[HCLS] Chapter 84

Here’s Chapter 84 of High Comprehension Low Strength~

Finals week actually took a lot more effort than I thought, even though it ended on the 11th. I was rushing around last week, so I had no time to translate either and only started up again now. Sorry for not giving out a notice.

On another note, I feel a need to rant. So here it goes:

“People don’t notice other people when they’re engrossed in their own world, even if you’re walking next to them and speaking. You could be wearing clothes that you usually wear and act as you usually do, but the person won’t notice you until that person is out of their own world or someone of their ‘world’ notices you and in turn, notifies the person through some form of action.

Even acting a bit funny won’t do anything, nor will speaking out, not until you give them a jolt, a push, a shove, or even just a poke. Everything before that point, anything passive will not gain their attention. Humans are this way. If you don’t make an active movement to gather the attention of someone their group(aka ‘world’), or just them, you will never “enter” the group.

So give that poke. Give that shove. Give that jolt. Only then will you be able to establish a connection with the group. This applies to the ‘real world’ where connections are required as well. Who would notice you if you don’t make an active movement to gain your target’s attention? Sure, doing a stunt can certainly gain an immense amount of attention, but it may not necessarily connect you to the group you desire to establish some sort of relationship with, nor will it necessarily give the group a good impression if they do notice.

As for the science of meanings of different movements, you’ll have to search it up online. I believe there are a lot of people who already have done informal or formal research into meanings for specific motions/movements.”



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