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Re:Library is DOWN!

Yes, to my greatest dismay, Re:Library is currently DOWN! I am aware of the issue and is currently looking into it.

Now, my own personal opinion of the new site:

IT’S THE WORST!! I was a fool to believe Hayate when he said we won’t get any downtime with a shared hosting. Continue reading Re:Library is DOWN!


Moving Site

If you’ve been following the news, then you probably know this by now, but we’re going to move to a self-hosted server soon.

The site has just gone live, so there won’t be any content on it for a few days. Stay tuned with us as we move our contents to the new site and rolling out changes to the site layout.

Follow us on our new site @ Re:Library

More Bad News

This month has been a roller coaster. This is probably the worst of them all. As of today, 24th August 2016, I have just received a termination letter and is now officially unemployed. To be honest, I feel like this is the lowest point of my life.

How will it affect this site and the project that I am currently working on? I will explain that one by one, taking every possible situation into consideration.  Continue reading More Bad News

Bad News and Good News

I wonder if I should start with the good news or the bad news…

I guess I will start with the bad one first. The bad news is that; Xintus has left us.

But worry not, the translation of Dual Sword Liberator will continue on his new blog at: Feels Bad Translation. He wanted to be independent, and I don’t want to push the issue, so I let him go with heavy heart.

Feel free to go to his site and show him your support.

Moving on to the good news:  Continue reading Bad News and Good News

VPnA: The Prequel Schedule Change

Hey everyone, it’s Selutu.

I know some people aren’t very happy with the release speed of Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel with 2 chapters a week, and up to 2 sponsored chapters per week. That was mainly because I was going to translate it for a few weeks and see if I will burn out with a quicker translate speed. Now that several weeks have past, I have noticed that I am capable of translating at this speed. Hence, VPnA’s schedule will be changed from 2 chapters/week to 1 chapter/day from Monday to Friday. The number of sponsored chapters I will be able to release will also go up from 2 chapters/week to 4 chapters a week.

In celebration (Is this really worth celebrating for me? I am kind of putting more burden on myself. lol) of this I will be releasing a bunch of chapters for VPnA: The Prequel. Hopefully you all will enjoy the mass release that is to come.

As for Rinkan no Madoushi, expect the next chapter release to be next or next next week. I’ll also aim to finish Volume 1 by the end of September. For those Rinkan readers out there, I sincerely apologize for the lack of releases recently, since the sections are really long. What’s more is that I’ve only just settled down in the new home properly and just unpacked everything, which means I finally am able to translate Rinkan again, since I do need to flip through the JP raws to check terms and names.


Upgrading to Premium Plan

Many people have complained to me regarding the layout of the site, about how it is not centered properly, or how it does not stretch all the way to the other end.

I do apologize that I was unable to reply to all of you individually (I did try to send a reply but the postmaster says the message failed to deliver).

For now, I’ve added a background to cover that blank space, but in the future, I plan to upgrade to Premium Plan, which will allow me to modify the CSS and gives me more powerful customization tools.

Here is a preview of how the site will look like once I’ve upgraded the plan Continue reading Upgrading to Premium Plan

Welcome to Xintus and Dual Sword Liberator

The god Xintus has ascended upon Silva’s Library, he will be bringing the most epic novel in history; Dual Sword Liberator!

Make sure you don’t wet yourself reading it.

Let us give a warm welcome to Xintus and the new Light Novel series he brought to us today!

I know, the name of the novel sounds so cool! Isn’t it~?

Even the synopsis sounds really cool, I think it’s going to be a great story. The book is finished with only two volume, it’s a really short series, which is a great change of pace compared to those super long Chinese novel.

Head on over to the index page here:

Want to Apply as Editor or Proofreader?

We’ve received a lot of application for Editor and Proofreader recently. Well, I have a few words to those are who interested to apply as an editor or proofreader. As it is now, I am not interested in hiring editors or proofreaders; due to my past experience with them, most editors usually stopped working on the chapter they were supposed to be working on after doing a few dozen of them. I figured that most people applied for this position only to read the future chapter ahead of the others.

Which is why, if you are keen on joining us as an editor or proofreader, you must; Continue reading Want to Apply as Editor or Proofreader?