Martial Void King



Cultivation is a journey. A journey to the peak! Can a young man born destined to be left behind surpass all others? A young artificer is offered the chance to become someone at that peak. He journeys to new lands filled with wondrous things. Saints! Ruffians! Spaceships! Swords! Just what can all these things have in common? A young boys journey will reveal it all…

Category: Sci-Fi, Alternate World, Martial Arts, Xianxia, Original

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5 thoughts on “Martial Void King”

  1. Personally i believe if you are a beginning author then a fanfic would be a good idea though publishing it is your own choice. The reason is that someone who can create a universe capable of hosting a fanfic took a lot of time in character development is someone with a lot of imagination. By studying this kind of work in depth you can then get a feel of how your own work should start out.

    Matter of fact this is how i got started out as. Usually it was only a short story about alternate endings or plot twists i wish had happened. Then it became twenty to thirty page stories until i felt i could do better writing my own. So thats how MVK got started.


    1. That is indeed true like I said my friend wrote a great fanfic just to scrap it since the original authors universe was getting in his way. For instance he couldn’t save a certain race since they didn’t exist in the authors universe till he created them. But you are right about fanfics helping improve your writing since it gets better with time.

      Hmm I also created fanfics if I think about it just never put them on paper before writting out a original mainly because I base my main char to heavely on me so its harder to write multiple shorts.


  2. Hi! ~≧▽≦)/~
    Your self-proclaimed loyal reader aka fanboi is back! Looking forward to great stuff in the future!
    When I post my novel you must read it too. I plan to start at the end of this year.
    I’m still deciding if I should write a standalone novel or place it inside another novel’s universe (e.g. IET or Er Gen). So much of research to do haha.


    1. Fan-fiction or original… that’s the biggest question XD

      Well, if you can’t decide, just write a fanfic-crossover in an original world with all your favorite novels (the law or dao of the world, the main/side character’s grandchild/ancestor, etc) combined together.

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      1. While this idea isn’t bad I recommend taking bits and pieces from their ideas to help mold your novel. You can use their insights of cultivation to guide you but what you do with them determines if you are a false immortal (fanfic) or a true immortal (original) since no world is perfect for you to create a story in them your own.

        Fabrics get limited to what they can acomplish thanks to the standard that the creator made. While creating an original world is hard if you accomplish it you can mold your character into it more realistically. Especially if they are in the same time line than fabrics will be severely limited which is why a good fanfic decided to rewrite it into a original.

        From a random dog.

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