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[Update] World of Immortals & Silva’s Diary

If anyone is still following this site, new update on World of Immortals and Silva’s Diary is already available on Re:Library. All future update for these two series will now be published on Re:Library. The other series are still being moved to the site site slowly.

World of Immortals Chapter 152

World of Immortals Chapter 153

Silva’s Diary Volume 4: Chapter 23


Review on Zhao Lin Er

Hey guys, I bet everyone has a lot to say regarding this character right? I have translated some of the reviews from our Chinese readers below, read on if you’re interested:

There are many controversy regarding the character called Zhao Lin Er. Below is the review from one of the readers: Order of Ocean. We also welcome other readers to share their opinion, you can discuss about the character, disclose some rumors, or predict the future plots.


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