translated chapters do not match each other.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m still right about chapter 125.


  2. IMO it was a huge mistake to move to that site. Everything is down ala “resource limit reached” and loads slowly after many refreshes. I must ask, why did you even make this choice? If you wanted to make money from ads, could’ve just put ads on this site. The design and most importantly reliability here is much better.


    1. We already have ads running on this site and moving to self-hosted cost more money than hosting it on, so earning money is not the main goal.

      One of the main reason which prompted me to move is that “we have to move to self-hosted sooner or later, so why not sooner than later?”

      The other reason was because Hayate promised me that there will not be any downtime, which eased my worries.


    1. yeah, I know… hosting on free is not only cheap (at least much cheaper than self-hosted), we don’t have to worry about downtime and anything else since the engineers would take care of everything from their end.

      After moving to the new site, it’s headache after headache. I’ve been abstaining from moving to self-hosted for the longest time because of these reason, but I was convinced by Hayate to move, I was enticed by the devil’s whispers… so the fault’s still on me in the end >w<

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      1. was hoping u guys move back but that’s more work for u , i think ><
        that’s the bad thing about change, not sure if it’ll be bad or good.. until you experience it..


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