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God of Chaos

Synopsis: The God of Chaos is deceived by a group of colluding gods, and tricked into committing a cardinal offense. He was punished by Gaya, the primary god of creation, to reincarnate to the world of mortals. He vows to ascend to the world of the gods and get revenge, but in the meantime he will continue to do what he does best; ravage the world. This is my first take on eastern fantasy. Its a good mix of eastern (Chinese) and western (Greek Myth) fantasy. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Martial Void King

Synopsis: Chu Shen has been blessed and cursed since birth. Without additional meridians he cannot make it to the Earth stage . Now with the help of a sadistic master bent on the revenge of his sect, he sees the light at the end of the tunnel. Will he be able to reach his dreams of becoming a master artificer and cultivator? Or will his master kill him before he gets the chance?

Silva’s Diary

Synopsis: This is the story of a youth who was reincarnated as a female elf in the world of Halkeginia, a world based on the popular series, Zero no Tsukaima. The concept in this story is based on multiple popular novels, animes and games; such as the elemental laws from Coiling Dragon, the monster evolution from Re:Monster, the Soul Fusion from Tales of Zestiria, and so on. This story also contains crossover from many other series, you might even see your favorite characters in this Fiction. Give this Fanfic a try and prepare to have your mind blown!

Truth and Myth Awakening

Synopsis: The existence of the supernatural has always been a controversial debate. Some believed in the existence of dragons and zombies. Others believed in angels and demons. It has never been something the entirety of mankind could agree upon. The truth was that they exist. Almost all of them have been recorded down in history, only to be treated as mere myths and legends as technology progressed. David’s realisation of this fact was all too sudden. Being thrown into this world of myths and legends, follow David’s story as he discovers his true self.

Soft Broken Brutality

Synopsis: A FanFic based on Tokyo Ghoul. Kaneki a simple university student, Kameshiro Rize a ghoul. What if instead of Rize attacking Kaneki in the aftermath of their date, he was turned into a ghoul as a result of his association with the soft spoken glutton. Instead of a lonely spiral down the aisle of madness, we have two. Also they just happen to be slowly falling for each other. Misery does love company…

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