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World of Immortals

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Silva: I am doing 3 Regular Chapters per week. By reaching particular goals on Patreon, I will increase the Regular Chapters each week up to a maximum of 6.

I will still do at least one Sponsored Chapter per week for every $25 received via Paypal.

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Silva’s Diary

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Silva: I am writing this on my free time, and strive to do 1 chapter on a weekly basis. I do not have plans to do sponsored chapters, but by supporting the author on Patreon, or just from interacting with the author, you can have a character created in the story just for you!

High Comprehension Low Strength / Bu Ni Mi

Raltzero: Send an email to on which you donated for~ Just write BNM or HCLS and I’ll check PayPal to see if the E-Mail sent matches the E-Mail on PayPal.

God of Destruction

Devine_Exodus: I plan to release anywhere from 2 to 4 chapters a week. Sponsored Chapter will be at $30 each.

Martial Void King

BeginnersXianxia: The chapter releases will be on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. For extra chapters, that will be $10 each released on the weekend.

Donation for Selutu

NOTE: Since I only have 1 donation button, throw me an email to tell me which series you want to donate to after donating. I double check the email you used to send me the email and the one used for donation, then add the amount to queue. If you don’t, then I’m splitting the donation across all 3 series equally.

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel 
I will be posting 5 regular chapters per week (1 per day from Monday to Friday) for now. Sponsored chapters will come at $10 per chapter, up a maximum of 4 extra chapters. Any extra donation will carry onto the following week.

Truth and Myths – Awakening
Similarly, TnM will be have 2 regular chapters per week (this will begin after August 22nd). Sponsored chapters will also come at $10 per chapter, up to a maximum of two extra chapters. Any extra donation will also carry onto the following week.

Rinkan no Madoushi
Chapters come out whenever they are done, and that’s why I won’t be doing any sponsored chapters. However any donation is still welcome and will go towards pizza money and paying for the physical copies of the LN.