About Us

This blog was created by Silva on 26th October 2013 as a media sharing site. The original purpose of this blog was to share Silva’s favorite anime, novel or manga here with all the visitors.

On 21st February 2015, Silva started writing his own FanFiction, Silva’s Diary. On 26th May 2015, Silva started translating Chinese Web Novels such as Close Combat Mage, which eventually leads to World of Immortals.

By year 2016, Silva’s Library has started hosting other original web novels and translated works.

Our Team’s Biography

Name: Silva Lau
Race: Chinese
Gender: Male
Position: Translator & Author
Current Project: Silva’s DiaryWorld of Immortals, Arifureta
Reddit User ID: /u/SilvaLau
Email: xSilvaLau@live.com

Translating experience: Silva cannot read Chinese, but since it is his spoken language, he can understand them. Silva mostly relies on Pinyin and Online Dictionaries to help him translate.

Name: Chanayh
Race: Chinese
Gender: Male
Position: Editor
Current Project: World of Immortals
Reddit User ID: /u/chanayh

Intro: Chanayh is not confident in his English, but he is very proficient in Chinese. Therefore, he was scouted by Silva to help edit World of Immortals. In hope that his English will improve over time.

Name: Selutu
Race: Chinese
Gender: Male
Position: Translator, Editor & Author
Current Project: Rinkan no MadoushiWorld of Immortals, Truth and Myths, Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel
Reddit User ID: /u/Selutu

Intro: Aside from helping to edit, Selutu also spends his time writing his own original novel and reading a long list of web/light novels. Furthermore, he’s also a true enthusiast of card games, having played both MtG and YGO semi-competitively before.

Name: Raltzero
Gender: Male
Position: Machine Translator
Current Project: Bu Ni Mi, High Comprehension Low Strength

Intro: Ever since Raltzero came into contact with translated web novels, he was always curious about how most people translated them. He found that translators were proficient in the language. However, after using Machines, such as Google Translate and Bing Translator, he found that the translations from them were accurate in the basic sense. After coming into contact with Bu Ni Mi during the summer of 2015, Raltzero found that he quite like the series, and wanted to continue with it, since the project had been dropped for more than 3 months. And thus, we see him where he is today. Using Machines to make up for his lack of proficiency in languages.

Name: Ice Phantom
Gender: Male
Position: Editor (Part-Time)
Current Project: Rinkan no Madoushi

Intro: Ice is a big fan of the Toaru Index series and most of Kazuma Kamachi’s works. He came into the Light Novel world back in 2015. Ice loves Anime too as he has watched over thousands of titles. He also became an editor later, and that’s why he’s here. English isn’t his first language, and he can speak 3 other languages that aren’t his first language too.

Name: ynzn
Race: Russian
Gender: Male
Position: Author
Current ProjectSoft Spoken Brutality

Intro: ynzn is a hardcore fan of Tokyo Ghoul, and he aspire to be a well-known Fan Fiction author among the Tokyo Ghoul Fanfic Society. His vision is to write a story people can enjoy. Popularity is of secondary concern, as he is writing for himself and for people who appreciate the story.

Name: Devine_Exodus
Gender: Male
Position: Author
Current Project: God of Chaos

Intro: Devine_Exodus is a writer based in the United States. With a love for blogging, writing and media in general, Devine_Exodus has spent a great deal of his life studying, developing and contributing to various media outlets. Devine_Exodus gets his inspiration from all great fantasy writers stretching far back as The Odessey, to something more recent like IET’s Coiling dragon.

Name: BeginnersXianxia
Race: Polish
Gender: Male
Position: Author
Current Project: Martial Void King
Email: Anthony.ellison120@yahoo.com

Intro: BeginnersXianxia was a hardcore fan of xianxia. Eventually he became inspired by the many novels he read to create his own. Now while he goes to school he writes chapters on the side.

Name: CX
Race: Chinese
Gender: Male
Position: Translator & Editor
Current Project: Arifureta
Email: hoocx@hotmail.com
Intro: CX is effectively bilingual. In order to provide the most accurate translations for the readers as much as possible, he translates by putting the Raws into MTL into Jisho, to get a rough idea, then comparing it with the Chinese translations, he comes up with the English one.




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